New Volkswagen Scirocco Will Be Sporty Electric Coupe

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Volkswagen Scirocco Design Sketch

Top version will be powered by two electric motors and will have 300 hp.

The current/third generation of the Volkswagen Scirocco has been on the market for nearly a decade now – first launched in 2008, the sports coupe was face-lifted in 2014 and is already in a desperate need of a major refresh.

And that refresh will come in the form of a second modern generation, powered exclusively by electric motors.

Despite the major change in its powertrain, the vehicle will remain true to its roots – a sexy, two-door sports coupe, fun to drive and great looking. Volkswagen R&D director Frank Welsch has revealed to AutoExpress some important aspects of the new car would need to remain intact in order to keep the Scirocco moniker.

“For me, we can only use [Scirocco] for a sporty two-door coupe,” Welsch told the magazine. “We are not clear on how we will do such a car, and are thinking whether we do an interesting concept based on our electric platform; this could be a great and fun car. We are thinking about options for a new small coupe. We are working on a concept for emotional cars. Volkswagen always has an offer for emotional cars.”

Speaking of electric technologies, the reinvented Scirocco will be based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, designed especially for electric-powered vehicles. The same architecture will be used for the company’s first production electric vehicle, the I.D. hatchback.

Volkswagen Scirocco Design Sketch

Welsch also made it clear the ever growing popularity of SUVs and crossovers won’t affect Volkswagen’s plans to continue offering sports vehicles.

“You don’t buy a Scirocco if you have a family,” he resumed. “If you tell someone, ‘This is a Scirocco’, they have a clear idea of what this should be and of what it should look like.”

According to different sources, the vehicle will be offered in several different power options with the base variant featuring 170 horsepower (127 kilowatts). A range-topping model with up to 300 hp (224 kW) will use two electric motors, one for both axles, providing all-wheel drive.

Source: AutoExpress

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31 responses to "New Volkswagen Scirocco Will Be Sporty Electric Coupe"

  1. Delta says:

    ““You don’t buy a Scirocco if you have a family,”

    I have never heard this phrase ever uttered by a car maker? It must have been a bad translation.

    VW is throwing sketches and ideas and cocepts out all the time. They are running out of runway. They don’t have until 2022.

    1. Brian says:

      Right. It was probably intended to read more like “You don’t buy a Scirocco to transport a family”

    2. Asak says:

      I’d say it’s pretty accurate. By the time you have a family, you’re already married and you don’t need an impractical two seater to try to pick up chicks.

      1. SOLSTICE says:

        In the USA those are called midlife crisis cars. I should know, bought a two seater convertible the same year I turned 40 and the same year my wife gave birth to my second daughter. I couldn’t afford a car like that when I was young and single. But now I have the means to have a summer toy. Would love to have an automaker release an reasonably priced pure electric convertible.

      2. Bob says:

        It seats four, and there are child seat fix points (isofix) in the rear.

  2. Bob says:

    I had a Scirocco van (no rear seats) and loved it. When the third child came, I had to sell it though.
    It is basically a Golf GTI, only lower and wider, and a little more expensive – would actually be a good choice to electrify.
    Unfortunately VW are only THINKING of doing a CONCEPT 🙁

  3. Rad says:

    Let me guess. We plan to start production in five years.

    1. =j says:

      Whoa whoa whoa, slow down man. They will have a beautiful, but impractical, concept in five years. They will refresh it every three years for the next 12 or so; getting more beautiful and less practical each time.

  4. CDAVIS says:

    Volkswagen said: “. “We are not clear on how we will do such a car, and are thinking whether we do an interesting concept based on our electric platform…”

    Volkswagen is perhaps the best car maker at “thinking” about EVs and making “concept” EVs… but production EVs not so much.

  5. jelloslug says:

    VW will soon have an entire product line of sketches!

    1. ffbj says:

      Suitable for framing.

    2. Rad says:

      VW: You guys over there that know how to use a computer. Draw a whole bunch of neat futuristic vehicles. We will release one drawing to the press every week. Build Them? Heck, no. We’ll say five years out.
      We get free publicity and people’s minds off that diesel thing.

  6. pjwood1 says:

    170 & 300hp in EVs with typical sigle-gearing peaks at 30-45mph. On the highway, ther’s no downshifting, to bring it back.

    Sometimes it is more about cars, to me. Here, i’d imagine even the 300hp version won’t offer what most probably think of when they imagine “300hp ICE, downshifted”.

    Audi’s new “35, 50, 55, 70” strategy, by HP, also appears to miss this. Tesla overcomes with with bigger electric motors, on basic cars (258hp, rear motor only, Model3).

    1. BenG says:

      Most people in the US will never miss it though.

      My personal experience with the Gen 1 Volt tells me it has plenty of power at highway speeds. Even though it is strongest at 10-40 mph, when I punch it at 70 mph it still gives a nice response for passing traffic. 100 mph top end is something I may never test out since I’m north of 50 years old now.

    2. Viking79 says:

      It doesn’t work that way, an EV has a massive torque advantage at low RPM, but no disadvantage at high RPM. Most are geared about like 3rd gear in a regular car. The reason most EVs are slow above 40 is they dont have much power. An i3 or something accelerates rapidly up to its top speed.

      1. pjwood1 says:

        Viking79 and BenG, Whether hp or torque, people can feel power on a highway. The roll-on acceleration, or highway passing, times aren’t hard to find, usually in brackets of 50-70mph, or 60-90mph, etc. While many (111KW) Volt drivers, or others looking for basic passing power, might not complain, I’m saying the buyer of a doted up “300HP” EV will be looking for the type of highway passing power they might not find.

        “The reason most EVs are slow above 40 is they don’t have much power”
        Consider the P85D, Tesla, ordered by many who went to California for the intro, and short hole-shot demonstration. Upon delivery, many claimed “this isn’t a 692HP car”, particularly in terms of passing power and higher speeds. They were correct, for more reasons than I am getting into, but chiefly because the car peaks its power (and 1300 amps) beneath 50mph. It does “have much power”, just not relative to its initial punch. Ludicrous, and successively higher amperage offerings (to 1600) addressed not just more power, but where it could be taken advantage of. Limits I’m not going into, like state of charge power degradation, and cold weather, also have a negative effect.

        If you don’t think it works this way, all I can suggest is to go contrast 0-30 and 60-80mph times, for cars with the same rated power. I’m not saying this to sell, or trash, EVs. It is what it is. The way the faster EVs get around it is to push this roll-off further and further into the mph. In Tesla’s case, the P100D is traction limited all the way to 60mph, as suggested by its having the same 0-60 as 60-0 times (MT). The scirrocco is a sports coupe. 127KW is only 16KW north of “the old” Volt. A GTI from the 80’s will feel more powerful, on a highway. First, they have to finish conceiving of the concept.

        If anyone thinks EVs wouldn’t gain anything from gears, consider why Rimac went with two. One for launches, one for high speed.

        1. pjwood1 says:

          80’s GTI: [’89 GTI = 123HP, available near ~70mph in 3rd, versus what’s left of the base EV Scirocco’s 170HP when it is this far from its peak power. Could be even, or close. That’s the point. Its a shame that EV’s don’t publish KW as a function of speed.]

          1. Bob says:

            An EV has peak power (more than 95% of max power) from 0 to about 10 miles per hour below top speed.

            1. pjwood1 says:

              Take the 0-30’s from the first post of the first link, compare them to the 60-90’s and then take that pairing against powerful ICE boxes. You’ll see what I mean. If that doesn’t work, watch a bunch of Tesla youtube drag videos, or ones that start at rolling speeds. See any consistency to the relative performance?

              I’m trying to point out something that should be easy to understand. EVs do better down low. Multi-geared, high powered (or same peak powered) cars, do better up high. This is a very observable about how they are designed. Without mechanical advantage, power means little.


              Power drops. Drag Times:

            2. Doggydogworld says:

              EV does not have max power at zero mph. It does have max torque there.

              EV does not have max torque at high speed, but it does have max power. I have no idea what PJWood1 is trying to say.

              1. pjwood1 says:

                LOL, Dog. I think the message is, “try to explain an EV shortcoming around here, and expect no help.”

  7. wavelet says:

    “great looking”? In the eye of the beholder and all that, but IMO the Scirocco (all versions to date incl. the original) are by far the ugliest specifically-designed sport coupés by any manufacturer.

  8. ffbj says:

    VW is having difficulty designing cheating emissions controls for their ev’s. I mean where do you put them?

  9. Kdawg says:

    That sketch w/the green “eye” headlights reminded me of The Mummy. And why the big grill up front?

  10. Ct200h says:

    I’ve been wanting a press release EV Scirocco for years!
    Cool !
    The best part about press release cars?
    No car payment!

  11. SparkEV says:

    The best VW ever is 1976 Sh*t-rocket (aka, Scirocco). 8 years old used car at $400, it was almost as fun as barrel of naked ladies and the best bang for the buck. Kind of reminds me of SparkEV depreciation these days.

  12. =j says:

    Part of me is like:

    Part of me knows that the VW that could have pulled off what I have in my head has been dead and gone for 15 years or so. singletear.gif

  13. john Doe says:

    Looks cool. I wonder how much of the design that survives through to the real production car.

  14. Mike says:

    Wow VW has quite the full lineup of vaporware. I wouldn’t be so critical if everything wasn’t 5 years out. GM did the Bolt on a much tighter timeframe. Why can’t VW? They were making a big deal about how they have manufacturing and design abilities that Tesla lacks, but all I see are drawings and marginally functional concept cars.

    The only good thing is that At this rate they will have the charging infrastructure built before the cars.

  15. Lou Grinzo says:

    At this point, would any of us bet against VW announcing an EV that worked as an SUV, an airplane, and a submarine, to be on the market in 2028?

    This incessant greenwashing by them has gone from tiresome to self-parody.

    Impress us with real products, VW. I’m begging you.

  16. Some Guy says:

    What is this, hand drawn sketches now?
    Is the rendering computer broken and the IT intern on vacation? With the regular IT guy still in hiding from the FBI? Or did they stop putting at least a bit of effort in these, given the lead that others have already on them…
    I wonder if the next announcement will feature the drawing of a six year old from “bring your kid to work” day.

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