New Production Tesla Model 3 Interior Video Surfaces


The Tesla Model 3 interior is sparse, elegant, functional yet perhaps a bit polarizing.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

We don’t often see the Model 3 interior, despite there being lots of 3s out and about now. Most videos elegantly capture the outside, but few takes us within.

This video by Digg founder Kevin Rose showcases the seldom seen interior of the Tesla Model 3. Rose stated:

“I drove the new model 3 Tesla yesterday. I’m in love ?”

What we find most unique about the Model 3’s interior is the floating touch screen. It could’ve been incorporated into the dash, yet Tesla choose to make it a floating, protruding object. Our guess is that this will allow for easy screen upgrades in the future, but maybe we’re wrong and it’s actually a design element Tesla found to be desirable?

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Serial anti tesla troll thomas

So ugly

I wonder if they’ve got plans to incorporate voice controls in the future. My Volt has some, and they’re buggy at best. Hopefully Tesla can do it better…

Me “Call The Wife On Cell”
Volt “Did you say Tune FM 98 Point 7?”
Volt “Did you say navigate to work?”
Me “NO YOU PIECE OF *&!@*&^#@*$&@!!**%$*^!!!!!”
Me: breaks cell law and uses phone controls.

Current software is decent. The 6.1 release was better. It struggles with certain foreign names. I’m pissed that they got rid of “Google/Search ‘VW Dieselgate'” as a function. That killed the usefulness of their browser.

I can say “navigate to Wells Fargo ATMs nearby” and a whole host of complicated addresses and that works.

I can also say “Dial Raul at Work” and that functions well. It struggles with “Dial Cyperfreaq on mobile” and other complex spelling. I think they dropped the phonetic approximation. When it gets close, you get a thumbwheel to choose between what it felt was possible. So, if you say “call John at home” then all the John’s will show up.

Sounds like my LEAF.

I push the button on the steering wheel to activate the voice recognition and then:
LEAF: Please make a selection [phone or navigation]
Me: Phone
LEAF: Navigating home
Me: No you idiot! I said phone! Phone!

And the only way to cancel is through the touchscreen. Ugh! Thus, I don’t use the voice recognition.

Strangely enough…I named my best friend “the a******” in my phone.

EVERY time I would say “call the a******** on cell” it would function perfectly.”

Even funnier was when he called me, the car would proudly announce… “The A****** is calling…”

Always made me laugh.

Lately, I’ve tried stumping my Model S, with voice commands for streaming music.

Me: “Play Girl from Ipenema” – bullseye, Getz version
Me: “Play the night the lights went out in Georgia” – bullseye
Me: “Tribute to Jack Johnson” Kind of Blue version
ME: “Play smoke on the water” again, bullseye.
Me: “Play no static at all” Fail, on some rap version.

Really impressed with this, where other commands not so much. Tesla has a ‘most requested’ streaming channel, by Tesla drivers. It ends up being pop ~40’ish, eew.

Volt allows you to “dial hands free” by using the center touch screen if your phone is linked thru blue tooth or wired connection with Apple Car play/Android Auto.

You can also activate the call with Google/Siri/Cortanta with the call button on the steering wheel or the dash. In those cases, the voice command is routed through the phone rather than the car.

No one cares about the Volt with or without good voice control.

My reply is for John’s original comment about his Volt control.

Nobody cares about what a stupid comment like yours do in a thread that you offered no value to.


The outside looks OK.
The amazing ugliness of inside reminds me of Trabant. Actually I think Trabant was better, it had same physical vent controls.

Other automakers played with touchscreen only controls years ago and then got a clue and went back. If you don’t know how well it works, try to attach touchscreen navigation above front panel and keep your hand still operating touchscreen at 70 mph on regular bumpy road. It is a pain and unsafe.

Kind of like the first Iphone, troll


Design Engineer forgot to get wife’s opinion

Software Engineer forgot to hire Human Factors Engineer. But I like yours better.

What wife would that be?

The make believe wife obviously!

I really think Tesla will regret the lack of tactile controls and a proper information center in front of the driver. This was clearly done as a cost saving measure and it is less than ideal. It will be interesting to see the actual take rate on the Model 3. I’m not sure mainstream car buyers are going to find this desirable.

More likely that people will just adjust to it. This isn’t something that’s hidden from the buyer, so you know upfront that all the old stuff isn’t there.

This simple addition adds the controls back:

Just peel and stick to the dash.

I want one.

But this looks way too expensive, compared to a 15″ touch screen, one-stop, media center.

screens can be pricey, too:

I held a little hope the screen would swivel, but they are advertising the fact its fixed as benefiting the front passenger. How……..Democratizing?

I think I had one of those back in the stone age.

Lmao. That is great.

@John Ray said: “I really think Tesla will regret the lack of tactile controls and a proper information center in front of the driver…I’m not sure mainstream car buyers are going to find this desirable…”

Reminds me of:

iPhone’s (Lack of) Buttons – Jan 2007:

“…I do have my reservations, however, mostly around, well, buttons. The new [iPhone] device has only one physical button, and while the simplicity and flexibility of having one/no buttons and only using “soft” digital buttons is nice, I wonder how well that will work over time. As others have pointed out, “non-mechanical buttons actually reduce the user experience rather than enhance it…””

source 2007:

The difference is that “tactile” feel is safer than using touchscreen like iPhone while driving.

Touchscreen requires eyes and finger in coordination and feedback is done exclusively through eyesight.

But tactile buttons can be operated without eyesight. That is the additional safety improvement.

Of course Tesla is aimed to “self drive” at some point, so distracted driving is NOT a concern to Tesla. But I disagree with that view.

That’s the thing. Everyone compares this to an iphone/ipad, but no one operates their ipad doing 70mph on the freeway – at least they shouldn’t.

I personally think the lack of driver screen is fine, but no tactile buttons knobs is a mistake.

It could have been as simple as addind 2 rotating knobs and say 8 soft buttons under the screen that were customisable. I’d have one knob as volume, the other as volume and perhaps 1 of the buttons for my favourite radio station, another for drive mode, one for heated seat etc.

This method does not take away the ability to completely change the interface via software. Easy.

I can see it leading to a massive recall if authorities decide the driver is not allowed to operate the screen whilst driving and an essential knob is found to be implemented only in software.

M3 does have some tactile control paddles, from what I can see, so hopefully the haven’t forgotten anything essential.

I was hoping for more controls on the steering wheel. It has 2 controls.. that I assume are programmable… but still.

I use the the steering wheel controls A LOT in my Volt.

Funny thing is, no one compares this to iPad, that would remove notebooks from Earth.
The selling point of the first iPhone was the screen had the double size without physical Keyboard.

Probably not just for cost savings. The Model 3 is designed for the potential of self driving and the likelihood of being rented out to strangers. By having everything controlled via the console the strangers you rent to can’t have access to secured areas of the car. This includes the trunks and glove box.

As in, you let your car work the Tesla Network, say, from the time you get to work, until 30 minutes before you go home, and the menu access changes while on the network, removing specific functions, like opening the Glove Box.

John Ray.. Agreed. Dash is sub-Leaf.

I have the next generation Ford stuff in my 2015 Fusion and I still want to punch it daily. Perhaps Tesla should have called up these Ford guys to see what happens when you put an interface that effectively can’t be operated while being driven because it doesn’t have something as simple as a temperature control knob.

I think it’s a class action lawsuit waiting to happen. I get that Tesla believes in auto pilot and all their automatic safety stuff and I get that they figure while driving you just probably talk to it. But I believe they are at least 1 generation too early to just deploy that whether that is because of customer acceptance risk or be it actual risk like people crashing into things while staring at that screen trying to figure out how to do something.

I’ve been riding in a Chrysler S200. It also has no temperature control knob; the heating/cooling systems are controlled by the touchscreen.

About the only physical knob it has, aside from the gearshift control, is the volume knob for the radio. It is nice to have that one, but Tom, you’re ignoring the trend pretty firmly to suggest here that Tesla is the only one going in the direction of using the touchscreen to control more and more functions.

I bet you can adjust your vents, open the glove box, etc without using a touchscreen. I think that’s where Tesla went way off the beaten path. Why do you think cellphones still have volume control buttons, power, camera (some), etc?

It’s the lack of alternative method that bugs me. I didn’t say it isn’t a trend or that it won’t happen. I’m saying the evidence is that large percentages of customers aren’t ready for a total shift and that other manufacturers have had lots of glitches and that my opinion is that Tesla should have left some simple controls knobs in place.

On the aesthetics opinion side, the screen seems really obtrusive and kind of the opposite of the look they were going for in the rest of the cabin. It almost looks to be blocking line of site from the driver out the windshield.

Why is it that this car is technically in production and yet there are no decent video reviews of the car anywhere?

They’ve delivered (not sold) some beta units to employees. They’re going to strictly control access until true production versions are available. Hopefully not much longer now.

Forbidden subject is forbidden. But yes they have sold zero. It is illegal to sell vehicles not certified by the EPA. Preliminary testing has been completed but no certification yet. I dare anyone to find any article or any statement directly attributable to any reasonably high level Tesla rep that says they have actually sold any model 3 vehicles. I will promise to retract my statements if a reputable source can be found. Not stuff from June saying ‘we will sell…’. No one or after the date sales supposedly started.

Because the first “deliveries” were a PR stunt- and go to employees only. It’s all fake, otherwise you would see a hundred videos of people excited to show off their new cars.

Instead, you have employees treating the cars like the pre-production street testers- no videos are produced, no feedback is shared to the public- it stinks like propaganda, and it’s very deceptive of Tesla just so they can say they met their deadline for first deliveries.

There have been no true deliveries of the M3.

“Why is it that… there are no decent video reviews of the car anywhere?”

So far, all the buyers have been either Tesla/SpaceX employees, or are friends of Tesla management. It appears very likely, I’d say almost certain, that they all signed NDAs aggreeing not to post photos or videos to social media for X number of months.

Very clearly Tesla wants to keep control of the early info coming out about the TM3. Given all the bad press over problems with early production Model X’s, I think this is quite understandable.

P.S. — The claims from Tesla bashers claiming the first sales and deliveries are a “fake” is just more anti-Tesla FUD. Those cars were paid for, every one of them. Even the one that an early buyer gave back to Elon as a gift, was paid for in full.


Pure publicity stunt and not real sales. Get over it.

😀 😀 😀

Denial isn’t a river in Egypt. The Tesla Model 3 is in production, and it has been delivered on time. Get over it, Tesla basher!

Thunderbirds are Go!

If I ever get a Model 3, I’ll have to put a bumper sticker on it that says: MY OTHER MODEL 3 IS A…

Haha, so this is really the new bar. I can’t wait until an OEM “sells” a prototype (not that the 30 Model 3s were prototypes but just saying) to an insider and claims they have begun to sell their car so they can meet a deadline. I wonder how the Tesla shills will respond.

Actually that won’t probably ever happen because an OEM wouldn’t do that BS. If they did though we could have sales of the VW bus next week though!! They could meet their 202X date by years!!!!

I will say the interior does look very clean but I don’t live in a museum or look like I do for many reasons. The touch screen is also, as others have said a safety hazard. I get that it’s cheaper but it just isn’t good IMO. As others have pointed out you shouldn’t use your iPad while driving and that is exactly what this forces to a degree.

Per: “you shouldn’t use your iPad while driving and that is exactly what this forces to a degree.”

Tell that to the cops who drive down the road behind cars, and enter the Plate Number into their screens, all while following close, probably tailgating, in some instances!

They don’t enter your plate number – they are scanned.

It’s illegal to sell vehicles that haven’t been EPA certified. They may have been ‘delivered’ but they were not sold. See other post. Find any primary source Tesla statement that expressly says they sold the vehicles and I will retract.

What’s worse than a troll? A whiny troll!

The EPA issued temporary window stickers for the Tesla Model 3’s which have been sold, so they’re legal sales.

You’ve been told that many times. It’s far past time for you to get over it. If you can’t deal with it, then leave. And don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

That goes for the other trolls, too: F150 Brian and DJ.

Go Tesla!

I am not aware that anyone has commented to that fact on a post of mine. I try to check back mostly but perhaps I missed it. I did however see that claim earlier in this same thread prior to you posting this. I asked the poster for source…no response yet. On the assumption that I’ve missed being told several times and that those events of ‘being told’ involved sources of information, can you post a source that shows that temporary stickers were issued? We have had the discussion on the EPA’s document database which shows a preliminary document on July 5th of test results but in that thread no claims were made that this was any kind of approval. I tried various googling too but came up with nothing and don’t remember any story at all on this or other EV websites about temporary stickers. But again, if primary source evidence (EPA or other federal agency or Tesla) is given, as usual, I will retract and say ‘YES there was a sale’. All I am saying is quit stating things as facts but rather say ‘I believe’ or ‘I think’. Surely if there were clear evidence of this fact,… Read more »

And save your stupid FUD comments. We are all rooting for Tesla. They just need to lie less.
Fear…fear of what exactly? I do not participate in stocks. Just interested in EVs.
Uncertainty…discussions of intellectual content require uncertainty or you are a member of a cult of ignorance.
Doubt…see also Uncertainty. This is a redundant acronym.

It is not a valid argument to use words such as FUD without offering facts when in fact the accusation you lay is on those offering facts as evidence. Present actual evidence please that an actual sale has taken place. Any sale of any kind. Perhaps a Tesla press release would suffice. One that uses that word. I offer the EPA and public law which says that the proceedings and findings of the EPA are public information and in fact can be found here as noted in other threads:

A July 5th initial document but not final approval. Final approved vehicle EPA ratings appear here:

There is no mechanism to politely ask the EPA to withhold publication of public EPA approved vehicles.

It has not happened.

You don’t participate in stocks but Tesla does. It’s their lifeline. Without the money from the stock market Tesla will go under within a year. So, the hype is here to stay. Even questionable design decisions (like the dash) are good if people are talking about them.

It’s probably some kind of conspiracy…. Spooky

Employees, that received the car, we asked not to do reviews, and if they had complaints to first go through Tesla.

Mum,’s the word, so to speak, and since there are around 10k employee cars coming down the pike, I don’t expect to see in depth reviews anytime soon.

As a reservation holder since pre-reveal 3/31/2016, this makes me nervous.

Tesla should be proud of this vehicle and not try to manage people’s comments about it.

I would call it smarmy but at the same time it’s smart. I think it’s a net to catch the 1 in 1k problems, that you just don’t see that often.
It’s part of their methodology.

This is exactly what Tesla, or at least – Elon – spoke about, when he said first cars would go to Employees of Tesla & SpaceX, to catch any early items that they might have missed, and next -“to California Buyers”, also to make it easier to do any ‘mini recalls’, or fix any repeating issues, quicker: for the buyets, and on the Production Line.

No surprise here! Everything pretty much like as planned, and as announced.

Impatience is our collective problem, but I am not quite ready yet for this big purchase, so a little year long wait is fine!

@David Murray:

Totally agree.

As to the others’ responses, Tesla said there would be another few hundred Model 3s appearing in August, so there *should* be more than the original 50. Where are they?

Where is a photo of the Monroney sticker?

Where is a YouTube video produced by a happy owner?

Where is the account of how the owners acquired their cars?

Where is an actual instrumented road test provided by an automotive journalist?

Where is an update by Tesla on how the ‘production hell’ is going?

Tesla received a 30 day extension to provide official EPA information. So the Monroney sticker will not have the information yet.

What exactly is the claim? And citation please?

See previous points in this thread. No ‘sale’ took place. What took place is a media event which served the purpose it was designed for. To shore up confidence so that the debt junk bond round would bring in lots of demand for cheap money. They got the cheapest money anyone would ever expect. Which was a very good business move. They could not have gotten that money so cheap if they had said instead ‘well we didn’t exactly sell 30 vehicles but we did make 50 and 30 of those are going to employees for testing and we are all ready to go as soon as the EPA clears that paperwork’. Which is a perfectly acceptable thing in my opinion but even altering their current statements slightly would drive cost of funds up perhaps from 3% to 5% so a little magic show serves its purpose. And as adament I’ve been on this point, I am a fan and do believe they will crank it up soon, but it is important to call out diversionary tactics where they exist and Tesla just pulled off a big one and it was probably necessary.

Trolls apparently believe that if you repeat lies often enough, they magically become true!

Don’t feed the trolls, especially after midnight!

Troll or not he does make a point. Tesla basically has a captured test fleet right now that employees paid for the right to test.

You do realize that calling people trolls is not a counter-argument, right? It’s the same thing as saying “you are wrong because my dad is stronger than your dad”

They do not. On several occassions I have provided facts and merely stated that responses of FUD!!!!! or Troll!!! does not make a cogent argument. I keep asking anyone on this forum to provide a primary source stating that a single sale has been made. Still have not received any response of evidence. I have been called a troll but for what? When making what I feel is an opinion I try to state that it is my opinion. When debating points of fact, I try to provide evidence or ask others for theirs. Asking for evidence of opinions put forward as fact does not constitute any form of rebuttal. The inability to articulate a position using logic or evidence resulting and instead yelling TROLL!!! is not even usually embarrassing for the writer as they are usually not capable of the level of introspection necessary for this to be true. I would even accept: You are a troll because: 1. reason 1 2. reason 2 3. etc Or perhaps: The reason I say you spread FUD is because: 1. reason 1 2. reason 2 3 etc Even if they were false claims it would be an improvement because then there… Read more »

He he he! Elon did not succeed at getting 1.5B$ at the 3% you suggest, but got 1.8B$ at 5%+, so he must have failed, in your eyes!

I believe he meant 3-5% more than he got. The language was not clear. But to suggest he got 3% is crazy and not reasonable in today’s market.

Overall this discussion is pretty disappointing. Whole diatribes about touchscreens? That is so 2012. Whether or not they were actual sales to insiders or on loan to insiders pending legal hurdles is rather irrelevant. And lastly expecting the true public to have cars already is just silly. No one who is following Tesla expected that the general public was getting any of the first 10,000 or so.

I was off some on language and interest rate. They got more money and for less interest than normal is the primary point. This is facilitated by confidence in the company. Even the smallest glitch in that confidence will drive up cost of funds in a debt offering. It is crucial that they have a big thing right before that debt offering. This is standard practice by a company. Seek debt on a high note. It safeguards against blips later. They’d be fools not to pursue the money.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

IMHO, navigating that floating thingie is “Distracted driving” by design.

Sure, go ahead an blast at me and call me old but give me buttons that I can navigate by braille, no need to take my eyes off the road.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Still gunna buy one though.

If you’sa gonna buy’sa one, you mighta’ wanta’ wait a while, for Rev 2.0, and see if it fits your idea better! (It might show up only after the Model Y reveal, though!)

Totally agree. Unless they make the whole thing voice enabled, then this is just gonna rub me the wrong way. Did you see how fast GM did away with the Volt v1 touch-dash? All the users complained about the dash so they went back to buttons. Just sayin’. I will need a test drive for sure..

Have you driven an S? Tesla has gone touchscreen only since 2012.

I’ve driven this way for 2.5 years. I forgot to care…

PSA – Turn your phone to landscape mode when shooting video. Thank you.

Just make sure you rotate it before you start recording as I found out after recording my daughter’s dance recital sideways.

Actually this site was all Bolt EV when it was new. Hang around for another month and you’ll see it is all Leaf 2.0 for Sep-Dec.

Don’t like it at all. Too much cost savings.

Agree! Better to spend more money on this cars instrument Binnacle,than to tripple the number of Superchargers over the next year!

Actually, for someone buying this car it would indeed be better to improve the dash instead.

The AC vents are pretty cool. I don’t have a problem with the interior.

My biggest concern id the trunk and whether I want to go from my S to the 3.

It sure is tempting though.

With very close to 100D range and charging rate it is hard to pass up.

But how do you aim the vents? I know there’s a slider to enable them.. but sometime you aim them up or down. Or just quickly close them. Now I have to search a touchscreen to do that? Hmm…

I love the minimalist look.

We’ll see how well it functions. Those scroll button thingies on the steering wheel are key. If you can easily get them to control HVAC, stereo, mirrors, etc. it’ll be a huge leap forward.

Don’t forget windshield wiper controls through the scroll wheels. It’s no longer on a stalk.

I read somewhere recently that it did have a standard windshield wiper control stalk. Could someone confirm?

Seems to me that they designed a car that is safe in crashes, but that is offset by all the crashes that will happen due to taking eyes off the road to operate the touchscreen. Very, very disappointing.

It looks like 2 mouse balls (do they have an official name?) will give you access to everything. Many on hear bitch about the lack of buttons but if you drive a car without that has all the controls on the steering wheel you will understand why they are useless. Some like to pretend that when they look for a button they don’t take their eyes off the road…ok then.

Really, this is the best video he could take? The content of this video is very weak, a child could have done better.

That looks like a great place for our ladies to hang their purses (or men with European Shoulder Bags). I hope it was design to support that!

Vertical Video Syndrome!! 🙂

It’s like viewing life through a tiny slit.

Where is the button for the garage door opener?

When your car parks itself you don’t need a button for that. You should be happy there Is even a steering wheel. Come on man get with the program 🙂

The magic word is “when”?

I’m sure it is where it is on the S. Really people – if you have questions on how this works, drive down to your local store. There is this car there that works with just a touchscreen. They might even have 2 different models that work this way.

The homelink button is near the top of the screen. You don’t need to use it very often because you can program it to activate automatically when you pull into your driveway. Actually works pretty well. I do use the actual button when I want to close the garage door right away when I pull in. Oh wait – not an actual button….

This isn’t the same as the model S. The model S has a traditional (digital) instrument cluster in front of the driver and manually controllable vent directions. The model 3 integrates that plus all accessory controls into a single screen.

10 years from now most cars will have all the controls on the steering wheel…what are you dinosaurs going to do then?
Why is this not a problem on Model S?… that one has no buttons either.

Given cellphone still have phyical buttons for common things like volume control I don’t think all functions will move to touch screens.

“controls on the steering wheel”
My 2013 Lexus has most of the controls on the steering wheel…4 years ago! Why are people against this is beyond me.

I wonder when an extensive production Model 3 trunk capacity and usability video surfaces, since this was my number 1 reason for cancelling.

The floating screen looks great! In order to position it in the ideal location they either had to float it, or protrude the dashboard way it out into the middle of the cabin. The floating design feels much more open and roomy. Good choice.

Are there people that don’t like this touchscreen interior? Certainly. Many. You can see their posts here.

So what? The cost reduction is worth it. This greatly simplifies the interior assembly, an aspect of manufacturing that is very human intensive and thus expensive.

Lots of people loved there phone keyboards like blackberrys. Most of them got over it & moved to screen-only iPhones & Android phones. I loved the keyboard on my Treo phone but the larger display area makes up for it. With the Model 3, the reduced cost, funky big display, and digital integration makes up for it.

Love the interior! You will not need much when self driving comes the norm. With an EV, you do not need much monitoring, temp gauge, oil pressure, rpm, etc.

Well, I told ya so!!

I had said over and over that the interior was not going to appreciably change. The drivers at the 2016 reveal were saying about how the design had more leg room, improved cabin air circulation, and better visibility for directly in front of the vehicle. I did not expect anything different, and there we are!

You don’t like the interior? Fine…don’t buy one. Plenty of others will.

If you really want all the knobs & such then get a Bolt. Need that in front of the driver speedometer, buy Model S. Lots of used ones available.