New Facelifted Smart EQ Coming In September With More Range?


JAN 21 2019 BY MARK KANE 22

smart EQ is rated at just 57 miles (92 km) of EPA range

Daimler‘s plan envisions a new, upgraded smart car in 2019, which undoubtedly indicates unveiling at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Because the brand is going all-electric and intends to stop selling gasoline cars entirely (it already happened in some markets), the premiere is expected to be the electric smart EQ – fortwo and probably forfour, too.

The move to BEV-only brand requires a significant increase of value proposition if smart hopes to maintain its sales volume. One such important improvement could be doubling battery capacity (and range), which was hinted by the smart vision EQ fortwo from 2017, which was equipped with about a 30 kWh pack (compared to the current 17.6 kWh).

Will we see a smart electric with a lot more range later this year? We sure hope so.


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I really hope that picture is a “concept” and not something that will actually enter production. It is just awful. And I don’t say that lightly.

Wait, you don’t want to have fully transparent doors so people can look at your trousers while you are driving?

If by “trousers” you mean “lack of trousers”, then… no.

@Spudley said: “…It is just awful…”

I agree but Diamler’s design team need not do much to fix that…

I don’t know why so many traditional car makers seem highly obliged to incorporate an element of “dork” into the front-end of EVs.

Kill the Smart EQ digital grill display and give the front end a slightly more aggressive (less cute bug face) front styling que… that would look good. If they don’t… then someone is gong to be making $ selling an after-market kit for that.

I don’t get the display on the front bumper. Isn’t that designed to absorb impact in crashes? I wouldn’t want to be in traffic past 30 MPH in this vehicle. I do agree that a privacy curtain would be a good idea, especially in Scotland. Something about kilts and modesty.

Just black out the plex on the bottom half on the inside.

I actually like the concept, but you can’t put any speakers in a glass door

Or side impact beams…

Or airbags.

Lexan and carbon fiber are tough.

A 115-125 Mile Range Smart Electric, with 7.2 kW AC, and CCS, would be Sweet! If the price was right!

It’s a Daimler, of course the price will be right. (For them.)

Made me chuckle

Doh!!! Of Course!

7.2kW? Even the old Smart pulled 22kW AC. But CCS would be a nice addition, especially to the Forfour.

She’s cute, but not all that smart.

The Forfour EQ was always a bit of a fail: If you look at the battery (which you can see hanging out the bottom of the car), you can see that it only takes up about 2/3 of the available wheel space. That’s because they just used the Fortwo battery, which obviously needs to be much shorter. But seeing that, it would be soooo easy to lengthen the battery box and fit almost twice the kWh into the car! Throw in some higher energy cells and the Forfour with 250 to 300 km of range could be serious competition for the Zoe! But of course, Renault (which co-developed the current Smart) might not want that…

I really don’t think it’s because of Renault. The forfour having always been a low seller, I suppose it’m was just a economical choice from Daimler.

The picture above is concept, but the current car needs a bump in range. I’ve driven the newer gas and electric Smarts and the electric is very much limited to city travel. Doubling the range and equipping with fast charge capability would definitely expand its versatility. And although it’s not the car’s primary mission, these things can be a blast to drive. Couple the short wheelbase to a peppy drivetrain and they feel like street-legal go-karts.

you would be insane to drive that on the freeway. You will get run over by F150.

Don’t tell that to motorcyclists…

Only ev convertible available, if it gets ~114 mile range and a few improvements, such as one pedal driving (with brake lights coming on), apple carplay, some extra storage in frunk, this would be a wonderful runabout for singles and empty nesters in fairer weather locales. I would buy or lease in a heartbeat if they could do that.