New Opel Ampera-E (Europe’s Chevy Bolt) Video – “Range Will Floor You”


Ampera-E - A Bug Squasher

Ampera-E – A Bug Squasher

Opel’s latest Ampera-E (European cousin to the Chevrolet Bolt) advertisement tries to present the car’s range (best in class, for sure) and quietness in a humorous way, but the video largely falls flat on all fronts.

Opel’s video description (and yes, the emoticon is part of the automaker’s description…we didn’t add it in):

“Humans, bugs…and even god: everybody’s talking about the new Opel Ampera-e’s best-in-class range. Those who still have doubts about electric cars will be floored after watching this film ;)”

The gist of the video is that the two cockroaches are safe out on the road. The bugs believe they’ll hear any approaching cars and think that no electric car can reach them out in the countryside. Little do they know that the Ampera-E is inbound…even God is surprised by the Ampera-E’s ability.

The video fails to impress us and never once do we even seen the car. Your thoughts?

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PETA won’t like it, I also think it’s lame.

Gotta sacrifice the PETA mentality, to save it. Got burn down the village, to save it. This is how main stream is achieved, today.

Ad reminds me of the Volt Olympics commercial, pushing the audience’s envelope of what a hybrid buyer can be.


Made me chuckle 🙂


Still not a GM fan, eh?

I thought it was cute but not a perfect ad. But I can assume Europeans have different tastes and expectations than those in the US. I have seen some odd UK ads on youtube.

I think this ad would would work in the US if literally the only difference was – after showing the squished bug, they would cut to the car driving as text with ampera-e details come up. Possibly with a family of 4 with luggage in the hatch and something tied to the roof rails. 🙂 THEN cut to heaven.

Yes, this would improve it. Show the damn car SILENTLY speeding along happily.

Total facepalm. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so embarrassing! GM’s message : please please please don’t buy our car, lest we might actualy have to produce it in numbers. There is nothing GM would like to do more than to sell as few as possible, so they can go to the government and cry : “See! EVs don’t work! Please don’t make us make any more, so we can get a good chunk of bailout money next time we realize that our business model is based on selling cars that people don’t realize they don’t want. We will then repeat the process over and over untill we are flat on our faces.” GM, on the forefront of an industry in denial…

Really? You could have put a VW/BMW/Audi badge on the bug. That’s the message of 500km of range. There are still 10 million owners of TDIs, mostly in Europe. 20X as many who bought them in the U.S., who didn’t get compensated. This ad isn’t meant for farmers.

The message is nothing even remotely like that and your little theory there makes no sense at all. Why would they advertise at all if they didn’t want to sell any?

..because this was also GM. I have an easier time watching the old ad, thinking they were “anti-selling”. At best, I think critics can call the one above “insensitive”.

Just for clarification, the video you linked to was never at any point an actual television ad.

This video was created for Who Killed the Electric Car if I remember correctly.

The Voice over and ominous music were created for the *movie* specifically to make you feel angry at GM since that was kind of the theme of the film. Now people think it was an actual ad that aired on TV because truth on the internet is hard to find.

It was originally part of a print ad series which can be found here. The ads would not work well today. But they aren’t out of touch with luxury car ads in the 90s:

Here is one of the actual EV1 TV ads. This one was award winning:

GM is making more money than ever on its truck, CUV, and SUV lineups. YET, they still managed to bring us the Bolt at least a year before anybody else is able to come to market with an “affordable” 200+ mile EV. Come on man! Give credit where credit is due.

Fred, you must have watched a different commercial.

This is inane. Cockroaches have no reason being atop pavement, it isn’t where they live. Damp, dark places. The folks that care about all of God’s little creatures and the environment… won’t want a bug-squisher. Cockroaches will feel the ground vibrations, another stupidity. I think Advertising is the job you get when you flunk every subject in school but everyone thinks you are funny, as evidenced by this ad. This is an anti-ad. Way to keep demand down, GM: it would be a shame if you had to produce 400,000 Bolts/Ampera-E’s in a year. That would be a $3.6 billion loss.

From what i read, that is definately not a cochroach. Its a May Bug, and it was historically a huge problem for agriculture because it destroys crops and forestry. There have been multiple attempts to erradicate the pests but they keep coming back over time.

So for someone outside a major city who might be interested in an electric car… quiet drive, long range, and dead may bug = a good ad. 😉

This is not the anti-ad. Talk about hyperbole! No one expects GM to sell 400,000 Bolts a year. And just yesterday people were saying the fact that there are no ads was proof GM wants it to fail. You are setting a constantly moving, unobtainable level of success for this car. 🙂

OK, May Bug you say. In the Midwestern US, we have something called a Mayfly, and it looks nothing like this. This, looks like an African Cockroach. It may be a European Cockroach, however. I want the Bolt to succeed, believe me. GM doesn’t appear to want the wild success of the vehicle, however. Nothing but frames of a tire and anti-EV, anti-environmental crowd content. Decry that it isn’t an anti-ad, but you’re going to have do to more than say it isn’t for anyone to believe you. Argue your point!

I am always happy to argue my point! Above you, I said I didn’t think it was a perfect ad either. I said it needed to show the vehicle at the end of the ad. But it isn’t intended for us. I think for US advertisements, they should go for something closer to this Ampera-e video, which is more in line with American commercials: People who are already green minded will seek out a car like the Bolt. Targeted ads on clean tech/healthy living websites and car blogs will reach these people who are already searching for information on green cars. What GM needs to do is reach out to the rest of the car buying public. These two Opel videos are more likely to speak to the average European. But the following statements you made were not factual points but mini conspiracy theories. As far as the rest of your comment, my argument for all of the below is there is no evidence for anything you stated: Decrying GM as intentionally trying to sabotage the Bolt. Saying that a European ad that Americans think is bad is proof they are trying to curb demand. Saying that selling 400,000 Bolts… Read more »

Vexar – “This is inane. Cockroaches have no reason being atop pavement, it isn’t where they live. Damp, dark places. .. Cockroaches will feel the ground vibrations, another stupidity.”

You know how I knew it was fake? When the bugs started walking on their hind legs and speaking English. LOL!

Yeah, I have to concede on that point. I spend too much time analyzing ads that don’t reach me. Maybe this is reaching the French. Remember James and the Giant Peach? I know nothing of French advertising. Perhaps not showing the product is normal. Suspenseful, even.
GM loses $9,000 per Bolt manufactured. That’s been reported already. 400k units built is simple arithmetic. Can’t make it all up in ZEV credits.

“GM loses $9,000 per Bolt manufactured. That’s been reported already. 400k units built is simple arithmetic. Can’t make it all up in ZEV credits.”

Good grief, that is so false it is laughable. It is so false, in fact, InsideEVs didn’t bother to write an article on it.

Bloomberg quoted “a source” at Chevrolet familiar with the Bolt. Haha! By the same reasoning, absolutely everything on the Internet must be true. That’s some great journalistic integrity there, Bloomberg. Sadly, apparently, some people take the bait.

This is like when people from failed accounting classes tried to bake in R&D costs into the sticker price of all the Volts sold at that point in time, to proclaim each was some huge loss.

When you see an article like Bloomberg’s, know quite well that there is much more likely an underlying agenda than there are facts. By the way, the author of that piece of news (using the term loosely)? A well known oil investor.


If you go back and read the original bloomberg article in detail, you will see why it is bunk. They provide no argument whatsoever for their claim. This is the only mention of the figure: “The Bolt’s anticipated per-sale loss of roughly $8,000 to $9,000 is an estimate based on a sticker price of $37,500, according to a person familiar with the matter. A GM spokesman declined to comment on the expected profitability.” No break down of how that figure was calculated. Nothing else directly related to the Bolt was said. I follow the tech industry. If you had any idea how many “persons familiar with the matter” articles that are complete BS you’d agree that the bloomberg article is trash as well. XD Even if it was true (It’s not) the economies of scale would mean that for each bolt they produced, the money lost would be less and less on every one so you would not be able to do a direct calculation of 400,000 x 9,000. Electrek picked the story up next. For Tesla information, the site is fine. If you are looking for general EV news, I would look elsewhere. They are no longer trying to… Read more »

“GM loses $9,000 per Bolt manufactured. That’s been reported already” = Fake News.

Don’t fall for the fake news.

The Bloomberg article is pure clickbait and throws out that $9,000 figure with absolutely no corroborating evidence other than the idle ramblings of Eric Noble, “who reckons most electric cars lose at least $10,000 per sale.”

Who is Eric Noble? Hard to say. His Linkedin page is empty. The CarLab website is pretty but uninformative. The CarLab Facebook page has some unflattering comments and a post from 2013 about his CNG/gasoline bi-fuel conversion of a Ford Mustang. Mostly, he seems to be a ready source of vacuous quotes on just about any car-related topic.

Vexar, your comment sounds like what many would consider outside the US to be “typical American arrogance”

Labeling the bug a cockroach, deeming the commercial stupid, etc. despite it being targeted at a completely different audience, for apparently pretty intelligent reasons.

By the way, I did a search and WadeThyon is correct, it is a May Bug. See below:

This is correct, Clarkson, I should have included an image link but did not think to! You are correct about the bloomberg article as well.

To be fair to Vexar, he did concede that he was wrong to judge the ad so harshly, considering he knows nothing of the audience it was intended for.

I hope that Opel and Chevy are able to reach their respective audiences and make the Bolt/Ampera-e into a hit. 😀

Vexar could have a bright future as a reporter, writing up false news stories for the alt-left. 😉

err. . . make that fake news stories for the alt-left.

But, if I’m alt left, does it mean I’m right handed?

Ohh come on, this is funny… Since when was avertisement realistc and since when is it only allowed if you use the Habitat Zone of the animals correctly.

At least in the Nissan Leaf commercial, they hinted at the epic saga the Polar Bear travelled, before it found the guy with the EV and hugged him. 😉

After that awesome description, I just watched this commercial for the first time.

A little cheesy sure… but very good commercial! XD Gotta show it to the Mrs, she will love it.

Why is this in English? The Ampera-E won’t be sold in the UK as far as I know.

Everyone speaks english.


Como? No es dificil, se aprende en la escuela y tambien por la red y la tele.

No hay mucha gente que no habla ingles en paises de Europa donde se compra coches electricos.

That’s presumptuous think to say .. . but in Europe and of people that will be able to afford this car . . . it is largely true.

You got the point perfectly. 🙂 I love when I get new hope for humanity 😛

I have to agree. We Europeans are so great at speaking English, the advertisers Just make one English video and dump it all over Europe.

I don’t blame them, it’s cost effective. But they should also make a French and German version. Those guys are a bit more attached to their own language. And Yes, that was a generalisation (idk if that is proper English).

Guys, Fred is 100% spot on. The video is a genial way to anti-sell the carr while pretending that you want to. It was all done in purpose, they cannot cancel them without a good justification.
All honest jounalists that write about this should make it clear for the public.


I’m pretty sure this commercial was actually made by Aliens who are plotting to take over Earth. I’m like 110% sure.

+1 *thumbs up* lol

I guess Ampera-e won’t have fake noise maker? SparkEV has it, and I suspect Bolt will have it, too, since mandate is coming soon in US.

Artificial noisemaker only activates at low speeds. Definitely not on when going 93 mph. :p

Where did this air? It’s in english, but the UK won’t get any Ampera-e’s (because it’s Vauxhal there and they don’t do rhd Bolts/Ampera-e’s anyway).

The god-actor is a German for sure, but we don’t see that much english commercials in German TV.

Who puts commercials on TV anymore? 😛

More specifically, who sees them? digital TV has markers for commercials, so people hack their cable/satellite boxes to block them, like Web browsers.

I find nothing wrong with the ad, kind of like it. So many stupid comments. I think the “EV community” is really desperate for the Bolt to fail.

No LOL, not at all. The “EV community” would love to see the Bolt succeed, and succeed big! Elon Musk would love to see the Bolt succeed!! (Yes, realy. It is not a competitor to the model III!)

It’s GM who would love to see the Bolt fail. It’s a nuicanse to them. Their whole business model, all the tech and research they’ve invested in, all their potentialy stranded assets, are geared towards producing (for now) profitable, gas guzzling pickups and oversized SUVs. Sure this is true for other makes as well.

If EVs truely succeed (and eventualy they will), it will be a disaster for the established auto manufacturers. All I am saying is, that it is so blatantly obvious with GM, that it’s an insult to all the people, at GM, who have been putting so much of their heart and soul into the project, and everyone who has been working so hard tomake EVs succeed in general.

I’m afraid this is just EV1, part deux…

It’s those space aliens that took over at GM. They’re totally going to destroy the earth. I saw someone above post about it, so it’s most definitely true!

What nonsense. Why build a 200+mi EV if you didn’t want it to succeed? Bragging rights? Instant suicide for CEO to sink bil$ that fails to make a profit, no CEO is willingly going to do that.

Oh, it’s a compliance car! And that’s nonsense as well, you just put the bare minimum into a compliance car, and I don’t think 60Kwh battery is bare minimum for compliance (probably more like 16Kwh).

Unless an actual GM executive comes onto the forum and explains they want this car to fail, or shows the accounting where it states they lose $9k per sale, give it a rest already!

Bolt looks like a damn good car, so far it has exceeded everyone’s expectations, maybe that is your problem when you have to admit GM can make a compelling EV.

By the way, the ad is fine. Probably they will do follow up ads that introduce the car, we see that sort of advertising here all the time. “What is this car that is so quiet it can sneak up on a bug”? Build expectation and BAM there is the product!

‘New’ … this ad has been out for a quite a while.
I’ve already seen negative responses to it, but at least it lets people talk about an electric car. I just wonder who will get to see it, will they show it on TV/youtube/…

Considering Dump got elected in large parts thank to negative press coverage, any coverage is ok.

Now when I see a Bolt, I’ll think of cockroaches. Thanks GM.

It was all a plot by the second bug to eradicate the first one. See how he stops him in the perfect spot, engages him in ironic though seemingly concerned conversation, just long enough…then splat! The perfect liquidation.

Viewer discretion advised: video contains graphical images of humanoid talking bugs being run over by a car, visualization attempt of God and (worse;))perpetuates old myths about how EVs can’t venture outside cities and how the lack of noise is dangerous, even at high speed.

Surely this is some sort of spoof, not something GM would actually expose the public to.


At least it’s a commercial.

I don’t like the misinformational core of this ad:

It assumes Teslas never existed…

Unless you have $100,000 lying around, they don’t.

Turns out ~150K people had that sort of money lying around so it does!

I hope those less than 1% enjoy their Tesla, while the rest of the 99% wait for something that’s more mainstream-priced.

LMAO over this comment, when was the last time you saw an ad that admitted their opposition existed? Every ad makes out they are the only game town, I hope you’re not in advertising, “don’t buy our product, X has been doing it for years, and just between us, it is much better”. Remember Apple’s 1984 ad for Mac? Never saw a Mac in that ad, never even knew what a personal computer really was in those days. Shocker, 30+yrs ago they made ads without showing the product, look where Apple is now, by your logic they shouldn’t exist. And 150K Tesla’s (in 6 or 7 years) vs something like 2mil everything else (in 1yr), might as well say Leaf is dominating the market, they sold 250k? Yeah, Tesla’s dominating the market! While I think Tesla is great, and they’re doing amazing things, when they have 17 different product lines and are selling 50K per month in one product line, then compare their manufacturing capability with traditional Auto companies. Wait, if Tesla was $35K they might sell 400K cars. How they going to do that? Mustn’t want it to sell! “But Tesla’s building a great factory, they’ll easily be able… Read more »

I like it but I wonder if the average buyer has enough context to fully appreciate the joke.

If you know about Teslas and their range then you really are not the target of this ad.

This ad is to address the common perception that all EVs have short range.

If you look at the Opel YouTube page the Ampera-E videos are very prominent, and there are several of them. Sorry, I can’t buy the theory that these ads are meant to avoid selling this car.

That said, I personally wouldn’t create an ad that didn’t even show the product. Their other ads are better and perhaps InsideEVs should have featured them all rather than just this one.

Oops, I see the other ads are covered in other articles. Still, judging by some of the comments, at least some people aren’t putting this in the context of being one of a few videos, and aren’t aware that the other videos take a quite different, more informative, approach.

Falls flat? I think it’s funny. No need for the weird God guy in the end. Just leave it at kersplat and save some advertising $ 🙂