New Volkswagen Golf GTE Now Available To Order In Europe

JAN 20 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Volkswagen has now made new 2017 Golf GTE available for order in Europe (see video walkthrough).

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE

In Germany prices starts at €36,900 ($39,405).

The new version of plug-in hybrid is based on the MkVII generation of Golf, but unfortunately doesn’t bring any new revolution in its electric drivetrain.

It’s simply a newer, better equipped GTE –  complete with LED lights, Traffic Jam Assist function (partially automated driving up to 60 km/h) and gesture control features.

“With the launch of the new Golf GTE, Volkswagen is bringing onto the market the updated version of the plug-in hybrid, which, like its predecessor, perfectly combines sustainability and driving fun. That is ensured by the extremely agile compact car’s drive system, which consists of a 1.4-litre TSI delivering 110 kW/150 PS, a 75 kW/102 PS electric motor and a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox developed specifically for hybrid models. The Golf GTE can cover up to 50 kilometres in all-electric mode, with its total range being around 880 kilometres. Striking design elements, such as the winglets in the front spoiler, are in characteristic blue. The GTE’s new LED headlights, which likewise come as standard, further underline this efficient Volkswagen’s dynamic character.”

“In addition, further new features can be ordered at extra cost: the new Discover Pro radio, navigation and online system can, for instance, be operated for the first time in the compact class via gesture control. In parallel with this there is a greater array of online services and apps. The new Golf has also been upgraded in terms of driver assistance systems: technologies such as the City Emergency Braking function with new Pedestrian Monitoring (Front Assist), the new Traffic Jam Assist function (partially automated driving up to 60 km/h) and Emergency Assist, likewise new in this segment, significantly improve levels of safety and comfort.”

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE Interior

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTE Interior

Quick spec:

  • 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine (110 kW/150 PS), a 75 kW/102 PS electric motor and a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox developed specifically for hybrid models
  • up to 50 km (31 miles) in all-electric mode (NEDC), with its total range being around 880 km (547 miles)
  • 8.7 kWh lithium-ion
  • Charging time: AC 2.3 kW 100% SOC in 3.45 h or AC 3.6 kW 100% SOC in 2.15 h
  • Acceleration 0-80 km/h (50 mph) in 4.9 seconds / 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.6 seconds
  • Top speed 222 km/h (138 mph)
  • Fuel consumption in Combined cycle 1.8 – 1.6 l/100km and 12 – 11.4 kWh/100km
  • Kerb weight (EU, incl. 75 kg driver) 1,615 kg
Volkswagen's electrified lineup together: e-up!, e-Golf, Golf GTE and Passat GTE

Volkswagen’s electrified lineup together: e-up!, e-Golf, Golf GTE and Passat GTE

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Michael Will

Prefer my 2015 eGolf with 85 mile range fully electric no gas or oil ever. I’d rather see a 2017 version of that with > 200 mile range, Kreisel showed it is possible already last year. My 2015 eGolf handles better than a 2017 Bolt, but doesnt have the range and neither have the partial automated cruise control. eGolf would kick Bolt to the curb if range was not an issue, but as it stands Bolt has 2.8 times the range of my 2015 eGolf.


The 2017 eGolf is coming with a ~36kWh battery and a ~120 mile range. So now the Bolt “only” has a 2:1 range advantage.

I love the eGolf for its looks and driving characteristics. I’m honestly torn on getting a 2017 eGolf eventually. I *think* I can accept the range, if only the DCQC infrastructure grew up a little.


You’re forgetting to mention that the e-Golf has anemic 0-60 performance in comparison to the Bolt. So, it would not be able to catch the Bolt in order to kick it to the curb. 🙂

Michael Will

That may be a said so on paper but is not reflected
In my experience from last Wednesday. Maybe because of the rain, but my eGolf certainly accelerated faster for the conditions we were in. I also am not impressed with the seats, the lack of cup holders in the back and the general looks and cargo space.

I did like the 360 camera view and the fact that the manual claims it can DC Fast change with more than 50kW, and the projection of my phones map app onto the screen instead of providing its own meager gps like the eGolf.

But handling and acceleration was not great.

Also I don’t get why 2017 we still have to deal with that stupid on/off button in either car, tesla solved that in 2012 , do they have a patent on that ?


When can we expect the 2017 longer ranger e-Golf to be available for order in the US??


Still under-batteried and still not available in the USA. But the Volt would kick its but on stats and Prius Prime on brand-recognition.

But it could beat the C-Max Energi I guess.


Sad the E-Golf is:
outdated before arrival
The price better be awesome or DOA


It sounds interesting, But just a few miles Compared to a TESLA, forget ,bolt, volt, Real name) A TESLA IS THE BEST 100% ELECTRIC car to get serious Miles between charges.


Uh, Passat GATE wagon in the last photo? [Slaver, drool]. US please. Now.


I really liked the Audi A3 e-tron (sister to the GTE), when I test drove it last year, but with only 16 miles of range I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Still, it does point out how there’s more to the equation that just electric range.


Just cheched on the Belgium configurator.


38.000 Euros and lacking very basic equipements. Just add a few options and it’s 42.000 euros.

The E-Golf may be a nice well rounded car but with such a limited range, it’s a rediculous offer (at least here in europe).


BTW my message is about the new E-Golf, not the GTE (sorry for the confusion)