New Smart Fortwo Cabriolet ED Test Drive Review Nets 4 Out Of 5 Stars

JUL 8 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

smart fortwo cabrio electric drive

Following earlier rides in the standard smart fortwo and forfour electric drive, Autocar took the new fortwo cabrio electric drive for a spin (our own favorite inside the smart lineup).  Electric “Topless fun” ultimately received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabrio

The positives for the open top smart were noted as being both great for city driving (and of course parking), as well as energy efficiency.

Overall, the new generation is deemed to be much better than the previous one, with some pretty decent acceleration bumps over the outgoing petrol versions.

The next gen is a little wider, has slightly more room inside, and the interior quality has been improved – including  a standard integrated TomTom infotainment system with a 7 inch touchscreen.

The new fortwo cabrio electric drive is one of those models that is better than conventional version (aren’t they all?), but the range of 155 km/96 miles on the NEDC scale (think 80 miles/129 km EPA) and thus the necessity of frequent recharging, keeps the petrol model sticking around – at least in Europe anyway.  In the US, the petrol versions have all been discontinued for the 2018 model year.

“Along with its fixed-roof sibling, in some ways it is the ultimate city car – one that grows on you the more you live with it in an urban environment. With strong performance up to typical city speed limits and unparalleled manoeuvrability within tight confines, it is a city dweller‘s dream.

The downsides are that use of it requires easy access to an electricity supply for recharging, and that it can only seat two and take a limited amount of luggage. If you can live with this, it’s the clear choice over the petrol-engined Fortwo Cabriolet, which lacks the sheer verve and inherent character of its new electric-powered sibling”

Some pros:

  • a new electronic management system provides finer throttle adjustment than with the old model
  • the operation of the electric motor is terrifically smooth, quiet and seamless
  • great low-speed acceleration
  • compared to ICE, body movements are better controlled and its ride is more settled, particularly at lower speeds, although the steering is exceedingly light and lacking in any real feedback
  • the clincher, though, is its overall manoeuvrability, which really has to be sampled to be believed
  • automatically operated cloth roof

Smart fortwo cabrio electric drive quick specs:

  • 60 kW / 160 Nm separately excited three-phase synchronous motor from Renault
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 11.8 seconds
  • 17.6 kWh batteries with LG Chem li-ion cells
  • 7 kW on-board charger for 2.5 hour recharge
  • 155 km/96 miles (NEDC) range
  • 130 km/h (81 mph) top speed

source: Autocar

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16 Comments on "New Smart Fortwo Cabriolet ED Test Drive Review Nets 4 Out Of 5 Stars"

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Sadly, that is the only convertible EV available for sale.

I wish Fiat would make a convertible Fiat 500e.

My dream car…L M A O

That dream must be a nightmare…

Sarcasm …l* m* a* o*

Yeah, the electric version would be the one to have. The weird gearbox/clutch setup on the ice car is godawful.

Ehm, nope. That was the old 451 model. Truly godawful gearbox. But this new 453 model is actually pretty normal to drive. Of course, the electric is no comparison to either.

I drove a 451 electric soft-top for three years and was sad to let it go about one month ago after lease-end.

It’s the ideal commuter car. Extremely strong pickup. Smooth, quiet ride. And the 453 (which this article is about) has an insane turning radius of 11ft. You can make a u-turn in a Walmart parking lot aisle with that.

Haters love to share their hate. If this is all you really need, then get one and enjoy.

Wider…faster. Trying to market sensible city transportation is tough. What people need is bicycles. What they want is overpowered donut/coffee dispensers.

People leave very weird comments….bottom line is that soon we will not have a livable planet. So all of you with big polluting gas guzzlers should think of the future people that would like to have a great planet. At least we shave to slowly réadapte. A beginning is good….

The closer we get to environmental collapse, the greater our cognitive dissonance becomes.

The beginning is good?! We are at 1%. This can easily get killed and in 10 years no one will remember evs. We need real cars as evs not golf carts. A car like this may get you and i to drive it because we believe in something but averege Joes will never get on board. We need more Volts and Model 3 type of carst to hit the market…cars that look great and are fun to drive. We need to stop being naive about this, dorky cars will never get us where we need to be.
BTW, this pos is sold at $25k!!!

In ten years, the number of major cities flooding in storms, the number of heat related deaths, and the number of grain harvest failures may indeed have us forgetting about cars…electric or otherwise.

I wish they had been able to increase the range. I understand the wheelbase limits the available battery area but if this had a 125 mile optimal range and a 75 mile winter range with heater, it would be my next car.

I loved my electric Smart, sad lease ended. I also drive a hemi Ram 2500.
First Smart was a gas 2008 Passion. Loved that 2. I’ll get another electric. Great handling, acceleration, solid fun, awesome in deep snow, just keep it planted and blow by everybody as the stability control gets a serious workout. I soften the tires for more traction. I follow fresh unfrozen snow too. Got a long driveway.

The gas smarts are quite peppy and just as maneuverable so I wouldn’t put them down at all. I have one with manual transmission that’s great fun. I also go on way longer drives than the electric will handle.