The New Sounds Of Formula E – Video


For season two of Formula, some changes have been made. Most notably, motors, invertors and gearboxes can be customized by each team. This results in some unique sounds from each of the race cars:

“For season two the rules regarding the powertrains have been opened and eight new manufacturers have entered Formula E. The new motors, invertors and gearboxes have created unique new sounds. Listen to the difference here.”

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If they left the 100 pounds, or whatever, of sound deadening material out of the front end of the Leaf they might actually sell more. 🙂

Rob Barff?!

Not to sound sophomoric or rude, but…poor guy- – – really.

I guess? I recently took a road trip where part of the drive was on a recently re-surfaced highway, at night.

The experience was closer to driving a magic carpet, it was so smooth, quiet and serene.

So really, it depends on the experience you’re looking for I guess.

Formula Electric probably wil get a lot more buzz if the cars whip the fossil version (F1 that is) in regard of lap times. Id say, go to ’11’ and get 700-1000kW Formula E cars with pitstop swap packs. Motor cooling with nitrogen reservoirs? With 700kW on tap, race drivers might get second thoughts about how far to push the pedal like in the old days when F1 was still developing to the level where it is today 🙂
Ofcourse even if the Formula E beats the old fossil counterparts, people may still be polarized for a long time. As long Formula E beats the crap out of fossil it eventually dies out as accepted to invest in….

One big thing on TV was the sound. THe cars really were quiet, and it made it harder to get into the racing. One week, the broadcasters seemed to mic the cars well and their electric whines were interesting, along with the action. But most races were strange because the voices of the commentators was so loud and the sounds of the cars just didn’t get through.

Not looking for “Vroom Vroom”, but the slower speed of the cars plus the audio sensation was tough for all but the EV superfan to get into.

I think these new rules will be great for the sport in numerous ways including more interesting audio to go along with the tight racing.

agreed on swap packs, That will change it to the racing we’ve become accustomed to.. tires and battery replacement rather than liquid fuel, pit racing returns..

But still very interesting viewing for a completely new racing venue.. awaiting power/regen micromanagement to extend time to the swap, allowing the driver to Pound the system for fewer late laps, but guessing that gearing will change that aspect completely.