New Partnership Between VW and ECOtality to Provide High-Rate Charger

JUL 19 2012 BY MIKE 7

Yesterday, in a press release from ECOtality, a leader in clean electric transportation and storage technology, said the first Blink DC Fast Charger will be installed at the Volkswagen Group of America’s Electronics Research Laboratory in Belmont, California, just outside San Francisco. The Blink Fast Charger has been seen to produce an 80% charge in under 30 minutes for the majority of EVs.


Although the location of the first ECOtality DC Fast Charger will be at the VW Research Laboratory, it will be open for public charging. Choosing the exact location for the placement of their first charger was due to a strict set of custom set guidelines called EV Micro-Climate. This system includes such factors as traffic patterns, regional attractions, and current retail EV stations. “Installing the first publicly accessible Blink DC Fast Charger in Northern California is essential for connecting the San Jose to San Francisco corridor and serves as a cornerstone for growing out EV charge infrastructure,” said Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOtality.


The ECOtality Blink DC Fast Charger can provide your EV with an 80% charge in about 30 minutes

Dr. Peter Oel, executive direct of VW Group Electronics Research Lab, welcomed the new public charger at their location. “We are excited to partner with ECOtality to bring the first publicly available Blink DC Fast Charger to Northern California, reinforcing Volkswagen’s ongoing commitment to sustainable mobility and clean, efficient transportation.” Dr. Oel also talked about how the joint effort is a perfect addition to VW’s Think Blue strategy which offers a “suite of market viable technologies that will significantly reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions for our customers today and into the future.”


According to ECOtality, the Blink DC Fast Charger provides a quick, safe method of charging EVs. Using a 60 kW (200-450 VDC, up to 200A), the dual-port charger features two fast charging connectors that are controlled by two interactive touch screens. Above the station, a 42″ color display is used for media and messaging. To start using these stations, you have to sign up at their website.


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Are there any studies/data on the effects of battery life with fast chargers?

VW has committed to the SAE fast charge standard. Is this thing going to be SAE or ChaDemo or both I wonder?

Given the fact that no car could use it if it was SAE, and that it is plugged into a LEAF in the PR shot, it has to be CHAdeMO…your not going to see any SAE stations likely until 2013

ECOtality put out a tweet on this:

They better check with DaveG whether they can do this.

Let me get this straight:
1. This press release was not for 1,000 chargers. Not 100 chargers. Not even 10 chargers. But one (1) charger. Serious?
2. The standard used is Chademo, which will only be used on one (1) car ever sold in the U.S., the Nissan LEAF. Not on any Volkswagen, which is the location in question. VW will be using the new SAE standard due in approximately 6 months from now.
3. What’s the price to charger? Price per kWh? Price per minute/hour? Free?

FWIW, the CHAdeMO standard is currently used on at least two cars – Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i. CHAdeMO also happens to be the ONLY L3 standard available on ANY car. The fact that VW supports the SAE standard is confusing to me also.

This confuses me. When VW talks about “our customers”, they really mean Nissan/Mitsubishi’s customers, right? And why install a quick charger when they don’t even have EVs, let alone CHAdeMO-equiped ones. Also, didn’t Ecotality receive a large grant to install these? Why is the first on VW’s property? Finally, I’m pretty sure that the San Fran-to-San Jose corridor is served by the Stanford Mall charger. What about us elsewhere in the country, begging for fast charging options?