Tesla Model 3 Owner Gushes Over Car, Says It Will Ruin Outlook Of Every Other Auto

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Along with the negatives comes the positives.

Recently, an analyst who checked out the Tesla Model 3 in person stated that the car had several flaws, mostly related to fit and finish issues. That’s the negative, but almost like clockwork along comes a gushingly positive Model 3 review.

This one is from an owner, but with the caveat that he’s a Tesla employee, so at least consider the source.

Notably absent from the write up is any real info on what it’s like to drive the Model 3. There are several references to how spectacular the Model 3 is:

“…this car will blow you away and shut the mouth of your drunk aunt at Christmas Dinner…”

“My Model 3 has systematically destroyed the experience of every other car…”

“Its handling, acceleration, design, and quiet, visually noiseless interior will ruin every other car you come across in the future.”

But really nothing that puts any of the comments into context. The takeaway from this is basically “the Model 3 is #1, just take my word for it.”

As the owner concludes (and we’ll fittingly add since he himself is a Tesla employee):

“P.S. Take every article you read here with a grain of salt.”

Source: Tesla Model 3 Owners Group On Facebook

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No. Reality. You cleanly haven’t driven ANY EV.
The BMW i3 gives you some of the same.
You will never appreciate the Roar of an engine to climb a hill when you don’t hear a thing and get instant torque and effortless acceleration on the same hill.

The engine doesn’t intrude on Springsteen’s “Born to Run”, “Born in the USA”, etc. You will never get the same level of audio experience in an ICE.

Every other car sounds broken.

And as for the Model 3, there is nothing else in it’s class.

There is no way the i3 comes anywhere close to any Tesla. I have been driving EV since 2001 and have experianced all EV vehicles. If you have not driven a Tesla, keep your comments to yourself.

You haven’t driven the i3.

I’ve driven an i3, i8, Leaf, Model S P100D & 60D. Here’s my ranking of preference:

1. P100D
2. 60D
3. i3
4. i8
5. Leaf

I’m pretty sure the Model 3 is going to take spot number 2 instantly. I’m sorry, but the i3 is just not that impressive for the name that’s attached to it. I would have expected better from BMWs mound of money and reputation. However it feels like they invested almost nothing in their concept of electrification and just threw something together with some cool lights and carbon fiber to satisfy a niché market. I refuse to buy into disappointment and partial effot. With model 3 we know that Tesla put everything they had into this car, it is their future. It’s not optional, it must satisfy and I doubt consumers will disappointed; however Tesla shorts, like the “investor” with the publicized negative perspective I’m sure will be.

I think Model 3 has potential for number 1, on paper. That’s if you don’t want to wrestle a heavy car, that still has the top end of an ~80KWh battery. Again, DeMuro was impressed by roll-on, at >40mph. Did Tesla choose to do what GM did with Volt 1, and soften the launch? If 0-30mph, rocket-sled launches are where they took something away, it be an awesome thing if the top-end can take advantage of both the battery and M3 weighing almost exactly between the i3 and P100D. M3 probably rides on ~215-225 tires. This is a place where i3 was softened, by BMW (another matter). Those “who drove” i3 on stock wheels may have picked up on its side-wall flex. It’s easily fixed, but what BMW wanted to deliver. Model 3 is also on coils, and we’ve had two reviews (OCD and DeMuro) complementing the steering. Coils communicate better. More direct. In isolation, coil suspensions are unquestionably sportier than air. This should really go without saying, and is another place to expect Model 3 could go down as the better driver’s car. If people liked air suspensions in sports cars, you’d find people with silly money “upgrading”. It… Read more »

Adam, you should try Chevy Bolt.. It is a very good EV. I got it since June and it performs as expected and above my expectations..

To be fair, he only said “The BMW i3 gives you some of the same.”

SOME being the keyword!

I love the way the EV just gets up and does its thing, no fuss, no noise, no machismo! Just effortlessly accelerates you to top speed “in the blink of an eye” and “smooth as silk”.

If you constantly want to sound angry, aggressive and basically like it’s trying to destroy itself, stick with ICE. But if you really want to impress them, EV is the only game in town. Regardless if it is the Leaf or Tesla, they all have this in common.

LOL. that sounds more like comedy. nobody will take it serious

I will take it Serious..And I Love it !

Oh no! Don’t believe the Model 3 owner! The internet trolls who never owned or even drove a Tesla know much more about the car!


Well he also works there so a grain of salt is needed.

Another Euro point of view

OK, so it is silent, accelerates well and has good handling because of low center of gravity.
Is there any of those qualities that are not specific to any up market electric car ? (being a Tesla or not a Tesla).
Should we expect the coming $45K Ev’s to be noisy, accelerate poorly and have a high center of gravity ?
Or rather more likely expect that when Audi makes an EV it will likely have all those qualities + have an impeccable fit and finish + have a better reliability.
That’s the question.
The other car makers need only to address the issue of fast charging network availability, rest for them is business as usual.

Yea , No Big Deal….If you’re a f00L!

Gosh yes, look at all of those other auto makers who have had 455,000 or more people put down $1000 “earnest money” on a car so new that hardly anyone has seen it yet!

Wait what? Tesla is the only one? Well then, perhaps Tesla really is far out ahead in the race towards mainstream EVs, despite the constant drip-drip-drip of Tesla basher/hater comments posted to InsideEVs.

Man, I make a reservation money more than one year ago, when I was thinking that I would get HUD, beautiful interior and FSD. I canceled my reservation months ago. Things change.

Looks like you know more about this car than the owner who wrote the Post the Story Came from! Good for you, you helped other move up the waiting list! I hope that $1000 served you well when you got it back – Like maybe dinner out for 4?

Lol biggest mistake ever, have fun being back in line later when you realize it. Model 3 is going to be sold out for a long time, rear wheel drive ramp seems to finally be starting, all wheel drive soon next year too, autopilot 2 features to be rolled out next year as well. Can’t wait to get ours. And why would I want an HUD? I test drove a model 3 a month ago and it was everything I want it to be.

Where was the HUD at the Model 3 reveal. If you put $1k down because you thought you were going to get a HUD based on the reveal, then I’m guessing maybe you didn’t actually put $1k down. If you put $1k down to reserve your Model 3 then you should be extremely happy. The Model 3 is almost exactly what was advertised at the reveal, a few tweaks, but essentially the same vehicle as promised. Now if they can get the base model at $35k then they will surely be the King of the Hill. BMW, VW, Audi, Merc, non of them will have as exciting a car as the Model 3 for $35k. Nissan and GM will have their work cut out for them, look out if Tesla actually decided to do a Model 3 hatch back or wagon, not to mention is Model Y comes in at $35k base price. If you think I’m wrong, then let’s wait and see how long the queue gets once Model 3 production hits it’s stride. Everyone I talk to, and I mean everyone, knows what Tesla is and wishes they could own one. When it’s $35k, how many do you… Read more »

Nobody has to reserve a LEAF because they know Nissan will make enough of them to meet supply…

If Toyota, Honda, Audi, etc… etc… decide to commit to really building EV’s exactly the same will apply, they literally have the capacity to build millions of them if they should decide to do so.

You only need to reserve if there is a two year wait for delivery.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the 400k orders for the Model 3 are great, just don’t forget that one of the major drivers is scarcity of supply.

“If” they commit. Let’s face it, Nissan Leaf was a flop when it first came out, but super expensive Tesla creamed all cars in its class. Leaf is now more accepted because Nissan drastically dropped the prices (at least in US) and resale value is ridiculously low, so such an easy way into EV. It remains to be seen if the 40kWh Leaf will be as popular at the higher price. GM Bolt is touted as a very good EV, but it has limited availability and not really rocketed off, plus it is a higher price than Model 3 with less enthusiasm by the general consumers. BMW has priced their EV way out of the competition and really not giving any indication they are seriously working on anything (hope they surprise us, but it will still be at least $10k more than comparable models if i3 & i8 are any indication). Panasonic is the biggest battery manufacturer and they are closely aligned to Tesla. LG Chem appears to be at capacity trying to supply GM and Kia/Hyundai, maybe Nissan. What indicates that VW, Merc or any others have battery capacity ramping up to support any quantity EV they might build?… Read more »

“Nissan Leaf was a flop when it first came out…”

This is factually incorrect. When the Leaf was first released, it was severely production constrained because of the tsunami and earthquake which hit Japan about that time, severely disrupting supply of parts, including the batteries from the Japanese factory. Nissan was not able to build enough Leafs to meet demand until they built two new auto assembly plants and two new battery factories, in Tennessee and the UK.

Now, it is true that part of the reason Nissan built those plants in those locations was to reduce costs in those regions, so they could lower the price. But the Leaf was never, ever a “flop” by any reasonable definition; demand exceeded supply in the early years.

“If Toyota, Honda, Audi, etc… etc… …literally have the capacity to build millions of them if they should decide to do so.”

No, they don’t. There aren’t enough batteries to go around.

This is the same nonsensical argument as all those who were saying “Well, GM can crank up production of the Bolt EV to 50,000 this year if they want to.” Nope, they didn’t contract with LG Chem for that many batteries, and they can’t get that many batteries from another source on such short notice, so it is physically impossible until more battery manufacturing capacity is built out.

Wait, Toyota and Honda can make millions of EVs at moment’s notice? How? Where are they hiding all those batteries?

I will take your grain of salt, and raise you a …
… oh wait … there is not another comparable EV car “out there”, with all the Model 3 bells and whistles (range/tech), for such a terrific value (sub $50k).

Now, getting to actually test drive, and own/lease a model 3, that will take, in some/most instances, quite a bit of time (months/year).

Absolutely worth the wait, if your on the Tesla preorder list. Patience will need to be exercised by all the other “Johnny come lately” Model 3 aficionados.

The Reward is well worth the wait ..Model 3 is worth waiting for because Nothing else comes remotely close!. thank you!

You can have your Model 3 bells and whistles, when and if you ever get one. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy my Bolt’s superior features like Surround Vision, rear camera display in rearview mirror, selectable front or rear camera views, blind spot warning in side mirrors where it’s actually useful, accurate auto high beams, HUD collision warning, accurate range calculation, roof racks, hatchback, intuitive UI, spare parts you can actually buy, and yes all for less than $50K.

The Bolts DOES definitely have that “superior features” thing going for it. Also, the small fact that anyone can “actually buy” TODAY, a Bolt in the US, is a Chevy EV win all around.

Now, in the next model year comes the other ICE OEM EV competition. The GM Bolt range/value superiority, and lead, will probably will start to slip over the next 6-12 months.

The Bolt is alright. It’s no Model 3. It’s more of a city runabout, which if fine if that is what you want.

Somebody needs to be really hardcore Tesla badge fanatic to buy 2018 model car for $40-$50-$60k without even a HUD!

Reminds me of these Apple fanboys who would swear that a mouse doesn’t ever need more than one button, period.

How Fast are you going?
Faster Than Traffic? Great – keep an eye on the road and watch for Smokey!
Slower than Traffic? Watch out for Semi’s behind!
No Traffic? Check your speed!
How hard is it to handle?

Notice they are not buying Toyota Mirai’s, troll!

Plan a trip with a Bolt on paper…
Few chargers.
Now plan a trip with a tesla…
Connect the dots about anywhere…

The trouble is a trip in either is still going to be significantly worse than a gas car. No argument that Tesla is currently actually viable whereas the Bolt is not (other than on the West Coast and the North Eastern corridor). However you’re still going to be spending a lot more time charging than you would at the gas pump.

The Bolt, if it were a traditional gas powered car would be an econo box. Small, with uncomfortable seating and all the pizzaz of a 10 year old hatchback. While it is a step in the right direction, it’s about as appealing as a pudding cup.

Too bad these “customers” signed NDAs that specified they would be fired for posting anything negative about the Model 3. But yeah, totally unbiased from an actual “customer” with the freedom to do or say what he wants from the product he isnt forced to not have a positive opinion about.

Simple solution, Ford just needs to put a hot motor and lots of batteries in a compelling new-model design. Then, take those $55,000 in parts and put it into a car and sell it for $40,000 and see if wall street will run $F up to $16.

You can overpower any car. Doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.

Sure. All Ford needs to do is wrap up that big battery fcactory of theirs and… oh, wait.

Ford is in business selling cars, not pumping & dumping shares, so the scheme is no use for them. That is the thing :/

Ford Sells Trucks! The F150 is a Truck! It is their Top Selling Vehicle, and also top selling vehicle in the Market – Yet!
Times are soon to change!

I SO hope you’re right! F150– for the tough guy with the pitbull, shaven head & small penis.
Recall the Simpsons episode where Homer bought a “Canyonero”- hilarious!

There are a few other YouTube videos, basically made by 3rd parties and hiding their location to get around the NDA. So far they have all been reasonably positive. I think we just have to accept that this Tesla has the Tesla DNA and will be pretty awesome once you can get your hands on it.

Blinkers? Check! Wipers? Check! Steering Wheel? Check! Pedals? Check! Speedo? Check! Really, how many knobs and buttons do you actually fiddle with once you’re driving? Climate control? Set and forget! Radio volume? Set and forget!

Oh, that’s right, there are those scroll wheels on the steering wheel, maybe I can adjust the climate control or radio with them? Nope, not at the moment? No worries, send Tesla your idea, chances are it gets implemented in an upcoming OTA update.

You people just don’t get it, just don’t want change, just going to be sitting wondering what the hell happened when EV’s really happen.

Oh look, a Tesla employee saying good things about the Model 3. No way!

Well, the NDA forbids them from saying anything negative, so not like he could say anything remotely critical even if he wanted to.

It’s unlikely they’d be critical anyway. Most people tend to identify with the place they work and talk up how great it is.

That makes diagnosis of broXYZ even harder

Hey Bro here is a guy that didn’t sign an NDA and he really loved the Model 3 going so far as to say it is “the coolest car of 2017”.

Didn’t he review the bolt too? I don’t remember him saying anything close to that about the bolt. Guess it must have been an NDA keeping him from telling us how wonderful it is.

That guy got fired. WHOOPS.

How many people got fired when GM didn’t break their silence and let over 120 people die because of a defective ignition?


I don’t know what planet you come from but here on earth you sign an NDA then Break the NDA = get fired

Too bad that there are almost no GM employees that even want to buy the bolt and none of them praising it. That speaks more volume than a Tesla employee actually being proud of a product they made.

Maybe if the bolt wasn’t so fugly or if it had better tech like ACC or even a garage door opener then you might get a couple of GM employees to actually buy one and then they can just complain about the plasticy interior and uncomfortable seats.

I’m fairly sure the Motor Trend “First Drive” reviewer didn’t sign any NDA. 🙂

Spoiler alert: He loved the car!


Pre-approved by Tesla before they published!

Bro take off the tinfoil hat and put down the crack pipe.

I don’t know what motorcycle the guy had, but the majority of them are much better environmentally than cars, given the much smaller amount of materials & embodied energy for production, as well as needing less energy pr mile.
(e-motorcycle like the Zero do about 3x miles/kWh than typical BEVs).

Car-pooling with a friend is far more green than buying any EV could ever be. Even if the friend drives an ICE.

Zero motorcycles is trying to do some good as it keeps improving their EV motorcycle line.

Car Pooling with 6 Friends in a Model X is Way More Comfortable and Fun that 7 Guys on Bikes Haulin’ A$$ down the highway to get to work, by Far! And more Efficient – And Effective!

Until you’re stuck for hours in an inevitable traffic jam…

Not to mention the joy of biking. Cars are BORING- ‘specially in traffic. How I’d love a Zero or something similar…

Exactly the same i fell about my fathers Renault Zoe.

Yes it may just have 80 BHP and 100 miles of range (2013 model), but it is so much better than my own Hyundai I20 of similar size and pace.

As soon as I get a chance to change the car, it will be to an EV.

Whether it is a Nissan, Renault or a Tesla doesn’t really matter. As long as it is electric you will get that special feeling only an electric vehicle can do.

Can’t wait in own an EV in the future!

Yeah, EVs are great. The totally smooth driving, the instant throttle response, the quick pickup even from a stop. I’m always struck by how sluggish gas cars are now when I have to drive one.

Tesla is a cult! I give Soon Musk for sticking it out for EV’s but as other manufacturers coming on line it will start losing the shine.

I’ll take your grain of “Soon Musk”, and raise you a vile of “Swoon Musk”, a tad more appealing, without the latent scented fragrance, that is so resoundingly a Tesla M3.

Yeah, we’ve been waiting for major auto makers to make and sell a “Tesla killer” since 2008.

Nine years later, we’re still waiting. Sadly for those other auto makers, Tesla is not waiting.

Go Tesla!

This person claims that because he works for Tesla he unbiased. I stopped reading right there.

I thought he said, because he does work for Tesla, he appreciates non-biased views from others?

If you want to learn to read you need to be more persistent. It’s hard for sure, but you can do it.
Thinking logically, well, let’s just try one step at a time.
See Tesla, see Tesla run. See Tesla run rings around all the other car…(sound it out) companies.

Four Electrics said:

“This person claims that because he works for Tesla he unbiased. I stopped reading right there.”

Thank you for such a perfect example of how a serial anti-Tesla FUDster twists truth far past the breaking point. That’s almost exactly the opposite of what the writer said.

Pupu 4 electric is tesla fan if you read his post

No, he’s a Tesla hater and a shill for Big Oil who merely pretends to be an EV fan because he thinks that will get people reading comments here to take him seriously.

In your case, apparently the troll’s strategy worked. 🙁

It seems almost daily we hear a new number as to has many Model 3’s have been built. Latest number I heard was 440. Creeping up

Will this Tesla employee now get fired?

It is dependent on his performance review.


I suppose it did not occur to you to consider the possibility that he might actually have asked permission from Tesla before he posted that.

I’d luv to back up Tesla, but the wait for my 3 has been extended another year. This makes my wait since I first put down my deposit, just about
three years. Hard to be objective and
optimistic with the continued delays.

I’ll back them up for you. My M3 wait is extended another 6 months to get all wheel drive. I’m good with that and with Tesla taking time to help Puerto Rico. Patience is still a virtue.

It’ll be about 2.5 years for my wait.

Article OP Eric Loveday said” “Recently, an analyst who checked out the Tesla Model 3 in person stated that the car had several flaws…”

The referenced analyst was Bernstein’s analyst Toni Sacconaghi… taken from an InsideEvs article also authored by this articles’s OP Eric Loveday:

Analyst Sacconaghi has taken a very public bearish TSLA position on Tesla…

Sacconaghi has published a 265$ TSLA price target…

TSLA is now trading at ~302$… so it’s in Sacconaghi best interest (to preserve his TSLA position credibility) that TSLA gets knocked down… the street works that way.

OP Eric Loveday did not point out the possible built-in bias of analyst Sacconaghi but did point out the possible built-in bias of a Tesla employee.

Perhaps I’m overly reading into it but ever since Project Loveday:


… it seems that the Loveday authored InsideEv articles work hard to demonstrate they are not somehow Tesla biased… to the point of intentionally being anti-Tesla biased… not sure why that would be other than to demonstrate that Project Loveday has not pro-biased the OP.

I think there are more critical articles from Mr. Loveday nowadays, because in the last few weeks the critics (called Anti-Tesla-FUDster-trolls here by some folks) have been proven right in every little detail and Musks claims wrong. As well Teslas NDAs do not allow true journalism, only commercials. I would worry about publishing that too.

“…the critics (called Anti-Tesla-FUDster-trolls here by some folks) have been proven right in every little detail…”

Seriously, dude?

Do you honestly think they were right when they said that Model 3’s were being built by hand, and not on the assembly line?

Do you honestly think they were right when they said that Panasonic was having problems ramping up supply of batteries for the TM3?

Do you honestly think they were right when they said TM3 production was being delayed because Tesla sent some employees to work on hurricane relief in Puerto Rico?

If you honestly believe all that… well then, your cluelessness deserves our pity.

“…it seems that the Loveday authored InsideEv articles work hard to demonstrate they are not somehow Tesla biased… to the point of intentionally being anti-Tesla biased… not sure why that would be other than to demonstrate that Project Loveday has not pro-biased the OP.”

Yes, it’s rather troubling to see such a pronounced anti-Tesla bias on the part of one of InsideEVs’ regular writers… or rather two, since his brother Eric Loveday has also recently shown the same anti-Tesla bias. Perhaps management asked them to adopt such a tone to counter the perception that InsideEVs has a pro-Tesla bias?

Speaking for myself, it’s hard to see why any real EV fan would not have a pro-Tesla bias! Tesla is doing more than all the rest of the EV makers put together to accelerate the EV revolution! Why would anyone who truly supports EVs not be a strong Tesla supporter?

Another Euro point of view

“Tesla is doing more than all the rest of the EV makers put together to accelerate the EV revolution”

I don’t agree with that. Nissan is doing more IMO in it’s low key much quieter way. More EV’s sold worldwide than Tesla and MORE important, able to sell Evs at a profit using the 100 years proven recipe of such capital intensive industry, that is find the soft spot of the market and go to it by keeping a strict control on the costs. On the contrary , Elon Musk is busy BS us or bending reality a good deal of the time with wild claims and if all his construction based on availability of fresh cash every 6/12 months fails, it will give a bad name to EVs as words such as ponzi scheme etc. will not fail to pop up for good or bad reasons.

Nissan was definitely there first. Unfortunately, they have baggage which they are going to have to overcome. First there was the battery overheating issue leading to battery degradation, then there is their commitment to the CHAdeMO charging standard that no other automaker uses or probably ever will use, and finally there is their slow (>50kW) charging speeds. These are issues that they must address or they’re going to be at a competitive disadvantage, with Tesla and with European auto makers, going forward.

Tesla is also committed to a charging standard that no other automaker uses or probably will ever use. Just saying.

Tesla was forced to commit to a non-standard charging format when the CSS consortium refused to agree to a format which would support the higher charging power the Model S needed, or at least they refused until it was too late and the Model S design was locked in.

If and when the other EV makers finally settle on a true charging standard, I hope and expect Tesla will accommodate that standard on future models, and possibly even modify models already in production to accommodate the new standard.

Complete BS from a serial anti-Tesla troll.

Nobody is really rushing to compete with the 1st generation Nissan Leaf outside of compliance plays mostly.

We will have to see about the Generation 1.5 Leaf.

30k in sales for leaf 2 in first month is not bad, watch out for the us promos coming soon to print, and TV ads

“Nissan is doing more IMO in it’s low key much quieter way.”

Nissan is helping to keep the EV revolution stagnant, by continuing to make more or less the same Leaf year after year; a Leaf with no active thermal management. Furthermore, Nissan didn’t increase the size of the Leaf’s battery pack for years; not until GM came out with the Bolt EV.

Nissan is the Blackberry of EVs; once the industry leader, but failing to improve the product and losing market share every year.

Maybe like the VW of evs.

Try to tow a trailer with a Model 3 … oups.
You even get a tow hitch for the VW e-up! e-Golf and Renault ZOE, which makes them superior to Model 3.
I would have bought a Model 3 if Musk kept his promise of a tow hitch. He did not.

OK. As long as you realize what a niche issue that is.

You mean like a cross country trip in an EV??? I am willing to bet more people would need to tow than do cross country trips.

I don’t need to guess or “bet”, because I know people who don’t worry about a sedan being “tow rated”. They just put on a 3rd party tow hitch and tow when they want to. Within reason, of course; you don’t tow a 40′ camper or a large cabin cruiser boat with a compact sedan!

Fretting about the lack of official tow hitch accessory comes across as whining to me. Just do it!

It is not niche if you consider that the majority of people use a towing hitch for a bicycle rack.

Anyone working a Tesla now should start sending out their resumes soon. I have no personal experience with the Model 3 but if it’s anything like it’s bigger brothers, it’s going to be a waste of space on a city street or highway.

Haven’t you gotten tired of all the money you’re losing by short-selling Tesla stock?

One definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.


“Notably absent from the write up is any real info on what it’s like to drive the Model 3.”

Well then, we can put that into perspective with Motor Trend’s “First Drive” article about the driving experience with the Tesla Model 3. Spoiler alert: The reviewer liked the car. He liked it a lot!

And I rather doubt he is or was a Tesla employee.


Who doesnt like a first, CR reviews are more credible because they rest the hell out of the car with a longer timeframe

I don’t know what universe people live in, thinking a particular EV – or EVs in general – will ruin the future of ICEs.

ICEs are here to stay for a very, very long time.

I might accept such predictions when little old ladies and Texas ranchers demand EVs. Until then, there are too many excuses about range, fillup time, charge limitations, cost, charging protocols, subsidies, resale value, and so on.

Actually, I’d say ICEs are here to stay for a relatively short time. We’ve had ICEs for about a century. Within 3 decades they’ll probably mostly be gone.

Yes everyone will be driving them, except for the ranchers and little old ladies.

“I don’t know what universe people live in, thinking a particular EV – or EVs in general – will ruin the future of ICEs.

“ICEs are here to stay for a very, very long time.”

Let’s see how well that fits a previous transportation revolution:

I don’t know what universe people live in, thinking a particular motorcar — or motorcars in general — will ruin the future of the horse-drawn buggy.

Horse-drawn buggies are here to stay for a very, very long time.

Yeah, no doubt there were people saying that circa 1900-1910. By 1920, probably not so much.

Maybe not here, like US (mainly California) or Canada or any G20 country for that matter …but once you start looking down the ladder, you really think ICE will not be here for another 20-30 years?

I love people to tell me who I should like or dislike about a car … LOL … what a stupid concept. It must be one of the largest idiocies of internet, watching geeks telling me that the huge iPad in the middle of my car is great for me …. or a petrol head that EV’s are always, slow ugly and overall more expensive ….

Every EV ruins ever other gas car. My 2012 Nissan LEAF ruined gas cars for me… and it’s a LEAF. It’s not a high bar to reach. Electric cars in every class are far superior to their equivalent gas cars. So that statement alone I would believe if it came from a Mitsubishi iMiEV owner. As far as being “better”… There are a few issues I have with Tesla, but like this owner, I’m a bit biased as I’m a shareholder- but I’m going to be brutally honest here: If I’m planning on owning this car for the long term, I want a car that I can fix myself after the warranty is up. Tesla will not sell parts outside of service center initiated repairs. That’s a not “better”. It’s bullshit. My drunk aunt may not pay my salary, but it does bring up the topic of the $7500 tax credit, which most likely will not be available when it comes time for me to order my Model 3. The more I wait, the more I realize there will be other options. They might not be as cool as a Tesla, but I find as I get older that practicality… Read more »

Sounds like the way I feel every time I drive my Gen 1 Volt I’ve been driving for 5 years now. I have a short commute so I almost never fire up the generator unless I’m on a road trip.

Well, he calls himself a DJ, a Guy who spins other peoples music, cause he has none of his own! Is that not enough to understand?

It’s as much fun to read the comments as the article.Peace to everyone, thank god we have different views on which ev’s are the best. I am so jealous of Adam because he has driven so many EV’S.I am glad the future is cleaner and more deficient , just waiting for day I can replace my Ford truck with a Tesla truck.When the I-phone first came out I thought not having a keypad was awful ,the other day i found my old Nokia phone with a full qwerty keypad I tried to use it but just seemed so useless .My point is that one day we will wonder how we ever drove those dirty fossil cars.Tesla has built their cars on whole new platform, Unlike GM using old ideas to build something new , in a way I am more impressed with what GM did with the EV 1.