New Volkswagen I.D. Family Concept To Be Unveiled In Detroit – video teaser

DEC 22 2016 BY MARK KANE 28

Volkswagen has announced a new all-electric concept for the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit for January.

Volkswagen to presents another model of the I.D. family in Detroit at 2017 NAIAS

Volkswagen to presents another model of the I.D. family in Detroit for the 2017 NAIAS

The EV will the be second model from the I.D. family (see earlier I.D. concept here), once again based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform.

The German manufacturer describes the new project as an icon for the new era of electric drive.

The limited teaser video reminds us a lot of VW’s classic Transporter (aka Bulli), so we assume this reveal will be the much promised re-launch of the microbus platform (first shown in 2011 – video of which below), but this time as a modern all-electric.

While it will still be classed as a “concept”, just as the Bulli Concept EV was ~5 years ago, times have changed, and VW is more serious about plug-ins these days…so we look for a production version (but without the high-tech wizardry like a retractable steering wheel) to follow.

For now Volkswagen announced the concept as a double motor, all-wheel drive and autonomous driving vehicle, with a multi-functional, flexible interior.

Electrically retractable steering wheel

Electrically retractable steering wheel

“The concept vehicle forges links between the legendary origins of the Volkswagen brand and its electrifying future. Like the I.D., this concept is also based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB), and so it shows the potential and bandwidth of the MEB.

Since the presentation of the I.D. at the Paris International Motor Show in September of this year, these initials have stood for a new generation of fully connected, all-electric vehicles from Volkswagen. The I.D. also stands for purity in design language, form, and character as well as typical Volkswagen attention to detail and ideal use of interior space.

This I.D. concept vehicle will also be able to drive fully autonomously in the future. Press lightly on the Volkswagen logo, and the electrically retractable steering wheel disappears into the dashboard. While the driver relaxes, laser scanners, ultrasonic and radar sensors and cameras monitor other road users and the surroundings.

The I.D. concept vehicle in Detroit forges links between the legendary origins of the Volkswagen brand and its electrifying future. Its overall concept is revolutionary. It combines ample space for travel with a long electric driving range, to usher a new feeling of freedom – with zero emissions – and a new era of mobility.”

Volkswagen to presents another model of the I.D. family in Detroit at 2017 NAIAS

Volkswagen to presents another model of the I.D. family in Detroit at 2017 NAIAS

Earlier 2011 VW Bulli EV Concept:

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“The I.D. also stands for purity in design language”
But what does “I.D” stand for literally?

It is a play on words, that only works if you speak German and English. It is ID, like in identification, but also in German I.D. sounds like Idee, which translates to idea.

It’s what was said at every board meeting at VW when asked what they were going to do about electric cars…

I Dunno…

From V.W.’s site:

“The idea behind it: in the near future, individuals who drive a Volkswagen will get their own “Volkswagen ID”. This ID is an individual profile that stores such information as personal seat and climate control settings, favourite radio stations and play lists, settings of the sound system, contact data for friends and business partners and the navigation system configuration. This profile is called up via the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud.”

TDI buyback in 5 days. First time in 34 years, without a German car.

Achtung Baby!

FarfegNuthin’ for freedom from Fossil Fools forever!

Bring it VW

The original VW Beetle was light and simple. Then they grew and added more stuff like most companies and it was downhill all the way.
A smaller lighter simple car can be all that is needed for many people. Not a Yugo but a simple reliable small car. The Chevy SPARK EV is the closest so far.

I think the Bolt is a good effort.

Yeah, LG did most of the heavy lifting on this one. GM mostly just provided the “Sonic-Based Gliders”. How hard is that, right?

It would be awesome if GM actually planned on selling millions of these, and not build them just for CARB or PR cred. Oh well.

Yeah, not like GM did any engineering and research or anything like that. LG (which only recently has gotten into the automotive supplier market) designed everything from the ground up, except for the gliders. Get a clue.

*eyes roll off the table*

And I’ve shot the “Bolt is a pure compliance car” criticism to death multiple times.

Answer this question: why would GM discontinue the cheapo Spark EV (its “compliance” car until recently) and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on R&D on the Bolt if the Bolt was just a “CARB ZEV credit compliance car”?

GM could have just continued to make the Spark EV, give it away on cheap leases, and fulfill ZEV requirements for the foreseeable future.

Seriously, get a clue.

So your Buddy turned into a Bully? Isn’t this the same concept they showed last year?

Essentially same EV platform design, but with scary ID-Style Fascia with animated LED “Eyes”…

Creepy? Yes.

Five years and they’re still fiddling with concepts, teasers, announcements, and way too many press releases. Ridiculous. Just build us a car we can use already. I’m so sick of all the excessive hype for something that doesn’t exist that it makes me want to puke.

Build a microbus EV and I’d probably buy it. But please, VW, stop the flow of meaningless words.

It’s easy to present new models when you don’t actually take them to production

And if you DO manage to get one to market– don’t advertise it in Non-Carb States, and don’t make too many of them! Just enough for your CARB Credits, allowing you to keep selling your far more profitable (i.e., subsidized) fossil fuel vehicles!

Right GM????

If you’re going to call out GM, you might as well call out Ford, and Toyota, and FCA…and pretty much every other automaker out there except for Tesla.

Again, get a clue.

According to a source related to the ID project, “I.D.” originally simply stood for Integrated Dynamics, an internal code phrase to start conceptualization at the onset of the project, whose aim was to integrate the driving dynamics that VW cars are renowned for, with the integration of new electrified power propulsion to achieve an extremely competitive mass market production on a new, pure EV platform (MEB). That is why the ID vehicles at the shows are concepts- they will definitely be developed and production ready in the next year or two, but their ultimate names will likely be more mainstream. In the meantime, marketers are sticking with the ID slogan as a “preconditioning” approach.

VW goes from concept vehicle to, um, another concept vehicle?
You have to give GM credit, they told us about Bolt concept and 2 years later they gave us the Bolt.
VW gave us the Bulli concept and 5 years later they gave us another concept vehicle.
They got burned by Diesel Gate and now they think a whole bunch of promises will get that taint off them. They need to get serious and stop fluffing around with concepts. Just build the damn cars already, the world is waiting!

It is quite normal for global car makers to launch concepts years in advance of production. As you said, even the Bolt started as a concept two years ago. But the Bolt is not here yet nationally – it might as well be still a concept… It will not be available for customers in its home state of Michigan (and other non-compliance states) until summer 2017, approximately the same time as the Model 3 will unleash itself in the same market and beyond, with its differentiating Supercharger network across the continent – charging infrastructure is an extremely essential ingredient influencing the viability of an EV purchase and use, which GM does not even plan to address. Also, GM is an active political lobbyist against Tesla, a tactic which runs against the grain of free and fair competition and needless suppression of a pioneering and patriotic American startup like Tesla, a company a mere spec in comparison to GM.

I assume they are announcing it again to hit the 10th anniversary of a VW Microbus “tease” – surprised they aren’t waiting until April 1st.

I think every auto company woke up when Tesla received 400,000 pre-orders for the Model 3.

The folks I know in the area that were loyal VW owners have dumped their TDIs and appear to be soured on the brand. Hard to win back disgruntled customers.

Another VW EV concept is a bad joke that keeps being told over and over, year after year.

I think its a harbinger of another concept – the concept of a world where Volkswagen is bought out by a less wounded car company.

I think the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid has sucked a lot of air out of the market for electric people haulers, making this less exciting than it would have been a year or certainly two ago.