New York City’s Horeseless e-Carriage Gets Test Driven – Video


The horseless e-Carriages are coming to New York City.

NYC e-Carriage Test Drive

NYC e-Carriage Test Drive

“Electric drive technology from the small community of Errington on Vancouver Island is powering the new Horseless eCarriage designed to replace the horse and carriage trade in New York City.”

States Times Colonist.

“Crafted to look as though it was built in the early 1900s, the nine-person vehicle was a standout at this year’s New York International Auto Show.”

The whole idea of the e-Carriage is to do away with NYC’s horse-drawn carriages.

“Technology and design have been combined to serve a bigger purpose. The NYCLASS animal activist organization spent close to $500,000, raised from 4,000 donors, to commission the vehicle in its bid to rid the city of horse-drawn carriages. NYCLASS believes the horse and carriage business is cruel to the animals.”

According to the Times Colonist.

Well, if NYC is going to get e-Carriages, then the EVs have to be tested, right?  The video above shows the first public tests of the e-Carriage, which can operate for up to 10 hours on a single charge and even features heated seats.

Per the Times Colonist:

“The drive system for the eCarriage was pre-wired, pre-tested, and shipped to Florida in September.   It included an electric motor, controls and monitoring systems needed to meet U.S. federal codes, making the job a little more complex than most.”

Once the drive system arrived, body builder The Creative Workshop drop it into the historic-looking carriage and drove off.

There’s significant debate in NYC over horse-drawn carriages versus e-Carriages.  We have no interest in discussing the aspects of the debate.  Instead, let’s just focus on the e-Carriage, which may somedaye become common in NYC.

Source: Times Colonist

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What’s the 0-60 time tho?

Probably can’t even reach 60. Doesn’t need to for the application.

I think it would have been much more elegant if it was an electric stretch convertible Lambo limo.

IDK, but I’d think most horsedrawn carriages are used by couples. Seeing as how electric Hansom cabs were operating in New York City in 1897, why wouldn’t they use a design that looks like those?

If more than two people need to be carried, there were also electric Brougham cabs, although presumably they want something without a top. There were plenty of designs to choose from.

Oh yes, the electric Hansom cab design would be a lot better than this horseless eCarriage. The eCarriage is focussed on the driver, while the Hansom cab gets it right with the focus on passengers. The eCarriage would have made more sense if it had just a centered single width seat in the front, set lower than the passengers.

So does this e-carriage still have great torque, even though it has 0 horsepower? 😉

Something about it makes me think of “The Beverly Hillbillies”…

I wouldn’t be inclined to take a romantic ride in an enormous replica of a brass era car.

The Hansom cab makes more sense as does the electric pedicabs used in Mexico city. the emphasis should be on the tourists riding thru the park not a vehicle as large bus for 9 people including the driver, and the vehicle looks hideous. see the Baker electric on Jay Leno’s garage for a carriage which could be heated and cooled for protection from the New York weather…

It’s an abomination. There is nothing quite quaint or romantic about it. All I can think of is the Adams family car.

That’s got to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen! Reminds me of the car at Disneyland’s adventure park- it looks very similar and is just as ugly.

I think that stinks it could be the worst thing I ever saw