New Tesla President Of Global Sales Speaks For 20-Plus Minutes From Geneva – Video


Tesla's President Of Global Sales

Tesla’s President Of Global Sales

Since Jon McNeill is relatively new to the Tesla scene, here’s some background on him before watching one of his first major speeches for Tesla.

McNeill served as CEO of software company Enservio for the past 13 years and co-founded Sterling Collision Centers, a nationwide auto repair firm that was later acquired by Allstate Insurance.

McNeill  was awarded the “Most Admired CEO” by Boston Business Journal and was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of The Year before joining Tesla in November 2015.

Video description:

“Full speech of Jon McNeill, President Global Sales & Service Tesla Motors, during International fleet Meeting Geneva 2016.”

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Jozy Alston

Yup. Ice cars are relics.


He choose ‘Cancer’, over Global Climate Change as a major motivator for the work Tesla is doing in vehicle electrification… Interesting. I get that makes the argument appear more personal. Are fleet people more anti-science than other groups to speak to?

I don’t think now is the time to be pussy-footing around the single biggest threat to human cultural / economic / political stability / sustainability and planetary biodiversity.


Perhaps they are more afraid of lawsuits 😀


Strangely, it appears to me as the major drawback of ICE way before climate change.
If you ever work in or close to any ICE abundant environment, it isn’t the CO² level that burns your lung of nose, but all the oxides and pesky gas that you’re forced to breath.
CO³ is right away harmless but at the level we poor it into the atmosphere, even harmless thing can tilt normal behavior wrong.


More likely he has personal reasons for saying what he did… MW


Exactly how is carbon a carcinogen? Maybe it is, but this is the first I have ever heard that, so color me skeptical.

In general he does not seem up to speed on the technical side of things. His description of why Tesla will not allow low power charging of competitive cars at Superchargers is total BS. Tesla has their reasons, but not because it is technically impossible.

He also had very little fleet info for the fleet manager audience. He did say that Tesla could provide info on where their cars are, and where they have been driven. That is something to think about if you are given a company car.



Carbon isn’t a carcinogen, but all the other crap that comes out of an ICE exhaust is. Not sure why people are pushing back on his stated reasons for going electric – less urban pollution is still a good reason isn’t it?