New York City Gets First ChargePoint-Connected DC Quick Charger


Fuji Electric has announced the install of a 25-kW DC quick charger at the Edison ParkFast Hippodrome location in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

This CHAdeMO charger becomes New York City’s first ChargePoint-connected DC quick charger.

“The publicly available station provides a complete charge to electric vehicles in under an hour, making it ideal for the busy driver in the heart of the city’s bustling Times Square neighborhood. As the first quick charger in New York City on the ChargePoint® network, the project marks an important milestone for Midtown Manhattan and EV owners who have voiced the need for locally available charging infrastructure. ChargePoint is the largest and most open EV charging network in the nation with over 17,000 charging ports.”

Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO, stated:

“Our successful partnership with Fuji Electric has helped make us the largest and most open EV charging network in the nation.  DC fast charging stations combined with level two public and home charging give drivers confidence that they can plug in wherever they go.”

Green Power Technology, Fuji Electric’s distributor in the Northeast, was responsible for the sale and installation of the unit.  Green Power Technology will be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the charger.

The chargers falls under the Nissan Advantage program, which has seen 13 similar DC chargers installed in Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York City.  Of course, that 13 charger figure only includes the Northeast states.  The Nissan Advantage program is actually responsible for more DC quick charger installs in other US states.


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Can this be adapted to also have an SAE CCS cord?

Fuji, a Japanese company, supporting CCS? Ha…ha…ha NEVER

Green Power is maintaining it, but who owns it? Wouldn’t they have some say?

Yeah, seems unfortunate to not have both. /hates standards wars.

Quick chargers make long distance BEV practical. While it won’t get as much attention as a DC charger in Times Square, I think it would be better if there were more on the highways at rest areas. These chargers should be part of a transportation plan, more like Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Seems like a crappy unit for a city of the stature of NYC. 25KW? How can that even be called a DC fast charger?

I’m starting to think more careful planning, 6.6-10kw J1772 chargers, and 100-150 mile EVs/EREVs could grow, by default. Certainly, it will be a bad sign if public funds pick one DC standard here, another there.

We all have daily mile averages kicking around in our heads. I suspect the “long trip” curve drops precipitously before 200 miles. As 120-150 miles of range meets a market, it comes down to those few hours and few trips, for a whole lot of people.

Given this sort of thing, and BMW’s Tesla hedging, I wonder how much the CCS roll-out is just one big head fake?

>>> Given this sort of thing, and BMW’s Tesla hedging, I wonder how much the CCS roll-out is just one big head fake? <<<<

My assertion all along has been that CCS was nothing but a method to slow up Nissan. They didn't even see Tesla coming, and I am sure that many a "big, important" auto maker has laughed hard when the word "Tesla" came up.

They're aren't laughing so hard, and the world of CCS is mostly Dead-On-Arrival.

Never forget, the GM would-be task masters tried to KILL the CHAdeMO standard. Thankfully, their incompetence at building cars perfectly matches their

The sooner CCS dies, the better. I absolutely guarantee that if BMW jumps ship to Tesla Supercharger, it's game over for the Frankenplug.

There are 200 hundred CCS locations in Europe now. At least in some countries it’s real.

You guys already did an article on this exact station:

Sad thing is, this station has been out of service since it was installed. Plus, it’s located in an expensive parking garage. I’ll certainly never use it at those prices 🙁

If they could put in three DC Fast Chargers on the New Jersey Turnpike the bulk of my long range EV problems would be solved with a leaf or Mitsubishi i-miev.

Check out PlugShare…a company called U-GO Stations has installed 5 CHAdeMO stations in NJ, including 2 at hotels just off the NJT (one in East Brunswick, one in Mt. Laurel). They’ve also installed 1 in downtown Philadelphia, one in Boston near Logan Airport, and they have at least 4 more being installed in the Northeast.

I saw a crazy fast charger system of DC Level 3 fast chargers being added at the Sheetz Gas Stations in Rural Pennsylvania between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

Sheetz would be a perfect place for Level 3 chargers. I also agree with you on locating chargers on the NJTP. Add some to the Garden State Parkway as well.