New Tesla User Interface Concept Gets Rave Reviews – Video


Tesla UI Concept

Tesla UI Concept

Design house Bureau Oberhaeuser is behind this new Tesla Interface Concept.  Here are some words from the designers:

Inspired by the 17 inch touchscreen of Tesla’s awesome Model S we designed an interface concept for a new generation of car infotainment systems. Our concept uses responsive widgets that can be rearranged on a flexible grid. The widgets are available in multiple sizes and can freely be combined for a customized user experience.

This is an early stage concept that was built within a few weeks as a side project. We are aware that it’s much harder to design a car interface under real life conditions. It would require much more work and real life testing to make this concept ready for market, but we believe in the general approach and will continue to refine it.

Initial response to this concept UI are almost all rants and raves.  Perhaps Tesla will reach out to Oberhaeuser when it comes times to update the Model S’ now-date user interface?

Full the full story on this UI concept, check out this write-up by the design house on Medium.

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This may look great on your desktop, but looks vastly inferior to the (extraordinarily well designed) Tesla UI for operation with minimal distraction while driving. The tesla interface is simpler, more intuitive, and has larger indicators and buttons. Just my opinion of course.


Totally agree. Many UI elements in this design are way too small. They totally missed the fact that in a car you can only glance at the screen. It’s big for that reason, not to fit a lot of tiny icons on it.

It’s very “Helvetica”…

Got the same cold, boring / minimalistic outline and color field feel as iOS 7-8.

Already tired of it.

To me it looks more like Google’s “Material Design”.

Not useful if you’re actually driving. Would be more useful if you had an autonomous car, but since that car would already knows where it needed to go, it would be more convenient and ergonomic to use a tablet.

Using a touch center stack is in a moving car is not the best of experiences.

+1. Once you’re past your mid-40s, it’s harder to quickly focus back and forth between things.

Don’t ask me how I know this.

Try using this GUI while driving down the road in a car. Total and complete FAIL. Tesla’s skeuomorphic GUI is more intuitive and has bigger easy-to-hit controls.

With the size of the controls, it means you need a co-pilot to actually use it.

As someone driving a Tesla for two years, I much prefer the current interface.

I hate software companies and web sites for this. Once we get used to an interface, whack! They change it for another with minor effective changes but a totally different look and feel that we have to learn all over again every time!
I don’t know what they think! It’s not better, it’s different you idiots!
Rearrange it a little if you have to add functionnalities but keep the design as it is!

Or give the choice between the old version with new functions added, and the new one. You will see that people are confortable in their old slippers.. as we say in Québec.. 😉

While Tesla’s is much better than this, they both were designed by talented nerds sitting at their desktop, not driving 70 mph on a crowded road.

What Tesla needs, at a minimum is a “customizeable” Driver’s Screen for a home screen. You could select the functions you need to access quickly or frequently and create large 3″ square buttons. Right now it is dangerous to do the simplest of things like hit two dime sized buttons to change from FM to a Slacker station.

Was driving down the 405 the other day behind another Tesla and watched him weave out of his lane more than a dozen times in 5 minutes. Not drunk like it looked, but adjusting his screen no doubt. Luckily, no accident.

Perhaps the article should be retitled:

“New Tesla User Interface Concept Gets Universally Panned by Actual Model S Owners”


Agree, it’s way to small and complex to operate while the car is out of park.

I would simply like a customization side bar where I could add buttons I use while driving. Like the high adjustment, steering or nav map view…what ever I find my self clicking more than twice for while driving.

LOL ^^^ That