New Tesla Dashboard Concept Rendering

OCT 29 2015 BY JAY COLE 19

Tesla Model S Dash Cluster UI

Tesla Model S Dash Cluster UI

Today’s Tesla Model S is about as close to the perfect electric vehicle (some would suggest car) as there is to be found in the market – but there is always room for improvement.

Without question, the number 1 suggested improvement for the Model S (if one were forced to choose), would be an update of the interior of the car which some have felt was a little underwhelming compared to the rest of the package.

Today, Media Labs reached out to us and demonstrated its concept render of what they would like to see implemented inside the Tesla when it comes to a new dashboard concept rendering.

Tesla UI Dash Re-Imagined

Tesla UI Dash Re-Imagined (via Media Labs)

Says Alex Huang of his work:

There’s been plenty of talk about Tesla’s upcoming dashboard redesign, but rather than waiting I thought I’d take a stab at a visual overhaul of their current dashboard. The current dashboard UI was quite revolutionary when it first came out, but it’s definitely showing its age with its skeumorphic visual cues. Buttons looks like physical buttons, while icons are given embossed 3D treatments.

When approaching the redesign, I wanted to keep the UX more or less the same, and focused on reducing the UI chrome and visual noise. I wanted the dashboard to have a clean, minimal UI that was easy to use and scan. Keeping in mind that the point is not to distract the user while they’re driving, I tried to keep things as simple as possible while reducing visual clutter.

Close-Up Look At Tesla Concept Dashboard (click to enlarge)

Close-Up Look At Tesla Concept Dashboard (click to enlarge)

"Connected Apps" (via Media Labs)

“Connected Apps” (via Media Labs)

As part of the re-envisioned dashboard is this “Connected Apps” homescreen hub (above) for different applications.  Photo below gives a close-up look.

Close-Up Look At "Connected Apps" Media Hub Concept (via Media Labs)

Close-Up Look At “Connected Apps” Media Hub Concept (via Media Labs)

Alex was not done there with the concept render, stating that:

“One feature I would love to see is the ability to request valet service from anywhere. Here’s an example of a user using Luxe, an on-demand valet service app, through their Tesla dashboard.”

More Tesla Concept Dash Imaginings

More Tesla Concept Dash Imaginings (via Media Labs)

“Another awesome feature would be the ability to book hotels on-the-go without having to take out your phone. Here’s a look at the Hotel Tonight app integrated with the Tesla dashboard interface.”


Hotel Tonight App On Tesla Dashboard Interface (via Media Labs)

What do you think?  Is Alex is onto something?  Looking at where his designs are leading, we feel for confident that changing/cleaning up the ‘faux’ buttons found in today’s Teslas for something a little cleaner is definitely a good first step.

You can contact or check out more of Media Labs work here.

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Excellent render.

I’ve never been a fan of “decorative” graphics in places where identification at a glance is critical.

Regarding this render, I’d prefer to see a bit of color in the top row of buttons, even when not active, to make each more identifiable at a glance. Inactive buttons could be a washed out or greyed out tint of the brighter color displayed when active.

Honestly it looks like a Chinese car that took Tesla’s layout and just changed a color or two and added a “app” button. Not really blowing my doors off.

Yes! This! All of it! Nau!

They should Design a screen with some curvature…that one looks like rectangular computer screen that some just Took & “plunked” it in there….That shape has Never fit 0r looked like part of the dash.,Zer0 conformatey, Always looked out of Place to me..I Never Liked it & Never will…

Not a fan of Google “Material” or i0S 7’s Space 1999’s minimalism with imperceptible variants on Helvetica. Flat color is soooooo BORING!

I much prefer tasteful skeuomorphism and gradients in my GUI’s.

It already looks more along that line with 7.0….lol

Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting old, but when I saw the title “New Tesla Dashboard Concept Rendering”, I was hoping to see a render of a different style of an actual car dashboard… and not the UI (User Interface) screen. :-/

Wonder if Model III’s touchscreen will be 17 inches like the X or S, or about 20% smaller, too?

The next Tesla needs something like this:

Well, they certainly did something to the user interface in 7.0, and it wasn’t all good, if you ask me (an owner). Gone is the information about the mode the AC is in, at a glance.

I genuinely dislike marketing people in general. They say something looks old for the sake of holding onto their jobs. Well, at some point, we will let go of this “high-resolution” version of Windows 3.1 iconography (aka Windows 10), and then that look will be all “new” again. I think everyone designing the next user interface has to consider that this isn’t a website, and seconds identifying a button can make the difference in someone’s safety. If you want the interface to look minimalistic, two colored, and very flat, that’s fine, just put a box of some sort around the button so we know it is a button. Go read the Bell Labs user interface document from the 70’s!

I hate it when software designers change the placement of the buttons, or the names of a function just for the fun of it.
A well designed interface should stay as it is.

I wish the dashboard would not be so susceptible to glare and fingerprints. Seeing the dashboard should be the biggest priority. When the sun is high, I can barely read any of it. I have a fingerprint reducing screen protector but it does not work well.

Until cars become autonomous, using a large screen with no physical buttons is asking for trouble. Every other manufacturer understands the impact of feelable buttons on safety except for Tesla, which persists with this dangerous, over the top gimmick.

Are you also afraid if the ATM?

I don’t think people should use ATMs while driving, either. However, if someone should post a YouTube video of that, I’d be very tempted to watch it.

There’s no reason that Tesla shouldn’t offer a collection of selectable interface options; just like skins/themes for smart phones.

They should open source that too! That might be fun.

Allow users to create their own backgrounds and textures. Allow changing colors of elements.

I’m not a fan of overlay flat designs, but at least the top row of flat icons is similar to the bottom flat controls. Tesla mixed flat on the bottom with 3D icons on the top of the screen in v7.0.