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MAY 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

New Tesla Model 3 reviews are still coming as more and more magazines would like to get their hands on possibly the most popular electric car in the world.

First, we start with the MotorWeek overview and road test, which concludes that it will be a benchmark car for years to come.

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Model 3 drives well and is a technology leader, but as always there are some bugs like slower than anticipated keyless authorization or panel gaps bigger than in other models in its class.

“The Tesla Model 3 is the best convergence of high technology and the practical automobile that we’ve yet seen.”

The second video is from British magazine Autocar, who visited California to test drive the Model 3 and compare it to the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class.

Autocar is pretty happy with the Model 3 and called it incredible and a proper car, with the best touch screen system in the business. It is not as rewarding to drive as the sporty BMW or Mercedes according to the review:

“This is the big one. Or, rather, the small one: the Tesla Model 3, Tesla’s smallest car, is also its most important.

Tasked with taking the Californian company into uncharted territory when it comes to sales volume, this Audi/BMW/Mercedes-rivalling sedan is based on a new architecture, has a 300+ mile range and an affordable price – from $35,000 in the US, before options (of which the big battery is one).

We head, then, to California to try it out, on roads that represent the narrower, more interesting Tarmac than America’s wide highways. Places where cars like the BMW 3-Series are design to excel. How does the Model 3 shape up against the world’s best executive cars?”

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I find his comment, starting at the 4:55 mark, to be misinformed or at at least overly sensational. He talks about how the Model 3 has a range of around 300 miles when it’s new but that we all know about batteries like in our phone and how when they get older they get depleted. He says it’s something the industry needs to work out.

We have plenty of information now on high mileage EVs and how the battery packs hold up. They are nothing like batteries found in phones and laptops. It seems like the average Tesla can hold at least 90% of it’s original charge after 150,000 miles. So a LR Model 3 with 310 miles will still have 280 miles of range after 150,000 miles. That’s a non event. ICE vehicles will also lose efficiency and range after 150,000 miles.

He doesn’t seem to be very knowledgeable about EVs or even the one he’s testing. He could have googled the specs even just before the cameras started rolling. He says the one he’s in does 0-60 in something like 5.5-5.6 seconds. The LR Model 3 does 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. It’s the SR Model 3 that does it in 5.6 seconds.

It’s his opinion of course but not everyone holds the same opinion he does that it doesn’t drive as well as a 3-series. Motor Trend’s track test of the Model 3 put it ahead of the 330i in almost every category. From acceleration to their figure 8. They even said that it handled as well as their Porsche Cayman and Civic Type R they had there that day.

I was quite taken aback by his opinion on the handling as well, given how much other publications rave about that aspect on the Model 3.

Another one. I found it equanimous.

Also, easy on the eyes Kim, of like tesla uncovers seat refresh for Model 3. Still no news on one for the Bolt, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more…

I don’t understand why they keep saying that the centre console is distracting. The cockpit of the 2018 BMW 4-Series 440i Gran Coupe has 70+ buttons and knobs. When I sat in a showroom Model 3, my first impression was: brake, throttle, steering wheel and an unobstructed view of the road. Pure driving simplicity.