New Tesla Roadster: 0-60 In 1.9 Seconds, 620-Mile Range, $200,000

Tesla Roadster


New Tesla Roadster

And it’s apparently coming in 2020.

Following the reveal of the Tesla Semi, Elon Musk pulled out a huge surprise: the new Roadster. Yes, the Tesla Roadster is back, and we’ll apparently see it on the road sometime in 2020. The performance is said to be absolutely staggering. Whether or not it’s worth the hype, well, we’ll leave that up to you. But these preliminary details indicate something super cool is on the way.

New Tesla Roadster

Let’s cut right to the chase:

  • 7,376 pound-feet of torque. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds, making it the quickest production car in the world.
  • 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds.
  • Quarter mile in 8.8 seconds, which beats every other production car.
  • 250+ mph top speed.
  • 620 miles of highway range.

New Tesla Roadster

As Elon points out, according to this data, you’ll be able to drive the new Roadster from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back on one charge, at highway speeds. And by the way, these numbers are only for the prototype car shown tonight. The production car could be even quicker, with more range, and a higher top end. We’ll believe it when we see it, of course, but man, that’s incredible.

The new Roadster will use three electric motors – one in the front and two in the back – giving it through-the-road all-wheel drive. The incredible power comes courtesy of a 200-kilowatt-hour battery. True to its name, you’ll be able to remove the roof. And for added practicality, it’ll seat four people… well, okay, two and some grocery bags.

New Tesla Roadster

Want one? You’ll need $50,000 to reserve one, and the base price will be $200,000. Or you can be one of 1,000 people to order a Founders Series car, which costs a full $250,000, right up front.

See it for yourself in the high-res gallery below, or head to Tesla’s site for more information.

New Tesla Roadster

New Tesla Roadster

New Tesla Roadster

New Tesla Roadster

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101 responses to "New Tesla Roadster: 0-60 In 1.9 Seconds, 620-Mile Range, $200,000"
  1. CDAVIS says:

    Simply… WOW!

    1. Waiting says:

      Steering wheel is so totally unsafe. Great looking car though.

    2. Waiting says:

      620 miles of range and I’m maxing out around 310 for a Model 3??? Are batteries going to improve that much between now and 2020??

      1. BenG says:

        Much smaller car, hence much lower aerodynamic drag. Much bigger battery, which is reflected in the cost.

      2. Dav8or says:

        Ummm… you did see the part about a 200Kw battery, right? Where exactly they are going to put that battery and how they are going to manage it is intriguing.

        1. Jim Whitehead says:

          Good observation. Its physically impossible to jam a 200kWh battery with TODAY’s chemistry into that Roadster.

          So the only logical conclusion I can draw, (> 99% confidence) is that Tesla has in hand a working prototype cell to match their prototype Roadster, that at least DOUBLES today’s energy density and weight ratios. What is it, a solid cell? Maybe. Who knows?

          Whatever it is, it may take 2 years to get into mass production at the Gigafactory, likely first for the massive Tesla truck then for the new Roadster.

  2. Vic says:

    Maybe some of those who laught of me when I told them about EV’s and when I talked about the orinal roadster back then and didn’y believe it will start to love it now. I hope.

    1. Steve says:

      They’ll start to love it because Tesla is coming out with a $200k car? Must be some rich friends you have.. 😉

  3. CCIE says:

    Sounds cool. But the announcement timing doesn’t bode well for the M3 getting into mass production anytime soon. If the M3 issues were near fixed, they wouldn’t be showing off concept trucks and roadsters with ridiculous specs to distract people.

    1. Another Euro point of view says:

      Indeed, likely translation of this presentation for anyone having more than 2 brain cells is: “we need more of your money”. I am sure it will work people have a short memory.

      1. L'amata says:

        you’re just jealous, 0r losing on the stock . This will all Come to Fruition and it Will Work Out Great!..

      2. Don Zenga says:

        Mr Euro. I see your point of view.
        You are thinking that the European sexy-6 (Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lotus) will not be able to sell their ware in the face of Roadster which is lot more cheaper and lot faster and also can seat 4 passengers. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention the other sexy-6 (Benz, BMW, Audi, Maserati, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo).

        Yes, there are many who can afford only $200,000 and they will like to have a similar or even better toy.

        And for those who can afford only $35,000 – $45,000; Model-3 production is ramping up. Having a faster car is a pride for a company and its customers.
        I believe there will be few more models with lower ranges like 450 mile (700 km) and 300 mile (480 km) with appropriate pricing. After all 300 mile (500 km) is good enough for many trips.

    2. ItsNotAboutTheMoney says:

      Definitely need to keep people excited through it.

      However, the semi reveal, while interesting, isn’t really going to generate media excitement.

      Not the place for a Model Y reveal, and that will come after the AWD Model 3 anyway.

      So, they wanted to generate excitement and the Roadster was it. Who knows how much of this has actually been engineered at all.

      1. CCIE says:

        Exactly. It’s easy to list some amazing specs to get people excited. Execution is another thing.

        It’s not good that Tesla is resorting to these tactics.

        1. BenG says:

          What’s not good about it?

          Heh heh. Seems to be a proven business plan for them at this point to hype products years in advance to lubricate the capital markets to get money to build the factories for the products.

          Sure there’s some execution risk, but so far so good, mostly. No reason to panic about Model 3 ramp up being a bit slow at this point, IMO.

      2. Rapscalian says:

        Excuse me they built they thing of course the engineering is well along. They are bound to still be working on stuff like the battery tech and getting the software ready though. Battery tech is a constant on going process.

    3. Nix says:

      Expect a positive news headline about Model 3 manufacturing in the coming weeks.

  4. Alaa says:

    The boys at Mercedes, BMW etc will all be wearing brown pants today. Just in case. And the shorts too.

    1. L'amata says:

      Yea, Then pay the remaining $950,000.00 Upon delivery…For a Clunker ICE car ?? You gotta be Joking!………… NEVER ! ! !

  5. bro1999 says:

    Pretty sure that steering wheel isn’t making it to production. So this version is equivalent to a concept.

    $250k a pop up front for 1,000 founder’s edition Roadsters….wow! I don’t even think you need to plop down that much of a deposit for a Mclaren F1.

    Quick and easy 0 interest, $250 million loan for Tesla! Elon sure can hype and sell that hype to sucker—er, customers willing to eagerly part with their money, I have to give him credit for that.

    1. SparkEV says:

      TBH, I’m tempted to give him the loan. If this is ICE car, I’d still be tempted.

      Quite simply, there has never been any production car with this level of performance. Every high value collector’s car came with ground shaking performance. This car might truly become an automotive investment.

      Biggest thing holding it back is Tesla service; should the company go under, all the black magic (aka, software) is going to be impossible to decipher. It may remain impossible as long as DMCA is in place. I suppose I can take it to Mexico should Tesla go under…

      1. Spider-Dan says:

        Tesla is past the point of “going under” in the sense you are describing. I think the worst case outcome now is being absorbed by a mainstream automaker at pennies on the (2017) dollar, and then either existing as a subbrand, or being slowly wound down and Plymouthed.

    2. Someone out there says:

      I very much doubt Tesla can find 1000 gullible fools are willing to put down $250k for a car that is supposed to come around in 3 years, with Tesla’s track record of delays and bad quality.

      1. bro1999 says:

        TONS of TSLA cultist gullible fools out there. The $250 million is already in the bank. The fools just need to wire the money.

        1. floydboy says:

          This is why someone with your financial bona fides should be taking this post(word for word) over to the Tesla Motors Club site to warn them of their impending mistake!

        2. mx says:

          Or, the mods should just delete these stupid comments because is you don’t that’s how you become AutoBlogGreen.

          1. bro1999 says:

            Proper English please.

          2. Nix says:

            Insideev’s hired the former head of ABG earlier this year….

      2. L'amata says:

        Then you’ll do very if you Short the Stock!

      3. floydboy says:

        Oh, spare me! You naysayers latch on to a meme and remain monogamous as hell, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. The Model 3 was originally slated to start production in 2019. But demand(for the terrible Teslas) pushed the timetable. Oh, all those glowing reviews about build quality(particularly on this latest batch) and driving dynamics, suggest you’re more wrong than usual.

        1. Someone out there says:

          Glowing reviews such as Consumer Reports that put the model X as one of the worst cars out there?

    3. BenG says:

      The hype aspect of introducing the new Roadster now is surely part of the business plan to continue raising billions of dollars to grow the business. The $250,000,000 from sales of Founders Series Roadsters is a drop in the bucket compared to the coming stock and bond sales from Tesla which will surely run into the billions in coming years to fund more factories.

  6. Ambulator says:

    So that’s where the promised spaceship-like steering wheel of the Model 3 went.

    1. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

      That steering wheel won’t make production…

  7. Another Euro point of view says:

    It must be a cultural thing. We Europeans have been scammed for the last 5000 years so we have an inbuilt oversized scam detector. Now maybe this scam detector being oversized we should indeed relax a bit and join the new world crowd with “awesome ! cool ! wow !”
    But it is not easy.

    1. pjwood1 says:

      Do hydrogen and diesel scams go back that far? Sit back and enjoy the quiche. Most could believe a Nurburgring belongs in a bathtub.

      It looks like Tesla has found a second gear. Oh, And good morning InsideEVs 🙂

    2. Dan says:

      I think there isn’t any stupid intra EU fishing quota to quarrel over today. That’s why the Europeans are out trolling the Americans. The BYDs and the Teslas of the world may not be the ultimate winners – but at least they are based in the countries where the action is. The 21st century is going to be driven by frenemies US and China. We’ll let you Europeans know if we need more cheese for our parties. ?

    3. Kdawg says:

      But we have Alex Jones.. haha 🙂

      1. floydboy says:

        HA! Good point!

  8. Paul de Wit says:

    Forget the semi, the spec of this blows my brain!
    Let’s hope they get. It on the road.

  9. Another Euro point of view says:

    When I see the sort of reactions to those announcements I can’t avoid thinking that I missed a huge career opportunity. Selling bridges in the USA, this is what I should have done.

    1. bro1999 says:

      Oceanfront property in the mid west would have also been a profitable venture, especially if you could hook the Tesla crowd. 🙂

      1. Another Euro point of view says:


    2. Mark C says:

      Musk may not deliver on time, but he promises big and thus far, has never failed to deliver. And gorgeous too!

      What $200k supercar can match these specs? And, made in USA {but has to be imported into Texas, Michigan, etc}

      1. G2 says:

        On the mark!

      2. Another Euro point of view says:

        I know of another electric car that matches those specs, here a link:

        1. floydboy says:

          Well SA, I’m thinking of something a tad more useful in everyday operation.

        2. BenG says:

          A custom built drag car is rather a different beast from a mass-produced super-car like the Roadster will be.

        3. Nix says:

          Actually, it only comes close on that one spec. All the other specs it falls horribly short.

          Range is around 100 miles, not 600+
          Top speed is about half as fast
          No AWD or torque vectoring
          Above 0-60 it can’t compete, with a 10.258 sec quarter mile

          Sorry, it just isn’t even close to the same specs.

      3. Someone out there says:

        “Never failed to deliver”. Oh really? Where is the full self driving then? Solar tiles? Battery swapping?

  10. Jack says:

    $50,000 deposits for a ‘future’ concept car? Guess they need cash so desperately

    1. bro1999 says:

      Bingo! $250 million from Founders edition reservations and tens of millions more from “regular” Roadster deposits is a nice cash injection into the cash incineration engine that is Tesla.

      1. MikeM says:

        Sorry! Chump-change.

        1. Nix says:

          Yup. Tesla is on track to take in well over 10 Billion in revenue this year from sales of their various products. These reservations will represent a single digit percent of income, and will fund the Roadster development itself. It has no real impact on the rest of company finances.

          Even mildly successful Model 3 sales in 2018 represent an ADDITIONAL 10 Billion more in income.

          Sadly, this is just more of bro-spice (just like his buddies) completely underestimating Tesla. Same story as the last decade.

      2. Someone out there says:

        $250 million will buy them 2 weeks. And a future lawsuit when people start asking where their cars are

    2. SparkEV says:

      If this is a hatchet job with poor fit and finish that looks like it was put together at the last minute, you may have a point. But Tesla is known for poor fit and finish, so this was probably in the works for a long time.

    3. floydboy says:

      Well duh??! If they have any actual intention to build the f***king thing, it’s going to cost money? WHEW!

    4. mx says:

      I smell the panic in your comments.
      Don’t play the stock market if you can’t afford to LOSE.
      Tesla Delivers.

      1. Sans Ice says:

        Exactly – I am blown away by the negativity here especially on an EV enthusiast site. You short seller losers need to find something else to do other pan Tesla in every waking moment. This car absolutely flattens any competition multi times over. The BMWs. Porsches, Jags were playing catch-up – now they are not even in the same race. 1.9 to sixty 620 mile range, 8.9 second 1/4, 4 seconds to 100 – are you kidding me? All world records – nothing can touch this car or will for many many years at which point they will improve it again. Maybe you guys should buy some options instead of shorting the stock, and while you are at it go away and play on an ICE site somewhere – my god.

        1. Someone out there says:

          Maybe people are fed up with BS promises and lacking results? I know I am

          1. Sans Ice says:

            BS Promises like the S which has blown away the segment for 5 years or so, or actually getting a stylish mid price range EV with hundreds of thousands of reservations lined up (yes there are production snafus as with any new model), or having the leading segment EV crossover SUV, or introducing a game changing Semi and Roadster? Right – ugh….

            1. terminaltrip421 says:

              it’s right there in your reply “or actually getting a stylish mid price range EV with hundreds of thousands of reservations” we were promised affordable not “mid-price”. but instead I have to pay for the R&D and built-in hardware of crap I don’t care about because Musk refuses to take his Adderall.

  11. Don Zenga says:

    Ultra cool.

    0-60 in 1.9 seconds is mind boggling.
    Bugatti’s cost $3 million while Lambo’s cost more than $500,000 and this $200,000 puppy is very cheap for those in that range. And it’s a 4 seater, so the kids can sit in the back seat.

  12. John Doe says:

    They should have that front on the M3. The M3 front reminds me of Donald Duck somehow.
    The Roadster concept is really good looking. Too bad it’s so expensive. Would have loved to see many of these on the street.

  13. Y2K says:

    What bhp will it have if it has 10000nm torque


  14. Mister G says:


  15. Someone out there says:

    Pure fantasy. 200 kWh battery will be very heavy and give the car terrible handling.

    Also, what’s the point of focusing on this car now? A $250k sports car will sell a couple of thousand units tops, it won’t make any money for Tesla at all but will require a significant investment in a time where Tesla already burns almost $500 million a month. What Tesla desperately needs is to get the model 3 going and then as quickly as possible finish up the model Y. This is a smoke and mirrors show for gullible investors and fanbois.

    1. floydboy says:

      Using the term “gullible” suggest being fooled/tricked into something. You thinking Tesla will take the money and run? Not delivering the vehicles these people would be paying for? Perhaps just typical BB(Basher Bulls*it) on your part?

      1. mx says:

        ( Hysteria in shortsville. )

    2. floydboy says:

      Oh, by the way, a 250 kWh pack CAN adversely affect handling(as you say) IF the battery sits too high on the chassis, or the suspension is inadequately designed. Looking at Von Holzhausen’s performance in the car last night, combined with the stated specs, seem to prove you wrong(as usual).

      1. Someone out there says:

        Driving 200m in a straight line doesn’t say much about the handling.

    3. Nix says:

      “A $250k sports car will sell a couple of thousand units tops”

      Rumor has it that Tesla already had thousands of reservations by the time they were done giving test rides last night. All with zero prior warning they would go on sale last night.

      But this is nothing new. Folks like you get Tesla numbers badly wrong every time.

      Folks like you said that after the first 12,000 Model S reservations were done being built, that nobody would buy any more of them. Wrong

      Folks like you said that the Model X wouldn’t sell either. Wrong.

      Some folks even thought that Tesla would get less than 50,000 Model 3 reservations. Wow were those folks wrong.

      So go ahead, continue to badly underestimate Tesla.

      1. Someone out there says:

        The model X doesn’t sell anywhere near expected

        1. Nix says:

          Doesn’t sell well? It is in a virtual 3rd place tie with the Volt and Prime, despite being twice the price!! And sales have been growing like crazy and are on the path to overtake the 3rd position:

          Q1 US sales: 4300
          Q2 US sales: 4645
          Q3 US sales: 6345

          Thanks for proving my point. The real numbers always prove folks like you wrong. Sales are strong, and predicted to grow even more in Q4 based upon actual reservation numbers.

          Go ahead and show me where you or any folks like you predicted sales growth like this. Prove me wrong. Just post one link of you or your buddies predicting numbers bigger than this.

  16. Benz says:

    Interesting question:

    Will the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X also be equiped with the 200 kWh battery pack in the near future?

    1. Nix says:

      No. But there was side talk at the event that the 2170 cells in the Model S/X would make them into 120 or 130 kWh packs. The larger size would be needed to make up for the smaller cell count. Like most Model S/X battery upgrades, it would be announced officially once production began.

  17. Yogurt says:

    Two awsome looking and sounding autos but how and where are they going to get built with the huge cost of auto factories??
    Can Tesla afford to buy or build and equip two more factories that would take a new cash injection??
    Or outsource the production of the roadster to Magna who builds Porsches on contract among others and the semi to ??
    With high enough orders Tesla could get some price leverage on an external manufacture to build them…

  18. Yogurt says:

    Will be interesting to see what happens with Ferai and Semi co stock prices today and over the nexr week…
    Who wants to plop down a million on a Ferari or other when a 250k car now oblivarates their performance?
    Who wants to buy a new deisel rig when you can save a fortune with an electric one?

  19. Kdawg says:

    Aaannnnd the Porsche Mission E is obsolete

    1. Josh Bryant says:


      It is a point I think we both made long ago, other automakers can’t announce concepts 3 – 5 years away based on equivalent specs as current production Teslas.

      They would be better off not offering specs. It just give Tesla targets to beat.

    2. ffbj says:

      Right, even before it is production, it’s already dead.

  20. Scott Franco says:

    The airplane yoke steering wheel tends to imply that it has rack to rack proportional steering, ie., that full right or left means 90 degrees, just like an airplane. Proportional because the steering would need to be more sensitive at the 0 degree position than at the racks.

    Unsaid in this demo is if the roadster will try to chase Porsche Mission E charge times of 15 minutes. In fact the whole subject was not mentioned at all during the demo last night, even though clearly there is no way to meet the 30 minute to 400 mile Tesla Semi charge time Elon mentioned at 135kW.

    1. Scott Franco says:

      PS how do airplane drivers know the yoke travel is 90 degrees each way?

      Because you check it at least twice before you take off.

  21. Four Electrics says:

    Ah, the honeymoon phase of the Kickstarter project, when everything said is believed, and the world is full of promise. It’s all rainbows and unicorns. It’s only three or four years later that the frustration sets in and the incompetence and underdelivering is manifest, in typical Tesla fashion.

    1. SparkEV says:

      Good point about underdelivering. Musk said Tesla 3 will be able to tow early, but now says it won’t. They will deliver, but underdelivery is very possible.

  22. Stephen Hodges says:

    One of the extras with the founders series I hope is a neck brace.

  23. Bill Howland says:

    Yeah I’d say the 200kwh is the more accurate figure compared to 250 – after all, the original Roadster had 53 kwh (rated) to go the wildly optimistic (at the time) 244 miles. I’d usually never get more than 200 miles, yet twice I did get 246, but that was really trying, with me putting on my own LRR tires and trying to eek out the last efficiency improvements by straightening the camber of the rear wheels to decrease heat causing squirming.

    (Tesla was so interested they called me to ask what tires I was using plus what I had set the camber to). But even taking the more conservative 200 miles realistic from the original Roadster, would be around 755 miles, so seeing as this has a lot more equipment to push around – 620 mile range seems reasonable if not pushed too hard.

    Seeing as a barebones Roadster used to be $120,000 with taxes and destination (and it WAS barebones – the Tesla Salesman didn’t know how to put a CD in the basically aftermarket radio since he said they had never sold a TESLA for so cheap) was at the absolute limit of my finances – I’d never dream of being able to afford the new Roadster. The new one looks like a cross between an “S” and a “3; of course, I prefer the gentle lines of the original LOTUS, but that is just me.

    Back in high school, when all the other guys lusted after multi-hundred horsepower muscle cars, I was perfectly satisfied with dreaming about a Karman-Ghia (VW) 40 hp convertible – Forrest Green with Beige interior. My Roadster basically duplicated my high school dream.

    So I’m in the minority of not being super impressed with gobs of horsepower in a car – to me there is beauty in small things. I’ve professionally worked on motors that had ratings of 4000 hp continuous and short-time 10,000 hp, so large motors don’t particularly impress me – and as one commenter said – the record to beat is 1.8 seconds not 1.9 – not that I could care about that anyway.

    But it will be something to see how many of these they actually sell. $200k or $250k is a lot of coin, as they say.

  24. Serial anti tesla troll thomas says:

    50’000 advance payment…tststs.
    Will this car be able to finish a lap of the Nurnburg Ring at full speed or has it the same disadvantage as the MS that after a few minutes power is reduced automatically?

    1. BenG says:

      Good question about the ability to go full race mode for more than a few minutes. I’d sure hope that Tesla is planning to engineer it to handle full on racing as long as it has battery power.

    2. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

      “Will this car be able to finish a lap of the Nurnburg Ring at full speed”

      Who gives a flyingphuk, Nurnburg Ring is in Germany. The roadster will be here in the US and will crush any ICE car on the streets. Nobody said it was designed for the track. Quit making sh1t up.

      1. BenG says:

        I expect some fair percentage of people paying $200k for a two-door supercar will care if it can perform at a high level for more than a few minutes at a time, whether strictly for bragging rights or because they want to take it to the track.

        1. Nix says:

          Excluding Porsche, a whole lot of supercars are only driven a few thousand miles a year. For example, one popular Ferrari insurance provider offers insurance where you “Choose from one of our three mileage plans -1,000, 3,000, or 6,000 miles”.

          Often they are driven at speeds where you can be seen driving it, vs. taking full advantage of the performance.

          For every exotic car you see at a track, you will see thousands of BMW M family, Miata and Porsche drivers.

          The saddest truth about supercars is that for the most part their max performance goes mostly unused over their lifespan.

  25. BenG says:

    Gorgeous, and unbelievably quick and fast.

    Who knows when they’ll deliver it, but I love the concept of an electric sports car that slays everything else ever built, and I think Tesla will more or less pull it off.

  26. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

    I’d have to rob 6 banks to afford this……lol

    1. SparkEV says:

      Nah. Just rob one called Federal Reserve bank and print your own money. That’s what they do anyway.

      1. Mister G says:

        Yes they are known as Wall street banksters

    2. Nix says:

      Yes, by the time you get out of jail, used ones will be very cheap!! Problem solved.


  27. Tim Miser says:

    Seems to be a parallel between Musk and Trump. To divert attention from real problems and issues (M3), talk about irrelevant fantasies. Why is Tesla leadership not focused on the most important thing they should be focused on right now?

  28. ModernMarvelFan says:

    Actually for the performance, the price is a huge discount. We are talking about performance in the cars that are at least $500K to $1Million range.

    Nice. I would love to have one as well if I have the cash.

    But the timeline is kind of silly. Then again, often Ferrari are sold out years before production also, so it isn’t that surprising.

    But Tesla will can get some nice “free cash” for sure. You got to hand it to Tesla for being the BEST marketing company in the world.

  29. Javier Marqués says:

    2020? Let’s see if Tesla Motors still exist by then.

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