New Tesla Model 3 Images Emerge


Tesla Model 3 Interior

Tesla Model 3 Interior Via ElskerTesla

Three new images of a matte black Tesla Model 3 have emerged, including one of the rarely seen interior.

This is believed to be the same Model 3 that was spotted testing on the road just a few days ago.

This is still an early prototype Model 3 and it seems to be identical to those shown at the initial unveiling.

It remains to be seen if the minimalist interior will be retained when the Model 3 moves to production or if the rear trunk opening will be enlarged as promised by Musk.

Overall, we still very much approve of the design of the 3 and think it will be hugely successful when it launches in mid- to late 2017.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Via ElskerTesla

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Via ElskerTesla

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just can’t stand that interior design with center monitor… That was the nail in the coffin (along with the 2-3 year wait) that pushed me to the Gen-2 Volt.

To each their own but I think I could get used to it pretty quick. The only thing to look at directly in front of you is your speed, high beams, and warning lights. Eliminating the front instrument cluster cuts cost and honestly that’s one of the ultimate goals of this car so I’m on board.

Plus one….

No need for front and center, I drove a Scion xA for nearly 10 years and after a week I was used to it.

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Just a note: was in Freemont this week and at my hotel were crews of people working at the Tesla plant. The one guy I talked to was installing the seat installation line for the Model 3. He said there are hundreds of people busy putting in the M3 line. When I asked if he thought they would be ready to produce in a year he just smiled an nodded and said “can’t say”

Yep! me tooooo

I agree, I personally want something front-and-center. There’s always the aftermarket πŸ˜‰

One could also get adventurous and integrate a tablet up there. If you learn to write some software, you could create an app that displays whatever you want. That’s basically all the Volt and Model S dashes are today.

In the end, I am expecting a HUD at this point.

DashCommand is available on the iphone and android. All fully customizeable at DashXL dot net.

I’ve created my own custom dashboards for other vehicles. ODBII bluetooth or wireless and you’re good to go.

This is why I’m not worried about the lack of center stack. For a $100 to $150, this is easily solved.

The Volt is a great car, there is nothing wrong with getting one now. Especially if you don’t already have a Model 3 reservation, since a lease on a GEN II Volt lease would be ending about the time you got the chance to buy an M3 anyways.

Didn’t you have a first GEN Volt? How much better do you think the upgrade is?

That’s not the final interior design, Musk said the actual interior is like the bridge of a spaceship.

A Volt is still a better choice, though, since a Model 3 preorder will not get you from point A to point B for some time!

“Musk said the actual interior is like the bridge of a spaceship.”

And that’s precisely the problem, for some of us.

I also agree that the interior isn’t finished.

The display to me looks like Tesla’s way of saying “…and somewhere here we plan on putting a huge screen…”

The interior is just a catastrophe.

Mexican dingle balls hung around the windscreen and a bobble head Jesus on the dash and you’re set.

Thankfully Tesla has never been scared to repel small minded people who can’t see the vision. It’s futuristic and combined with a HUD it’ll make other cars look ridiculously dated.

Agreed. I can’t understand anyone that thinks current car dashboards look great with all the randomly placed buttons, levers, leds, vents, and appliances like radios and a/c units from different vendors that don’t match.

Hopefully, the Model 3 will show the world how to create a modern and beautifully minimalist dashboard with a large touchscreen, HUD, and hidden vents and speakers.

Like so many of us, I have been waiting for years, patiently. Put my order in that night. I do have to say that dash is BUTT UGLY though. Definitely one of the ones who hopes they do something there. I will live with it if not, but like to see gauges directly in front of me. Give me an option to have what is in the Model S…I’d pay more for that.

Musk has to resolve far more problems with that incompetent head designer Franz von Holzhausen

Wish it was a hatchback. I have no use for a sedan.



+1, Franz von Holzhausen is an incompetent idiot

I can’t figure out why they didn’t go with a hatch. That trunk is pretty tight.
It will be a great car but that is an irritation.


Because they want to compete against the BMV 3 series directly first, not the Bolt–different Luxury segment.

Except the 3 series can be had as a wagon as well as a hatchback

The so-called hatchback IS the wagon.

Or “gran tourer” in BMW-speak.

The BMW 3 series come in a sedan version, a touring version and a hatchback version called “Gran Turismo”.

Check out

Doesn’t the Model S compete against the BMW 7 series, Audi A8, and Mercedes S class. The Model S is a hatchback and none of the models it competes against have hatchbacks. No, I don’t consider a hatchback and a wagon the same thing.

It was something to do with where the pillars were located and packing 5 adults into the smaller car.

Yup, the hing/support for the hatch would intrude into rear passenger head space due to the curve in the glass roof.

They would probably have to entirely eliminate the glass roof, and go with a more traditional construction in order to put on the hatch.

I say they should do it. Drop the wrap-around glass roof, go with a more traditional shape, and put the hatch in. Even if it causes the drag coefficient to get worse.

Totally agree, not a fan of the trunk and glass roof.

Nix said:

“I say they should do it. Drop the wrap-around glass roof, go with a more traditional shape, and put the hatch in. Even if it causes the drag coefficient to get worse.”

I agree completely. They’ll have to do that for the Model Y anyway; why not start now instead of later?

It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Tesla had to make the battery pack closer to 60 kWh to make up for a slight hit in the streamlining due to squaring of the back end just slightly.

The real problem there would be the additional price for a larger pack. Would Tesla be able to make up for that by cutting costs elsewhere, or would they have to raise the price of the car a few thousand? I hope they won’t, because Tesla has said the base price will be $35k so many times that their reputation would take quite a hit if they don’t hit that mark.

I wish it was a hatch also, but the explanation given around the time of reveal was because of rear headroom.

For the Model S, rear headroom was always a complaint and that is largely because of the crossbar on the top required for the hatch. With a sedan design it allows them to move that behind the rear seatbacks. Having the sedan also allows them to use that rear glass (which also supposedly improves rear headroom).


Hatch please

Hatchback please

What are you trying to haul?

More. That’s what us Americans want. More.


Seriously, I would be hauling a bike back there. The bigger the entry, the easier it is to put in.

I don’t understand people that don’t use bike racks. You’re really going to tear up the inside of your $35,000+ car and get dirt and oil all over just to make it slightly less likely that someone will steal you bike?

Check out the price of a Trek Fuel EX 9.9, and then decide if you wanted your nine-nine inside or outside your car…

The inside if the car is easily protected with a 5 dollar Harbor Freight shipping blanket.

If you can afford a $8500 bike, I would think you would be in the market for a Model X. But still, I would place my bike on a rack, just with a better security lock. There is something so distastefully wasteful about buying a larger car than you need just to throw a small bike in the back.

I just went on a my first ride throwing the bike in the back of my Model X. Before that it was in the back of my 2012 Chevy Volt. I put the bike on a rack behind the Volt…ONCE! The reduction in electric range was PROFOUND!!!!!! You can protect the inside of your car. You CANNOT do much about air friction once you stick that big sail out there!

Also, I have a Dynamic bike…no greasy chain. That helps, too- so I don’t worry much about mucking up the inside of my car.

The Volt doesn’t really have a lot of range to begin with. Personally, I have never noticed a significant decrease in range on my car when the bike is on the back. But if that is a concern, you might be able to choose a different rack that has a more aerodynamic placement.

Dog. There are almost as many dogs in the United States as people.

And most dogs are hanging out the window in one of the back seats. Don’t understand why you would need a hatchback for that purpose.

No, they’re not. They are in the cargo area with a dog guard in place. A loose dog in a crash will not only die on impact, it will also likely kill you or your passengers as it barrels into you head in the front seat at 70mph.

+1 but I am still keeping my reservation



I’m still dubious about the minimalist dashboard, but at least this one has some trim on it that makes it look like an actual production car, unlike the cars seen at the Reveal, where in photos, it looked to me like they had just stuck in a strip of foam core posterboard to cover up a gaping hole where the dashboard ought to be.

Maybe that’s not what I was seeing, but that’s what it looked like, at least to me.

* * * * *

Even if I was still driving a car, I just couldn’t see myself buying one that doesn’t have an instrument panel. Yes, I’ve read that Tesla employees say you can get used to it. But why try to sell a car that people have to get used to? You should be able to just get in and drive.

I wonder how many sales Tesla will lose because of that?

They hint at a HUD display on the windshield.

I would not buy HUD only car without being sure first that the HUD works well in all possible light conditions. If it would work well, it would be really great. If not, I need alternative.

GM has been using HUD for decades. I believe their most recent version (i.e. GMC Acadia and Chevrolet Corvette) are completely visible in all lighting conditions. I have not found a moment where I could not see them.

Well thanks, that makes a big difference, at least to me. I thought a HUD would be an experimental thing… like the falcon wing doors on the Model X.

But if GM has been using an HUD in ordinary cars for some time, and if they work well without any serious problems, then hopefully Tesla can do the same.

Could Tesla buy the HUD projectors from the same company that supplies GM? If so, hopefully they’ll do that.

First HUD was built sometime in the 1980’s from what I recall.

Lots of major parts companies build HUD’s, like Delphi, Denso, Continental, Johnson Controls, Nippon, etc.

The technology is ready, it is more a question of customer acceptance of a HUD-only display that would allow a car maker to greatly reduce the cost of having both a traditional dash display, and a HUD. And that’s really the key to HUD’s going from expensive options, to being fully integrated into cars.

Pushmi said “then hopefully Tesla can do the same.” They will do much better.

Of course it will be a HUD. A lens and a projector on a chip cost way less than a screen(s) or mechanical controls.

RexxSee said:

“…a projector on a chip”

Hmmm… Well, optics are analog, not digital. Sill, I suppose it’s possible to build an all-digital projector, using something like DLP technology.

But a projector on a single computer chip? I question that is even physically possible.

Perhaps a little search BEFORE you post? It would help for the negative comments and your credibility.

You may know a lot about EVs and technology but you’re not the only one.


Ever heard the expression “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”?

Perhaps you should consider how that applies to you.

Do you know the expression : “Culture is like jam… the less you have the more you spread it”

Come on pushmi. I am trying to help you here.
Try to be a little less sensitive.

Apparently this is that HUD display:

Just add the charge level to that HUD and that is all I need. Everything else can be on the center console and get rid of the rest of the dash to simplify the car.

I think the HUD is a lot more than a hint. I also think it will be an option, not standard equipment.

But Tesla kept saying the idea for the Model ≑ was to keep things simple and straightforward, so getting the car into production would be fast. In other words, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), altho they didn’t use that acronym.

Things like the glass roof, lack of instrument cluster, and an HUD to make up for that lack, look to be rather sharply at odds with the stated goal of staying within the boundaries of easy-to-make cars.

I actually think it’s easier and cheaper to build a car to volume with a hud than with a lot of controls. One simple dashboard to rule them all. But I might stand corrected.

There is no reason to continue with dashboards and the dozens of buttons, knobs, sliders, switches, toggles. A virtual dash is infinitely customizable and can be updated with new features as required. Apple did this with the iPhone.
This is the time to question everything in car design. If anything, the model 3 design is not radical enough.

Right on! And there will be a range of EV’s to suite everyone’s needs.

Yep, I’m in this camp. I agree that there are some downsides to it. You just don’t get that tactile feedback that you get with a physical knob/switch. However, the simplicity, the upgradeability, the reduced complexity, and other advantages outweigh that loss.

Not true. Cadillac CUE system in my ELR has tactile feedback on the touch screen. The screen buzzes when the icon is engaged with a finger push.

Yeah, haptic feedback is nice. But it not the same as when your hand grasps the exact size & shape of the knob you want without having to look at it.

I wasn’t suggesting Tesla should use a more traditional dashboard because of the buttons, knobs, etc.

But I am suggesting they should use something more approaching the overall size and shape of the upper part of a dashboard — not the entire front panel — because of the need for a “shelf” to rest things on, and for cushioning in case of a crash. Relying entirely on air bags to prevent injury in case of a crash doesn’t seem very smart to me.

All I’m saying is Tesla needn’t abuse people who like to drive. I think, lately, they’re executing for some kind of paradigm shift away from that. Why lose these customers?

I think you have that backwards. A HUD and a touchscreen display allow them to build a much simpler/cheaper user interface with fewer parts, no moving parts, simpler assembly, etc.

It simply involves using far fewer individual parts.

Well, okay. AkransasVolt said that GM has been using HUDs in their cars for decades. I’m just an old phart who’s behind the times, obviously. πŸ˜‰

But I have a deep distrust of things being more complicated than they need to be. I still remember the power windows on my grandparents’ Lincoln Continental, which apparently kept getting dust into the controls (their farm was in western Kansas, where it’s pretty dry) and you’d have to tap on them to get them to work.

Yeah, I know, power windows are a lot more reliable these days. But they still aren’t as reliable as simple mechanical cranks.

“Cranks”… yeah, I really left myself open there, didn’t I? πŸ˜›

Our family business has a pickup-truck for towing that has crank-down windows. We had a teenage girl ride with us who had never seen crank down windows before, and had to ask how to roll down the window.

Once she was shown how to use the crank, she kept rolling the window up and down in amazement, declaring how cool it was.

We laughed. A lot.

If HUD’s live up to expectations, dash displays will end up like crank windows. If not, they will end up like center 3rd headlights.

Considering their overwhelming and massive success in aeronautics applications that continues to drive the technology forward, I’d bet on HUD’s being like the electric window is now. Nearly ubiquitous.

I had HUD on my 1995 Pontiac Bonneville. Worked nicely. I rarely had an urge to look at the actual dials on the dash.

Displayed speed, turn signals and lights (bright).

we had one on our 1988 old’s cutlass supreme. it was top-of-the-line at that time. it was nothing nearly as cool as the ones GM uses toady

I have never had a power window fail. I have had the handle break off of a manual window though.

Not just the crank handle that’s outside the door, but the gears and levers inside the door panel would break, come apart or jump off their track. Power windows are simpler, lighter and more reliable.

Power windows have gears and levers inside the door, too. They also have electrical connections and an electric motor that manually cranked windows don’t need.

Now, that said, I do agree that manually cranked windows do seem to malfunction more than power windows these days. But I don’t believe it’s because they are simpler. Maybe power window mechanisms are built more robustly, for some reason?

Illogic at its finest! Obviously omitting the dashboard is a big simplification. It’s DIFFERENT to what’s USUAL, but in a way that is much SIMPLER.

I am getting increasingly impatient with all the whiners who cry about the M3 not being exactly the way they would want it to be.

People bitch about the boot, but it’s what enables the low drag coefficient and therefore KEY to getting more than 200 miles from 55 kWh or so.

Even Tesla has to make compromises. And the M3 looks to shake up the entire industry. THAT is its real mission – not to have a hatch and a dashboard and be some conventional pointless exercise in conservatism.

Agreed, let the dinosaur juice in the ground and the dinosaurs in the dust. πŸ˜‰

+100. You just said exactly what I keep thinking every time someone mentions what it should or shouldn’t have.

Terawatt said:

“I am getting increasingly impatient with all the whiners who cry about the M3 not being exactly the way they would want it to be.”

Perhaps when you grow up, you’ll quit calling people “whiners” simply because they express an opinion which happens to be different than yours.

“Things like the glass roof, lack of instrument cluster, and an HUD to make up for that lack, look to be rather sharply at odds with the stated goal of staying within the boundaries of easy-to-make cars.”

It’s not sharply at odds at all. Both of those features make manufacturing simpler. A HUD is simpler than a traditional binnacle. What kind of complexity are you seeing in one piece of glass? Your entire premise is just wrong.

I concede the point on the HUD vs. traditional instrument cluster. That was an interesting conversation I had here with some other post-ers, and please note it did not involve using negative remarks, pejoratives, nor needlessly denigrating someone else’s opinion. That was neither called for nor was it helpful in such a case as this. It’s not like I was spouting counter-factual FUD.

But I firmly disagree with you on the glass roof vs. traditional metal roof. Glass roofs are much more expensive, and auto glass is something that no auto maker, including Tesla, will do in-house.

Keeping the parts in-house, or at least using standard parts available from multiple vendors, is the way an auto maker can keep costs down. Having an expensive custom shaped glass roof does not align with the goal of keeping manufacturing as simple as possible, nor with keeping costs down.

That’s not just opinion; it’s fact.

You were talking about simplicity, not cost. Working with one piece vs. working with multiple pieces is simpler. That’s fact.

It looks amesome! This is going to be such a long wait.

so, the speedometer will be in front of the steering wheel?

Not unless it’s projected by the HUD. The standard placement in this car is on the central display panel.

Nobody actually knows that, and certainly not you.

If you’re trying to display your ignorance of the subject, you’re succeeding. You have a bad habit, Terawatt, of assuming that other people can’t know something just because you don’t. And you know what they say about assuming…

It’s certainly a fact that Tesla reps have stated, clearly and unequivocally, that the central display will be used to display the things that the instrument panel does on a normal car; things such as the speedometer. They have stated that will appear in the production version.

don’t so much mind the minimalist dash as its only there to watch movies while the car drives itself. I’m more disappointed with the lack of a hatch and flexible load space.

If they want to preserve that huge expanse of rear glass for headroom, and make it a hatchback– they’ll have to make the world’s biggest hatchback door to pull that off. The door pivot will have to be moved to the top of the car. And that’s a lot of major redesign work.

The other option is to futz around with the current Trunk opening, which likely won’t result in major utility gains for the amount of effort put into it.

We shall see what they finally decide to do about #TinyTrunk.

Even if they did all that, the resulting Cd would be higher, necessitating a bigger battery pack and making the target price even tougher to achieve.

I would pay an extra $1,000 for an additional 5kWh if that gives me the flexibility of a hatchback.

No, the drag and aero would NOT change.

You design the door to match the current profile and glass curvature of the car. The interior loses some volume from the side frame lowering to reinforce the opening and mate with the hatch. The center glass area would rest in the same exact location when closed.

I don’t see the AC/Heat on the dash. I wonder where they are located.

The dual controls are on the touchscreen, for passenger and driver.

I meant the vent holes πŸ™‚

I noticed that too. But they may be hidden in that dark shadow across the dash.

There’s an opening across the length of the dash. We’ll have to see if they came up with an improved method of heating/cooling.
With any luck, the second part of the reveal will address all the concerns around the
1) all glass roof / sunlight and heat management
2) small trunk opening
3) lack of dash gauges (center stack?)
4) heating / cooling (lack of direct vents)

Am I missing anything?

Rich said:

“With any luck, the second part of the reveal will address all the concerns around the

“1) all glass roof / sunlight and heat management”

There have been a couple of quite recent articles here on InsideEVs about that exact problem with the Model X, and clearly Tesla hadn’t realized that’s gonna be a problem.

Here’s hoping it’s not too late to address the situation with the Model ≑.

I love the Leaf photobombing the Teslas…

Still don’t like the squared-off display that looks like it was added just last night for the science fair.

But I do like the smallish trunk lid, unlike most people. It also makes for a very sturdy tail in crash tests.

I’ll take mine in blue. #61025

I’m with you. There are understated benefits to a trunk design. Tesla already has 2 hatches, and they will shortly come out with the Model Y with a hatch. I’ll take the trunk.

I’ll take a nice green, please. Beige interior.

Some kind of green metallic pearl color could be cool.

I’ve seen a lot of requests for a bright or bold green color on various cars.

I think it’s too bad that this color seems to be currently out of style, and that so many automobile colors these days seem to be mere shades of gray.

Here’s hoping we’ll soon see a return of bright green and other bold colors to the world of mass produced automobiles!

the all black is so dated. here in az every monkeyboy in town has an all black pick up…matt black is even worse…..I know why not primer gray…sheesh

I’m sure that Tesla is going to hot glue some analog needle gauges from Johnson Controls onto the dashboard, last minute. Battery indicator will also be a needle gauge from E to F, with marks for every quarter of a charge. Odometer will be entirely mechanical. They will also have a single check engine light, which will be used for everything.

You lot crack me up, complaining about instrument panels. Stick to your Oldsmobiles, then. Oh wait, they don’t make those anymore!

Well of course Tesla will never do it, but I’d far prefer an entirely analog instrument panel. Far less to go wrong over time, and if the auxiliary power in the car fails, the instruments still function.

At least one auto maker agrees with me…

Like he said: stick to it then!

At least the the trunk hinge and struts don’t intrude into the trunk, allowing you to use the full height of the trunk opening to fit stuff into the trunk. In other cars, the trunk hinge eats up a couple of inches at the top of the trunk opening.

This is true. And an oddly positive statement regarding something specifically Tesla, from you.

Congrats. πŸ™‚

Thank you for not having a hatch back!!!!

Hatch please!

No Hatch

Damn, what a gorgeous car.

Oh, and all the whining about the interior? You all need to get a grip, the real interior has yet to be revealed. Musk already mentioned this, and the lack of dash vents is a yuge clue. Also note the center display is just tacked on like an afterthought, obviously not for production.

Jacked Beanstalk said:

“Also note the center display is just tacked on like an afterthought, obviously not for production.”

I thought so too, based on photos from the Reveal, but Tesla has very clearly and repeatedly stated otherwise.

I like the nearly-solid wheel covers. I want all the aerodynamics that fit. I wish I had the money to get a Model 3 and aeromod it to under 0.17 cD and get 500 pounds off the weight. Other than wheel skirts and replacing the side mirrors with cameras and lowering the suspension an inch, what do you think is the biggest modification worth the trouble?

I hope the interior gets improved, but it looks pretty cheap…

I doubt this is anything close to the final interior because things like air vents and some physical controls for emergency situation needs to be there.

I think Tesla said that the air vents are going to be a new design. You are probably going to see something more akin to a slit on the dash that the air blows out of rather than the traditional circle or rectangular cut-outs stuck on the dash like after-thoughts.

On the other hand I can’t see how enlarging trunk opening is possible without a structural redesign to a hatchback, which was ruled out by EM due to headroom limitations for rear seats.

Reduce how far down the rear glass comes to the back of the car and include that space as part of the trunk. This may impact rear visibility a little, but probably not much.

That trunk is as big or bigger than my ELR. I don’t want a hatch or big trunk. It’s like having a pickup.

Everyone wants to stick big junk in the trunk.

Now here’s what a real dashboard looks like:

The images are from the early 1960s Corvette. I’d take this over a computer screen any day.

Maybe they’ll do something retro like that for the next Roadster.

You know, something with wide fenders, flowing body curves, round headlights, and pointed snout?

Exterior is nice, although that trunk isn’t great. Interior, not so much. I really hope something changes there.

I really wish that Tesla would focus less on gimmicky baubles and focus more on just making a solid car, like the MS was at release.

The MIII dash looks like it’ll be the MX Falcon Doors all over again…

“The MIII dash looks like it’ll be the MX Falcon Doors all over again…”

I agree. The problem is that Elon needs to get his ass out of the design studio and leave that to people who actually know more about design than he does, like Holtzhausen who designed the original Model S shell.

The Model 3 rendering in this article with its sterile matte charcoal monochrome interior, punctuated only by a computer screen is an abomination, pure and simple.

No, the Falcon-wing doors are a mechanical complexity that is hard to build, hard to operate, slow, and will eventually malfunction.

Moving to a HUD and/or center-console touchscreen dash ELIMINATES mechanical knobs, switches, sliders, gauges, dials, etc. It is therefore LESS mechanically complex. This should improve reliability and reduce costs.

I understand people not liking it because they want a dash in front of them or they want knobs they can feel, but this issue is the opposite of the Falcon-wing door problem which is troublesome because of its mechanical complexity.

In the future all sex acts will be performed by computer. Once your ethernet sex act has been completed, your computer will notify you through your e-mail that you have had an orgasm.

Likewise, all pleasurable tactile driving experiences will be eliminated with automatic driving software. Once again, you will be notified through your e-mail that you safely arrived at your destination.

The bottom line is simply this: If you want to turn your life over to some programmer that wants to eliminate real flesh and blood experiences in your life, then by all means fall down and worship your Model 3 touchscreen.

I get the analogy but equating driving with sex….. I’m pretty sure there is some pathology there.

I’ll just throw out that sex is a natural human function. The love of driving and car as sex object has rather serious consequences for humanity.

Lastly, arguably eliminating distractions and just having a wheel and pedals lends itself to a more pure enjoyable driving experience.

I drive an S and it is amazing to drive but I can’t wait to give it up to save the destruction of human life that drivers cause.


Love the minimal interior. Love the glass roof. Don’t mind the trunk.

But I sure hope that center console can be deleted. I love the flat, open floor of my i3, and want it on my 3.