Tesla Roadster Rendered In Slick New Colors

NOV 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Which hue suits you?

Besides being busy with the Model 3 ramp-up, Tesla has a long list of vehicles to introduce, including the Model Y, Semi and Tesla pikcup truck – so it’s not odd that we aren’t receiving much info right now on the second-generation Roadster.

Fortunately, we have a lot EV enthusiasts, some of whom provide visions of upcoming Teslas. Here are a few new renders of the Roadster released by our friends over at Model 3 Owners Club.

Some say it’s missing mirrors and a windshield wiper, but we doubt mirrors all are that important out in the desert. And the wiper certainly would kill its aero.

Source: Model 3 Owners Club

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4 Comments on "Tesla Roadster Rendered In Slick New Colors"

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I Want One !

I would choose the red metalic color, even though it looked kind of cool in dark grey/Black too.

Will probably have to win the lottery before I would spend this kind of money on a car though.. this will cost?

I hope when they refresh Model S and 3, that they will use the front design of the new Roadster. Model X.. I don’t know how they can change the design to look better. Hard to design a minivan to look good. OK is possible..

I wonder how the Roadster would look in deep purple flake metallic, or a nice blue metallic.
The red metallic looks perfect at least.

When will they start to make this one, and where? I guess since the price will probably be crazy expensive, volume will be low. They can make the vehicle without a normal production line. They could use production islands with an extreme utilization of a robot (so it can perform 4-5-6 different operation with or without tool change, since production speed is not the most important factor, compared to low tooling cost, set up cost and reduced robotics cost).

Aren’t the lines on the door supposed to be more curved?

Also, none of the pictures/videos I can find of the Roadster show that prominent grill thing going on at the bottom of the front of the car. There is an opening there, but I don’t see the bars… I think the inside color should be a lot darker in these renders to match Tesla’s official promo stuff.

I hope they keep the weight under 4000 lbs while keeping all the crazy specs in tact. That would be the end of all other hypercars.