New Smart EVs Show Successful Cooperation Between Daimler & Renault-Nissan Alliance


Both Daimler & the Renault-Nissan Alliance are proud of the success of their collaboration, a fact which isn’t often discussed.

2017 smart ForTwo Cabrio Electric Drive

2017 smart ForTwo Cabrio Electric Drive

However, at the Paris Motor Show, with Smart showing off its new electric Fortwo and ForFour, and with Renault capturing headlines with its updated ZOE, the combined electric efforts of the two mega automakers was front and center.

As Green Car Congress reports:

“At the Paris Motor Show, Carlos Ghosn and Dieter Zetsche said that the strategic partnership between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler AG is maturing as it enters its seventh year in 2016.”

“One major milestone of the past year includes the EV versions of the new smart fortwo, smart cabrio and smart forfour. These all-new smart and the Renault Twingo were the first vehicles built on a common platform by Daimler and the Alliance.”

It’s an interesting partnership for sure. If we look at Smart’s electric cars, we see that Renault plays a major role, not only in the use of a common platform, but also in production.  The two seat Fortwo is built at Daimler’s Hambach factory, while the four-seat Forfour is produced at Renault’s factory in Slovenia.

Both Daimler and Renault-Nissan agree that the initial collaboration has been successful and, as such, their combined efforts will be further expanded in the future. We’re not certain if this will lead to additional joint plug-in vehicles, but our guess is that, with Daimler announcing an intense focus on EVs, yes it will.

Source: Green Car Congress

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They have a factory in Hamback? Maybe Hamburg. Hamback sounds like some little one horse town in Alabama.

Its odd, because of Hamburg, Germany – which is like the 2nd largest city int he country, and where one might expect the smart to be built.

But the smart fortwo is produced in Hambach, France which has about the same population as a one horse town in Alabama.

Ah. But it originally it did say Hamback, not Hambach? Or I am just seeing things…again?

…you are really going to enjoy our story scheduled for 4 pm (ET)

Update: 4:30 pm – this story

BMW and Bosch’s Second-Life 2.8 MWh Energy Storage Solution in Hamburg

/crazy coincidence

Hump? What hump?

Google suggests Hambach, France.

Hambach in the east side of France (close to German border). The Fortwo has always been manufactured there.

This EV would fit perfectly between the tiny parking spare between my garage and my neighbor’s garage that is too small for any other vehicle. It would be great for finding parking spots in NYC, especially by my subway stop and in Mnahattan. But it’s no sale, until it gets DC fast charging. More AER wouldn’t hurt either.

My sister drives one (MK1 smart, 2 seater), it’s short, but not really much narrower than my e-nv200. In small spaces or London she parks it like that:

Mahindra has priced their latest 4 door model e2o plus at $8,600 in the Indian market.

Its more spacious than their e2o (2 door) and also has a slightly longer range. I wish they launch it in US, EU, China where Electric cars are so popular.

That car is far better than this tiny Smart For-2.

Collaboration of Daimler and Renault brought also the Mercedes Citan and Renault Kangoo which is basically the same car.
Eventually they all have to ally if they want to stand a chance against Tesla in the future.

Not much to be proud of — the ForFour is a Twingo in all respects except some body & trim parts, and manufactured in the same factory (and much more expensive, with no justification).
But the major thumbs-down is the lack of any improvement in battery capacity. Even a city EV should have a min. of 100mi EPA in 2017.