New Renault ZOE Pulls EV Market In France Up To 3,000 Sales In January

FEB 16 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

Plug-in Car Registrations in France – January 2017

Renault ZOE

The recently updated, longer-range Renault ZOE Z.E. 40 (with 300 km/186 miles of real world, all-electric range) achieved its second best ever sales result in France last month, notching 1,646 deliveries (up 124% year-over-year), and taking some 73% of all passenger BEV registrations in the country for the month.  Truly a dominant showing!

One ZOE sale is not for every 5.3 Clio sales – a new record.

So good was the performance from the ZOE that it enabled 62% growth in the passenger BEV segment, up to 2,242 registrations, which is an impressive 1.46% market share.

With 321 commercial BEVs (up 12.6%), the total all-electric car registrations amounted to 2,563 (up 53.5%).  Another 399 registrations and 0.26% market share came via plug-in hybrids.

Altogether, plug-in registrations in January stood at 2,962 deliveries and 1.73% market share.

Editor’s note:  Because we know the intense interest in Tesla sales globally, we would be remiss to not mention the 72 sales notes by the company; 45 Tesla Model S deliveries, and 27 Tesla Model Xs.

BEV Registrations in France – January 2017

Plug-In Car Registrations in France – January 2017 – passenger BEVs, commercial BEVs, passenger PHEVs (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

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Let’s hope that Nissan will finally show the new Leaf now that the Zoe and Ioniq are going to destroy the sales numbers of the old one both in the US and Europe.

Absolutely! I expect Nissan to show it at the end of march and start sales in april. Nissan can’t afford to wait any longer the market is moving away from them.

How does the interior and quality of the ZOE and Bolt compare?

I havent tried the Bolt, but I can say that it is way better. Interior and quality of the Zoe is sub-par.
I can compare it to the Leaf though, which is twice the car compared to the Zoe.

See this link for a comparison, looks like the Bolt is the winner :

Also, price difference between the ZOE and BOLT?

Interesting that BMW sold 110 plug in hybrids in January also. That might be the top brand in sales in that category for the month.

There is no price from Opel AMpera-E (Bolt) expect of Norway. In Norway the Zoe 41 kWh is around 7000 $ cheaper than a Ampera-E.
I guess the most expensive Zoe will be around 7000 $ cheaper in France and rest of Europe.

December was very good, BEV have reach the best month ever. I was expecting a good january, it was a good month. But I’m a little bit disapointed by the other carmakers.
73% for the Zoé and less than 25% for the rest, it’s not good at all. Ok, the Zoé is one of the most affordable, and with a very decent size of battery, but still !
The Ioniq reach only 37 sales, but I think, it’s because dealers didn’t have more to sell.
The VW e-Golf has score ZERO sale. I don’t anderstand VW any more.

VW e-Golf is in the changeover period between the 24kWh version and the 35kWh version. Honestly, who would buy the older model with the new model known and available in a couple months? What were the numbers on the Zoe after the new battery was announced? Similarly poor, I imagine.

Interesting article – particularly the comparison to the Clio. How about looking at total Zoe sales for Europe as a whole and comparing with Bolt sales performance in the US? Both released at a similar time and for now, both cars only available in their ‘home’ markets and both are at the forefront of the new wave of cheaper long-range EVs. Could be an interesting race.