New White Tesla Model 3 Photos Give Better Look At Design Style

Tesla Model 3


Tesla. Model 3 in white

Dressed in white, we get to see some sharp lines that the darker colors failed to reveal.

With the Model 3 reveal looming closer and closer, these sightings of the newest Tesla in the wild have become increasingly common.

We got our first glimpse at a white Model 3 just yesterday, but that image lacked in resolution. It didn’t reveal the lines of the Model 3 nearly as well as these new shots do.

In keeping with the idea that the first Model 3s to be sold will be prebuilt configurations, we suspect that only a few colors will be offered initially. So, perhaps the black, blue and white Model 3s will be all we see out of the gate.

The final reveal of the Model 3 in full production form will take place sometime in July. Ahead of that, a small viewing party will get an up-close look at the Model 3 on June 2 and 3.

Here’s a look at some of the other Model 3s we’ve recently seen out on the road:


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

More Model 3 images here

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

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The side profile view in the last shot…..looks very similar to the new Prius! *puke*

Model S owners do not need to worry about the Model 3 out-sexy’ing it.

I think the Bolt looks a lot better, don’t you?

Bolt looks “Better”? Maybe in the eyes of the “Bolt-Holder”! White Tesla Model 3 is a looker!


No car which has that Prius-like “dorkmobile” roofline, as the Bolt EV has, is ever going to look better to me than one which doesn’t.

That said, I never bought a car for its styling. I have more practical considerations. I certainly would prefer the Bolt EV’s rear hatch to the Model 3’s trunk. But GM treating it like a red-headed stepchild (thus likely inferior service from Chevy service departments), the lack of public charging support for long trips, and the reports of uncomfortable front seats would make it a questionable buy for me, were I in the market for a new car.

Bro1999 is right. The Model 3 and the new Prius are practically twins; only their mother can tell them apart. They could star in a Doublemint Gum commercial! 😀

I think it looks like a Prius and a Fusion made a baby.

I am excited to see how quick the PM3 is though!

sven Prius is the car that fit trolls like you.

Are you absolutely KIDDING!?!? That’s like saying the Porsche Cayman looks just like a Toyota Camry!!! Come-On! The Prius has nothing on the model3… Ugh,… some people…

There’s some similarities; side-view is definitely not the best angle for the Model 3. Looks a lot better from other angles.

I honestly think a lot of people are not able to notice subtle details or nuanced differences. The other day when I dropped my daughter off at daycare in my 2017 Volt, one of the other dads was talking to me about it and said that at first he thought it was another family’s Volt, which is a 2013. I told him that I have a 2nd Gen Volt and the other family has a 1st Gen. His response? “They look the same to me.” *Shrug* “Pulchritudinis et sensus est subiectiva.”

They both have wheels.
They are both low drag.

But that is hardly enough to make them “the same”.

Very similar, maybe from the color. But they suppose to be cars, it’s not like one is a car and the other is a motobike.

Absolutely I am not kidding. The dimensions across the two cars I mentioned are very similar to the 3. It is not like Tesla Motors invented the human size and associated dimensions that comfortably fit people (which the model S sucks at in the rear seats BTW). The 3 is likely a cool, well functioning EV, but it is not without its own downsides which all products have. Especially that elephant on the dash gauges or lack there of….

M3: 184.1″ L x 74.2″ W x 57″ H

Prius: 179″ L x 69″ W x 58″ H

Fusion: 192″ L x 73″ W x 58″ H

Kdawg nailed it; they’re “Twins”.

Get your eyes checked….immediately!

I could live with it!

Yes the Model 3 is ugly you should all ask for your deposits back. 🙂


Thanks for helping the rest of us move up a notch!

The white picture doesn’t work

I’m just looking at the body panel alignment on this white one and I like what I see.

.. also, wondering if Tesla dropped all other options in favor of the glass roof.

From this angle the back reminds me of the Mercedes (I think it is a C300). The front definitely like Porches.

Fit looks pretty good on this white model. Regardless of you want a hatch back, truck or SUV, the Model 3 is a very nice looking sedan. Stubby front end looks good, little vane highlights on the side look interesting. It looks good in all the colours, although I’m not a fan of Chrome.

Some cars look great in a certain colour, others look off. So far Model 3 looks good in the few they have shown so far.

looking like a modern day Rover 3500 SD1

White is rarely a flattering color on any car. In white, the Model 3 looks like any other car, maybe only a little better looking than average. In the original dark blue and orange it looked fantastic. Also, these wheels are very plain looking compared to the initial version.

Seeing now how the production car will look makes me think that the Model 3 looks about like a Mazda 6. The Mazda 6 is a good looking car, but not “revolutionary”. That’s probably a good thing. Looking like a normal car will help it sell better in the end.

All cars look like any other car. It is a car: a huge, resource sucking, planet destroying car. Get over it.

Wow, who peed in your Cheerios? Lol! Did you even read my entire post?

Cars pee in everybody’s Cheerios, every minute of every day. It amazes me that we put up with it, the way junkies put up with collapsing veins. We talk about styling, and speed, and ignore the deaths, pollution, and social isolation they cause.

Pretty sure one objective is to improve on the pollution front, so it should tick the box for you on that.

I’d love to live in a world where we don’t need cars, but the pre 1900’s were a long time ago, and until we run out of all resources, we won’t be going back any time soon.

I think private car culture will be gone by 2050. It will seem as odd as the pyramids. whether we look back on it as primitive, or the lost golden age, depends on what we do from here on.

Let me guess: you live in the center of a large city. You like it, everything you need is walkable, so you figure everyone in the world could/should just pack up and move to a similar location and that would solve our climate problems. Within 30 years, all the jobs and infrastructure will be in place for virtually everyone (even farmers!) to live in walkable communities.

Seems legit.

Dodge Dart – love it.

Does not matter what is looks like. No gas or Maintenance. 300 miles on a charge. 0-60 in less that 4 sec. Handling and Braking that rivals most supercars. A 2018 later option of AWD and Insane mode to the mix with a 0-60 of 2.3 seconds and a sub 10 sec QM. That’s on a fully luxury car that will out perform all supercars. Plus charging for free which is almost nothing at the house. I drive a leaf to work and back now 75 miles. I don’t have to drive slow or hyper mile. I can use all features and haul complete tail. I save over $240 in cash not using ICE compared to driving my Juke Nismo RS at 28MPG. Don’t even get me started on my Ford Expedition at 11-13 Mpg glug glug glug!. That’s money in the bank. Most expensive part of an EV is tires and windshield wipers. The savings yearly alone is like having and driving a car for free.

Is that a liftback line visible, or is that a trunk with long upper arms? (Hoping there is a liftback)

Sadly, it’s a trunk lid with long upper arms. But at least those arms will eliminate the L-shaped or V-shaped brackets holding the lid of the average sedan’s trunk, which intrude into the storage space in a rather annoying fashion.

Those back seats better fold flat or that trunk is pretty useless.

I would still not be surprised to see two versions of the Model 3 at the final presentation. The sedan one that we see everywhere and a hatchback version with the edge way up above almost at the middle of the roof where the back glass start. After all the BMW 3 series is also coming in two versions. It probably was not intended in the beginning but with 400000 reservations and demand for it, it is now justified to make the extra expense for the extra version.

If it had a proper dashboard, I’d drive it.

Looks like your current dashboard is a keeper!
Some changes in cars may be a too revolutionary or abrupt, for some old school drivers to adopt. I will make the small sacrifice to drive an affordable Tesla!

A proper dashboard? You mean a cluster of dials, the majority of which you’ll never use, the original intent of which was to display information that was only relevant to a gas engine?

This reminds me of the early days of EVs, when they had to include a CD that played engine noises.

I use the EV information on my dash that is behind the steering wheel. Mainly speed, the kW being used or regenerated, and EV range remaining.

I like having it in front of me vs. having to turn my head to the side.

One of the best things about the Leaf is the Speedo located above the steering wheel, almost as good as HUD. I understand Elon discussing autonomous vehicles and how often you look at the Speedo in a taxi (actually I look at the Speedo a lot, I hate speeding), but the vast majority I think will be lower spec cars and will rely on the Speedo. Unless Tesla is going to leverage their nVidia hardware and implement speed limit recognition for speed aware cruise control, then that would be incredibly cool!
Also like SoC displayed easily. One thing that might be interesting is whether some of these basic data elements remain always on the screen regardless what else is happening. If it is like my Android phone and certain information, like speed and SoC, stay across the top of the screen, the might work. Nothing more annoying than one screen the phone signal strength is displayed, then the next screen it is missing.

Digital Jedi said:

“…a cluster of dials, the majority of which you’ll never use, the original intent of which was to display information that was only relevant to a gas engine?”

So, your argument is that since some of the information displayed on an EV’s instrument panel is different than the info displayed on a gasmobile’s, and because it’s a digital display rather than an analog one, it’s okay to move the display off to the side rather than placing it for easy viewing.

Got it. 🙄

It’s an obvious aftermarket opportunity. Stick an Android phone in a dashboard holder right in front of the driver. Build an app that uses GPS for speedo and ties into the driver’s Tesla account in the cloud to display battery/range information on the current car. Or use a Bluetooth device plugged into a service port in the car itself to communicate the same information directly to the phone with less lag.

I don’t need it, but I’m sure some people will buy it.

Could always duct tape a Smart Phone to the dash and use one of the OBD II vitrual Dashboard software things. Will only be behind by a few seconds. Here is a classic Video on why there is only one computer for the model 3..
“Tesla Model S Nvidia Tegra 2 demo at CES 2012”

Seriously, some have already suggested attaching a smartphone or iPad there with velcro, to display the type of virtual instrument panel you describe.

But using a velcro patch or strip would let you take the smartphone or iPad with you, instead of making it a permanent part of the car.

Just the feature to show where your car is would seal the deal of that makes it into the Model 3. Did that make it into final production? Couldn’t understand why Leaf doesn’t have this feature given the onboard mobile phone system and GPS.
You would expect the nVidia today would be streets ahead of that 2012 nVidia system, probably able to run two screens from the one system easily, just like plugging in a monitor to a PC, even the cheapest PC can run dual screen easily.

I have liked my Prius 2 very much but my coming Model 3 will get me way higher in emotion. Thanks Elon.