New Formula Student World Record Set By Electric Car – 0 To 62 MPH In 1.779 Seconds – (w/video)

JUL 23 2015 BY TDILLARD 21

Records come and records go, but this one may stand for a bit.  Via our friends at ElectricMotorSport, we got a report that a new Formula Student record is awaiting Guinness approval, of 0-100KPH in 1.779 seconds, (or, 0-62MPH, for you ‘muricans –  well, to be precise, 62.137119 MPH), by the student team at the University of Stuttgart.  On the other hand, when you’re beating the previous record by .006 seconds?  It’s a tight race for sure.

 The 100kW all-wheel drive vehicle designed to race in the Formula Student competitions, is powered by four motors and a 6.62kWh battery package. With a vehicle’s weight of 160 kg, the power to weight ratio is 1,6 kg/kW. That is a stunning performance in comparison with other vehicles like Formula 1 (1,0 kg/kW), Bugatti Veyron Supersport (2,08 kg/kW) and a Porsche 918 Spyder (2,50 kg/kW).

Video, you ask?  But of course:

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They better have a good headrest so the poor driver doesn’t snap their neck.

Nice. I like how small this is.

Wow, where didn’t they put the 100kwh?

What do you mean? They have 6,62 kWh. More kWh means more weight and being slower.

The Motor has 100kW, so the battery can do 15C. That is much, up to 20C is max out there.

20C is not the max.

The current record is 100C.

“h” My bad

This will be the next Roadsters 0-60 acceleration

Maximum Plaid …. and that is just mad!!!

LOL. Nah, I seriously doubt it will be close to this fast. This thing is a tiny lightweight vehicle designed to do nothing but race really fast down a drag strip and then be recharged.

You are not gonna go far with that 6.62KWH battery.

No doubt the next Roadster will be fast…But Speculawyer is right. A legal passenger car sold to the public for public roads must meet safety standards. It also has to have windows, doors, etc. Crumple zones, electronic safety systems, airbags – and the list goes on and on. A Roadster that covers the current P85D’s updated 0-60 would be rocket-fast, and knowing Elon, he’d probably cut a couple tenths off of that. I think the most exciting thing about a new Roadster would be much better handling due to lighter battery pack and less stress on suspension parts. Also – improved aerodynamics and maybe a touchscreen interface 3/4s the size of Model S. For styling I would look to Lotus. A quick Google Image search of the latest Lotus designs will knock your socks off. They really have the best looking sports cars in the world right now. Exotics like LaFerrari or Hypercars can be all wingie and radical, but for sheer flow and beauty, those Lotus concept are amazingly sexy rides that look believable to mass produce. Seems without a doubt the 2nd gen Roadster will be AWD or have a 2 and 4WD version. I would look to… Read more »

I would like to know that for sure.
160 kilograms ain’t a lot to move, put a 85 kilograms rider in it for 245 kilograms and I’am pretty sure it could run very long, not at that pace thought.

The car is designed for a 22 km race, with an average speed of around 60 km/h. Cornering performance is what matters, same with acceleration.

I had a Tesla rep tell me the goal for next gen Roadster was a sub 2 second 0 – 60. That was several years ago and not from a technical guy.

Musk likes superlatives, so having a 0 – 60 that started with the number 1 would be the headline he would be looking for. But that would look something like an 850 kW (1140 HP) car weighing in at 3000 pounds. Sounds like a 911 killer to me…

Yesss! Congrats kids!

Wow! How many G’s does it pull?

Elon Musk says the new Tesla Model S P90D in Ludicrous™ mode pulls 1.1 G’s.

g acceleration calc:

final speed = 62 mph = approx. 91 ft/sec.
time to reach speed = 1.779 seconds.

avg acceleration – 91 ft/sec/1.779 sec. = 51 ft/sec. squared

1 g = 32 ft/sec. squared.

convert avg acceleration to g’s –

51/32 = 1.6 g’s.

Thanks for doing the calculation!

And that’s the average acceleration. I wonder what the maximum acceleration was …

I don’t understand why the record is that slow. Didn’t the Killacycle do 0-60MPH in 0.97 5-10 years ago? This vehicle is 120Kg less and should have superior aerodynamics.

Well, at least we know what the spec for “Ultimate Plaid” will be.

At this rate of acceleration … isn’t the main challenge maintaining traction? Not the power of the motor? That’s why land speed records are set by rocket cars.