New York Expects Plug-in Vehicle Sales to Increase Tenfold Across State in Next 5 Years


LEAF Taxi in NYC...Only Six of These Are There

LEAF Taxi in NYC…Only Six of These Are There

Regional sales of electric vehicles aren’t easily tracked.  Every so often, we get word of booming sales in this state or that area, but these reports are few and far between.

Probably a Thousand or so of These

Probably a Thousand or so of These

Fortunately, we now have some sales data (sort of) linked solely to the state of New York.  According to the state’s Department of Vehicles, approximately 4,000 plug-ins were on registered in New York by the end of 2012.  That figure, though on the low side, is expected to grow substantially within the next years 5.  New York officials expect there to be at least 40,000 plug-ins registered in the state by the end of 2018.

The expected rapid growth, at least in New York, is attributed almost solely to chargers.

New York’s grand EV project begins with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).  NYSERDA is offering $1 million to pay for the installation of 80 charging stations spread throughout New York.  NYSERDA has teamed with ChargePoint (itself responsible for adding $550,000 into the project) to complete the installations.

Then there’s Governor Cuomo’s “Charge NY” plan, which works in conjunction with the project headed by NYSERDA.  The goal of Charge NY is to developed an adequate charging infrastructure across the state that will encourage the purchase of electric vehicles.  Charge NY will invest some $50 million over the next 5 years to install 3,000 charging stations in public locations.

So, for New York, the way to promote plug-in vehicles sales is through a build out of the infrastructure.  A massive build out.  Is this the right course of action?

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I’ve seen absolutely ZIPPO around here in the western end of the state, other than those Chargepoint things at CHILI’s restaurant that I am unable to use since I dont own a smart phone and none of my 12 credit cards has a blink symbol on it.

You can get a Chargepoint RFID card to use. It may cost like $5 one-time for the RFID card, but then you’ll be all set.

I’d be interested to see how far the 6 all electric EV Leaf taxis do. I would suspect they would be a dissatisfying experience. Taxi’s in general put on alot of miles and these would have to have a large part of their day out of service, even with fast charging. But I have no clue how many fast chargers are in nyc.

Well, yes, I think infrastructure properly done could easily cause some a booming growth. But I don’t think NYS will do it correctly. All of the chargers installed in the NYSERDA program mentioned are L2. While L2s are good and all, what we need are DC fast chargers. For those not in the northeast, NYS has a highway system, collectively known as the Thruway, which serves the 13 largest cities in the state. Millions travel it every day. There is a full service rest stop every 40 miles. There is no better place in the state to place QCs. Is there any plan to? No. Electricity for cars is considered a fuel, for which the Thruway Authority has an exclusive contract with two companies to provide fuel – Mobil and Sunoco. 🙁

There are currently two QCs in all of NYS. On in Manhattan, and the other in Flushing, Queens. As far as I can tell, there are zero plans to install more. Maybe I’m just not asking the right people…

Call your senator! 🙂