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Tesla Semi


Tesla’s electric semi is back on the road after an extended hiatus.

There has been a lot of speculation that Tesla may have canceled or postponed its semi-truck and second-gen Roadster plans. We all know that money is very tight at the automaker right now and CEO Musk even said publicly that the base Model 3 can’t come too soon or Tesla will “die.”

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Add this to the fact that the Semi and Roadster have disappeared from view as of late, people start making assumptions. Like we said before, it’s time for Tesla to hone its focus on the Model 3 and put all the other projects on the backburner. Now, we have some more evidence that this may be the case.

Electrek stumbled upon some recent Instagram posts showing the larger, long-range Tesla Semi back out in the wild. More specifically, Tesla owners happened upon the beast at the new Kettleman City Supercharger.

Ran into one of our new rides in BFE CA this morn… #teslasemi

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While Musk said that, eventually, the semi-trucks will have their own special Megachargers, they’ve been spotted charging at Supercharger stations for now. However, it seems that Tesla has found a way to use several Superchargers simultaneously with special cables. If you look closely at the image in the first Instagram post, near the man walking in back, you can see the thick cables on the ground.

Source: Electrek

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But how do they know unused Superchargers don’t have cars parked in front of them, when they plan a charging stop?

There is a tow truck in the trailer…

Movement of your car is needed or else the car will self destruct in 10….9…8….

They know they are coming, probably cone them off ahead of time?

Generally I like the articles here, but saying “neither vehicle was even mentioned in the recent earnings call” is blatantly false. They spent 5-10 minutes talking about the Semi in the Q1 earnings call. Some quotes:

“We can do a 500 mile range Semi today. I think the actual production unit will be about 600-mile range.” -Elon

“we’ve got an awesome product roadmap. The Tesla Semi is one of those things.” – Elon

Full transcript here:

Fixed, thanks. Source materials were misleading. Appreciate the catch!

From article: “There has been a lot of speculation that Tesla may have canceled or postponed its semi-truck and second-gen Roadster plans…”

Tesla Semi & Roadster Gen2 development & testing on track… Model 3 volume production current organizational priority as it should be.

Tesla Semi will big-time change commercial semi space over next 3-5 years… big paradigm shift ahead for that industry.

Projects in large companies (and generally) dont work like this – you cant stop and “concentrate on M3 production” – what are your going to do?- get rid of everbody on the projects for 6 months? then hire again? get the truck test drivers, cad designers and engineers involved onto the production line bolting on doors?!? – its pretty ismple minded to think that – these projects will have detailed plans and budgets and will continue

Are there still only two prototypes? And neither is doing transportatioon between factories?

I really think battery swap would have worked for the semi. They should have a financial model where you can only lease the batteries, and thus people wouldn’t mind getting their batteries swapped. It would take a few minutes to swap and the spare batteries could be slowly charged. The number of spare batteries they keep at each swap station would scale according to demand. They could even (eventually) automate the swap stations so they didn’t even need to be staffed.

I saw the Tesla Semi on the road in Santa Clara near Great America/Tasman Drive about a week ago. Don’t know what it was doing in that part of the city

Last month the black one was in michigan doing suspension tests on a shaker table for about a week.