New Tool Helps Pick The Right EV For You

APR 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

The Argonne National Laboratory released a special online tool – EVolution – to make the choice of an electric car model easier and more rational.


EVolution shows vehicles available on the market that meets certain criteria like type, size, number of seats and price range.

Then, you can compare the plug-in models with the powertrain type of your choice against a conventional model.

Is an electric vehicle a smart consumer choice? Absolutely! But first you need the facts about EVs and how they relate to your driving needs. The EVolution consumer choice tool is here to help.

When the models for comparison are selected, the next step requires a postal code to calculate results, as there are big differences between the states – due to energy and fuel costs differences, and assumptions are different due to climate or area. You can also set daily mileage driven,

Seven states have been covered so far: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, but even if you live somewhere else, you can see how it works by typing a postal code of a location most similar to your own.

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A drawback is that the model list is incomplete.

Check out EVolution here.

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BYD? Can you even get one in the U.S. I don’t think so,
They fail to mention the number one selling ev in America this year. Sort of a horrible oversight, or was it.

They have the Model 3 in there:

“With one charge per day:

You can drive the Model 3 Long Range 8 days before needing to recharge.

You can drive the OUTLANDER PHEV on electricity for 57% of your day before needing to recharge.

With 1 home charge(s) and 1 work charge(s) per day (total of 2 charge(s) per day):
You can drive the OUTLANDER PHEV 1.1 days before needing to recharge.”

This is what I think is crazy:

“Currently the tool only covers the following seven states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin”


Seems like they should have started with California, since they sell so many more EV’s than those states. Very odd. Instead these states seem to be chosen based on their distance from Detroit. None of them have EV state rebates.

It’s built by a research lab at the University of Chicago Argonne, so this isn’t a particularly surprising collection of states for them to cover. And they’re states that need more exposure to electric vehicles.

But this isn’t a particularly useful tool. They desperately need a UX designer to make a more intuitive interface.

Weird. I did select the proper parameters but it did not show up. Thanks.

That tool is terrible, how often do I search for cars like Compact or Sub-compact. It doesn’t really help me find the EV I would want.

I agree, this tool is bad

Completely worthless. It displays Model 3 if you choose >5 seat but not if you choose <=5. It also counts Bolt as midsize, but the larger eGolf as compact.

Bolt does have a midsize interior. And some interior dimensions are larger than the eGolf. But I don’t think the eGolf should be a compact.

This is the CODA of car picking tools.

Cute idea but it needs a lot of work before it’s ready for prime time. For example, it lists a Model S 100D as having a $68,000 MSRP (really, where can I get one for that?) but no Federal tax credit.

“Do you care about your EV occasionally trying to kill you by driving into concrete barriers on the highway?

NO – Get a Tesla!
YES – No Tesla for you.

(Eye rolls the troll)

Just like the Prius did in the same spot a week earlier.