New Tesla Roadster Rendered In Shooting Brake Form

NOV 19 2017 BY C SMITH 18

It didn’t take long for the new Roadster to get a long roof.

Just days since Elon Musk’s surprise reveal of a new Tesla Roadster and there are already renders of what else it could become. In this case, we start with the ever-popular shooting brake because honestly, who wouldn’t want a bit more practicality in a car that can hit 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds?

X-Tomi Design is behind this render, which adds a beefy backside to the new Roadster. In profile, the car adopts something of a Hyundai Veloster look, with the extended roof sloping down ever-so-slightly to meet an elevated rear. Of course, such a design change would also require a name change since it technically wouldn’t be a roadster anymore. Then again, we suppose a removable targa roof could still be implemented. Tesla Targa Shooting Brake anyone? It could work.

In reality, the new Tesla Roadster already has a bit of extra space in back as compared to the original, which was based on the two-seat Lotus Elise. Specifically, the new car is technically a four-seater though we can’t imagine anyone with legs – or heads –  actually fitting into the back. A shooting brake would at least help a bit with the headroom, but that would also kill the smooth lines that give the Roadster a rather shapely bottom. We love long roofs, but perhaps this one is best kept as-is.

Tesla was clear during the Roadster’s reveal that this car is still a prototype, so some design changes are likely before it hits the streets in 2020.

New Tesla Roadster

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Kill it with fire.



Burn, baby, burn

Get a job!

X-Tomi Design, for the design concept win!


-“Of course, such a design change would also require a name change since it technically wouldn’t be a roadster anymore.”-

It’s not a roadster now as Elon has made it. Look it up. It doesn’t meet the definition, so if they they can call the original a roadster, they can call this “Shooting Brake” thing (please can we just go back to calling them sport wagons??” whatever they want. How about Roadster Plus in keeping with the Apple theme?

Was the roadster inspired by the Lotus Elise, so could this be inspired by the Lotus Elite from the ’80s

No, the original 2008 Tesla Roadster was a Lotus Elise glider that they built a car on top of. Elon was quoted as saying they should have built from scratch for all the work they ended up doing to fit things into that glider.

I guess this new Roadster is probably what, a two-door coupe? Great job making a $200,000 car look like a Hyundai.

R2 is a 2+2 targa top.

Only the legally blind think the R2 looks like a Hyundai.

“No, the original 2008 Tesla Roadster was a Lotus Elise glider that they built a car on top of.”

Well, the Roadster glider was built by Lotus and it was based on the Elise, but it didn’t actually use the Elise body. For example, the Roadster wheelbase was 2″ longer than the Elise (to fit in the large battery pack), and Elon demanded they lower the door sills. Also, either Martin Eberhard or Elon (I don’t remember which) demanded the trunk be enlarged enough to fit a bag of golf clubs into it.

2008 Lotus Elise

A gorgeous, sexy high-end sports car stretched out into a station wagon?

In Nikola Tesla’s name, why???

😯 😯 😯

For Faraday frackin sakes, why Knott??
It’s just a render, remember?

Okay, so it’s just a virtual car. But then, so is my post. 🙂

Har har!
The term “shooting brake” comes from turn-of-the-century England, where it referred to a car used to transport a hunting party and its gear. “Brake” referred to a chassis that was used to break in horses. It eventually just came to refer to early wagons in general.

Yep, I see the direct link to the most advanced car of its type…

Keep the original!

Tesla Veloster?