Check Out This New Tesla Model 3 Production Ramp Tool


Now that Tesla is finally starting to produce large numbers of Model 3s, more people are getting involved in the estimation process.

There’s been so much talk as of late about whether or not Tesla would intentionally change/divert production and deliveries so that people will be able to partake in the federal EV tax credit for an additional quarter. As far as we’re concerned here at InsideEVs, this is not likely to happen for a plethora of reasons (but let’s save that for another article). However, for all the reservation-holders’ sakes, we hope we’re wrong.

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At this point, and since the first 30 Tesla Model 3s were delivered at the handover event on July 28, 2017, all have been sold in the U.S. That has made it pretty easy to track deliveries thus far, but until each quarter comes to an end, we have been really in the dark concerning production.

Now, after Tesla’s Q1 sales report, everyone seems to have a firmer grasp on the Model 3 production situation, at least as it stands currently.

But, what about the near future? What about well into the future? Ben’s new interactive tool aims to help answer these questions. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to check it out.

Video Description via Teslanomics by Ben Sullins on YouTube:

This new tool I built lets you estimate the Tesla Model 3 Production ramp. This tool is for entertainment purposes only, please consult a financial advisor before making any stock purchasing decisions.

You can also check out Ben’s most recent full broadcast below:

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He lost alot of cool points with me. Starting to feel like he is becoming a tesla shill


Yes, he is critical of Tesla at times.

True Dat!

Ben is not always in the Tesla Camp.


The guy is waiting for a free sportster from Tesla, he has every reason to shill for Tesla.
Tesla doesn’t do advertising? Except for giving away free cars to shills then…

He is! Actually he might be an undercover PR contractor paid by Tesla.

What about one for the new Leaf…?

Why would you need one? There are over 2,500 in stock at dealerships in the U.S. according to

While Tesla’s Model 3 production rate (>2k/week) is now higher than the ’18 Nissan Leaf’s global production rate (~2k/week), there is far more demand for the Model 3. Hence the interest in a production ramp tool for the Model 3. Of course, you can build a Nissan Leaf tool if you want, but it’s not really useful.

Lol you mean 4k a week for leaf

Model 3 production computer simulations are proliferating faster than Model 3’s. đŸ™‚

They need to tweak these simulations to include world events. Will Model 3 production reach 5K per week before the start of WW III?

Well, wrt WW III, all the more reason to move towards electric cars rather than depend on oil.

Yes, because the USPS will need to deliver your NetFlix after the apocalypse.


Haha, that is funny….