New York Lifts Restrictive Barrier on Charging Station Installs


The state of New York has arrived at a decision and it’s one that should please owners of plug-in vehicles.

New York Decides it Has No Say or Control Over Public Chargers

New York Decides it Has No Say or Control Over Public Chargers

A couple of weeks ago, New York’s Public Service Commission concluded that it “doesn’t have jurisdiction over publicly available electric vehicle charging stations,” according to the Associated Press.

This means that chargers installs are beyond the control of the Public Service Commission (PSC) and that the PSC can’t restrict where chargers are put.

For the state of New York, this is one hurdle removed from the process of putting chargers in the ground.  Basically, any private company can now install a charger anywhere they choose, without first getting approval from the PSC.

As the Associated Press reports:

“The PSC said its decision reduces regulatory barriers, in keeping with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s initiative to encourage further growth in the use of electric vehicles.”

“Automakers and charging station operators are looking for such regulatory clarification in states across the country.”

By removing this restrictive barrier, New York has a fighting chance of hitting its goal of 3,000 chargers by 2018.

Source: Associated Press

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If new york was smart they would develop their own minimalist charge stations so they are not visually imposing and so a wall outlet with a relay doesn’t cost more than it should. Such a production could become a quite successful company.
Both level 2 and DC fast charge.
And then litter the world with them.

Our government is anything but smart. It is so top-heavy and corrupt that it has all but pushed the business and innovation out of the state. What was once such a great state that it became known as the “Empire” state, is now struggling to maintain any semblance of leadership.

This news is a step in the right direction, but we also have NYSERDA spending millions of dollars to “research” charging stations rather than putting hardware in the ground like out west.

You mean to tell me businesses have WANTED to install charging Docks but they needed approval from the Public Service Commission first? This is one dumb law I’m glad to see die.

No wonder there haven’t been many Charger Docks around here until recently. They’re recently sprouting up all over the place, mainly Dual ChargePoint units (with free electricity courtesy of National Grid). Now others can get into the act unimpeded.

There was an article a little ago about using the telephone booth infrastructure to build out charging stations.

US governments leave that type of innovation to private business for good reason. Have you ever eaten a government cookie?

No government cookies here, but I grew up eating government cheese in school. Cheese slices shouldn’t bounce.

Hey, the cookies in the MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat) actually aren’t that bad!

The fact that this was even a concern is troubling. Just goes to show that there is WAY too much government intervention into our lives.

…because, of course, as has been obvious so many times already (thank you Wall Street), just letting corporations pilf… I mean, “manage” commons like public space and resources works out so well…

It’s a delicate balance. Too much of either is toxic. Here I think NY got it right.