Our Best Look Yet At The New Nissan Leaf: No Camo, Floating Roof

New Nissan Leaf no camo


You never know what you’ll see out your window.

Now that the Tesla Model 3 delivery event is over, anticipation can start building for the next big EV that will be revealed: the new Nissan Leaf. We’ve seen plenty of teasers of the second-gen model of the world’s best-selling EV over the last few months, and we know Nissan will show us the whole thing in early September, but we finally have some images of the new, longer-range electric vehicle without any of that pesky camouflage. According to Broom, in Norway, the uncovered Leaf was caught on the streets of Barcelona by an avid Broom reader.

The reader happened to be in a hotel room above what looks like a commercial shoot for the EV. Photographers on the ground were chased away, but the anonymous reader was safely able to shoot from his or her vantage point.

“I took the pictures through the window so they are not so sharp. It was not possible to go out and take better pictures, because those who stood there and taking pictures were chased away,” the photographer told Broom.

To see more of images of the new Nissan Leaf, please visit Broom and you can see our earlier – and bigger – spy shots of the camouflaged Leaf here and here.

As for the technical specs of the car – at least, as best as we can tell right now – the new Leaf may have a range of around 165 miles and have a minimalist dashboard. Officially, Nissan has said that the second-gen Leaf will have something called an e-Pedal for heavy regenerative braking power and that it will have a lot of autonomous driving and parking features. After its debut in September, the first Leaf deliveries are scheduled for the U.S. in December.

Source: Broom, Hat tip to Stian J and Olaf T!

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I do not like the black roof personally but Im sure that’s optional.

Other than that this looks much better than the current model!

I wouldn’t be so sure. The early Volts all had a black roof. In fact, I didn’t buy until they changed that.

The way this leaf looks it screams Gen 1 2011 Volt looks.

Some would love it (I do, if it suites it) It worked well for the Citroen C4 Cactus and Renault Captur. So.. Yeah baby! Two-Tone is back!

Black roof makes a car hotter if parked in the sun. The roof should be white!!!

Soviel wärmer ist es auch nicht mit schwarzem Dach gegenüber weißem Dach.

Complaining that a black roof makes the car hotter? Grow a set of balls

Black roofs look better

If “black looks better,” why not paint the whole car black?

Agree. Black roof looks boy racer. Car looks great and very aero. Personally I like it better than the fish-face model 3.

Very high waistline. The sheer bulk or height of the sides floorboard to bottom of side windows is huuuge. This is due to the size of the battery pack under the floor, no doubt – which may be a good sign that it is a more sizable pack than we thought, or at least will have a larger pack as an option.

Bolt EV uses body creases to diminish the look of slab sides, but LEAF seems to try and use the “aero cladding” technique of the so-called rocker panel area to lesson the impact of barn doors on the side.

Like GM, Nissan went for a more traditional-looking nose with fake grille to match it’s rather large family of gas drinkers. I don’t like the look of the nose, but the rear isn’t bad.

Black roof = hot interior = absorbing sunlight and retaining heat. Not the best idea for an EV. GM did that with the Volt and while it also tries to spiff up an otherwise mundane shape, it’s not worth the tradeoffs.

BMW i3 has Black Hood and Roof on all no matter the body color. That’s is very bad here in Sunny HOT Phoenix,Arizona. It’s bad in any Sunny Southern area.

It’s too bad you can’t select options for the secondary color, even if it was only black, white and maybe silver. That would allow the car to have a lot more character.

I agree that black is generally bad, although I have a black Nissan Leaf in So. Cal. Black isn’t my favorite color, but it was cheap, so I bought it. I try not to park it uncovered more than necessary.

Don’t worry about the black roof. One can always go to an auto detailer and have a professional use a vinyl wrap to change the color. Perhaps a chrome wrap for the roof.

If it is more crossoveresque and less than 35k actually it will be the continued EV King in the US. Just needs TMS or awesome lizard packs for the masses.

LEAF can be less than $30k and it still will not be king in the USA.

Only Emperor in Japan.

Everywhere else it will be a duke at best.

At least everywhere that matters. LEAF could also be king of Bhutan where no one else challenges for the throne.

BTW Significantly less ugly than Bolt EV.

It is still the #1 seller in US overall since 2011 right?

Agreed it is much better looking and bigger than the bolt.

I’m pretty sure the Volt has the highest cumulative sales in the US.

I tried El Google with mixed results. Many cars sold between bolt and leaf. Volt is better car IMHO especially gen1.5.

I have mixed feelings. I really like the Volt, however I also like the Bolt. The Leaf is the least of the three, and ironically the one of the three I actually own.

“At least everywhere that matters.”
Funny. As long as it gets the job done for me at the right price, I don’t care who’s prince in Wales and who’s mayor in Jersey.

I’m so, so over floating roof. And yes, I would rather the Bolt didn’t have it either.

What is “floating roof”? That little extra extension at the back?

I suspect it improves aerodynamics and that is why it is there, not for looks.

Floating roof refers to the look of the C-pillar being cut in half/missing(painted black) and the roof floating on the rear of the car.

Ah, thanks for the correction!

My thanks also, Nebula1701. I needed that explanation!

It came about as a way to break up the lines of a 2 box vehicle. To kind of make it look more like a 3 box vehicle (no D pillar). People were used to buying 3 box cars. It was interesting when just a few cars used it. Now it’s everywhere. Time to be done. And besides 2 box vehicles are the dominant vehicles on the road now anyway. No need to pretend to be something else when people buy 2 box vehicles in droves. And in case you don’t know a 3 box vehicle is one which has a low hood and trunk and a higher cockpit in the middle. Its profile looks like it is made up of 3 boxes, a low one, a high one and then a low one. Basically, a sedan or notchback coupe. Even fastback coupes and long slant rear glass coupes (like the Volt) are considered to fall under this. A 2 box design is one which has a low hood but the rest of the car is one high box. Traditionally that meant a wagon or steep rear window hatchback but now it means a crossover or SUV more often. A… Read more »

Two more things.

You may ask how a floating roof makes a 2 box design look like a 3 box design. It does by trying to hide the D pillar from the eye. If the D pillar is blacked out then your some part of your brain registers it as a 3 box. That’s the theory anyway. I don’t know that I believe it.

Another interesting note around a decade or so ago some noted car designer was quoted that saying that 2 box styling would be the dominant form in the coming future. He couldn’t have been more right. I personally didn’t agree but let it never be said I know which way the wind blows when it comes to trends in styling.

Thanks for all the information. It helps make sense of a lot of terms.

Two box vehicles are less aerodynamic which doesn’t fit well with long range per KWh needs of electric vehicles. That plus a bad esthetics is likely going to reduce their numbers again in the future.

Yes, but they usually offer a lot more room, especially headroom, in the back seat. This was important to us because our grandson travels long distances with us and is 6’5″ tall. At a certain age, you begin to value comfort over great looks.

Styles change over time no doubt. But for now utility-orientation is going to reign supreme. Worldwide it seems.

Roof looks great, adds an element of dynamics.

Needs to have an option for 200+ miles and be significantly cheaper than the model 3 due to lack of supercharger network, performance and it looks smaller.

Or be available significantly sooner than the base Model 3 hits the roads in most countries. Especially outside the US, where the Model 3 will likely be more expensive.

Feels like a VW Jetta Wagon but clearly Nissan styling. This is quite an accomplishment for Nissan, to design an EV that doesn’t look like an automotive form of birth control. Beats the GM Bolt and BMW i3 for looks. And the Prius Prime, obviously. Hopefully, they will retire the Nissan Juke at the same time. Huge bump in brand styling if that little devil goes the way of the Pontiac Aztek.

Looks like the Cruze hatchback.

Yeah, that’s even more accurate! Why can’t Chevrolet simply eliminate the Cruze and sell the Bolt in its place?

> Why can’t Chevrolet simply eliminate the Cruze and sell the Bolt in its place?

Sales first 6 months of 2017:
Bolt: ~6,000
Cruze: ~105,000

Bolt price: $37,495
Cruze price: $19,615

The Bolt is crazy expensive.

Now, watch me get accused of “moving goal posts”, being anti-EV, and not taking 20 years of gas into account, etc, etc!

GM Revenue:
Bolt: ~225 million
Cruze: ~2 Bilion!

How about Billion, instead of Bilion. 🙂

Well, the Bolt does come with a $7500 tax credit (plus more in many states).

Biggest problem with the Bolt: It looks like an ugly econobox. WTF were they thinking when they thought of building a $37,500 car and letting it look like a $15,000 economy subcompact?

> Well, the Bolt does come with a $7500 tax credit (plus more in many states).

Not only that, but you have to be rich in order to collect that, as that is coming off the taxes you pay.

Rich people don’t buy cars that “look like a $15,000 economy subcompact”!

“Not only that, but you have to be rich in order to collect that, as that is coming off the taxes you pay.

Rich people don’t buy cars that “look like a $15,000 economy subcompact”!”

Very astute observation.

Well, other people can take advantage of it through lower lease payments. But only so many people like leasing.

Lease then buy = full rebate (if you can convince the GM dealer to actually give you the entire fed credit)

If they were to sell as many as they sell the Cruze the rebate would be gone in short order.

AlphaEdge said:

“Now, watch me get accused of ‘moving goal posts’, being anti-EV…”

Didn’t strike me that way, but heaven forbid I should get in the way of a good, cathartic rant! 😉

The Juke has been discontinued…2017 model is the final year.

My favorite EV designs are the Chevy Spark EV and the Chevy Bolt. I own the Spark, and it is an amazing car. 400 lbs of torque makes it the fastest EV besides the Tesla.

Hmm, here we go w/the two-tone again.

uhm, Jeep Compass have the two tone roof, its been selling like hotcakes here in NE ohio

Billions Dollar Question:

Will 2019 (and beyond) Leaf prospective customers care that a Leaf price competitor includes access to a convenient & reliable supercharger network?

Yes Nissan *can* build a competing SC network…but it won’t.

Volkswagen will do it for Nissan,
and for GM,
and for Ford,
and for BMW,
and for Mercedes,
and for Volvo,
and for Hyundai,
and for itself.
It is the punishment for the diesel cheating.

VW has not started yet, and only plans to spend it’s $500 million over ten years. Tesla is far ahead now and will likely be farther ahead in 10 years.

nissan have a couple of networks like its dealers, EVgo and chargdepoint

Two tiny mistakes.
1. VW has started. Selecting locations, getting permits, negotiating with suppliers etc. is working on building that network.
2. The money is 4 * $500m over four periods of 30 months.

Expect the first 240 high-way 150kW-300kW charging stations in two years operational.

I don’t think the LEAF and Model 3 will really be price competitors.

I think the base LEAF will be about $25K, putting it $10K below the Model 3. And the difference will only be larger when you start optioning them up.

There of course will be significant range differences at the base model and I think across all models. I expect the new LEAF 1.2 to top out at 40kWh for now and that’ll give it about 150 miles, not 220 let alone 310.

I don’t know about the Leaf 1.2.

What we are waiting for in the september announcement is the Leaf-II. That is not a mid-cycle refresh. The designers started with a clean slate.
This completely new Leaf-II wil have a 60kWh battery as the photo of the 256km range at 130kmh showed.
It will also have ProPilot as an option, comparable with Tesla’s AP1.

Nissan has clearly learned from GM’s Bolt launch how NOT to configure and market their next EV.

Some Nissan statements:
Range is important.
Charging is important.
Charging networks are important.
We will not build a private network ourselves.

Expect something more usable and better selling than the Bolt.

It’s clear from looking at that it’s not a clean design. Car companies say this junk all the time. Ford calls the F-150 all new every 5 years. It’s really all new every 10.

The appearances don’t lie. The upcoming car is LEAF 1.2.

ProPilot will be an option. It’s not comparable to Tesla’s AP1. It’s comparable to Honda’s system on the Accord. On highway lane holding, distance following cruise, rear end collision prevention.

Nissan has said so already.


Later versions of ProPilot probably will be better, as Nissan has demoed better.

At least they dropped the ‘bustle’ with the rounded rear fender lines.

It looks very good, I think.

When will we see the video they are making, I wonder?

Intro is this September, so I’m sure it will be then.

Right. Given that it is the end of July, September 6th is really only a little more than a month away. Seems a reasonable time from shooting to airing a commercial

Looks great! If Nissan can get this under $30,000 before federal/state incentives, it could be a huge win.

if it is, i will be getting one next year when out Nissan altima lease ends

Well…it looks better than the original. Still a little goofy looking. Need to see that front.

Hopefully the aero is improved.

If the battery pack is 200ish there is no way this Leaf will be under 30K.

I agree with this. I don’t think Nissan has a magic ability to build significantly cheaper batteries than GM or Tesla.

I don’t think the base model will be 200-ish.

And I don’t think the top-end model will be 200-ish either. 190 tops. But I’m less sure about that.

My guess is that the base model will have a 40 kWh battery for 160 miles of range at $24,995 before tax credits and rebates, with the CHAdeMO (sigh) fast charger strictly optional.

The SL will have a 60 kWh battery for 240 miles of range at $34,995, sans fast charger of course.

This will give the base model a significantly lower net cost than the Model 3, especially once Tesla’s tax credit ramps down in 2018. This will be particularly attractive for those buying a commuter to complement their long range vehicle.

They will also offer a slightly lower cost per mile of range, a metric at which the Model 3 currently leads.

I’d still prefer a Model 3 with Superchargers, though we’ll probably pick up a gently used Model S with rear-facing seats early next year instead for more seating on short trips.

But remember – Android sold a lot more phones than Apple did their higher quality, curated experience iPhone. Price matters in a volume product.

Just my $0.02. Full refund is I’m wrong. 🙂

I simply can’t wait for the detail of the L2 to become public so we can argue here about whether Nissan or Tesla is doing a better job based on the $/kWh for the longer range version.

Oh, c’mon — every here knows I’m kidding. I love you guys, and I’d be lost without my fellow plug-heads. But we can be a little… obsessed.

But on the topic of the L2, I’m assuming the smaller pack will be tied to the S trim level, and the larger pack will be available only in the SV and SL. (I wouldn’t rule out their giving the smaller pack version a completely new name, like the Leaf City, but I hope they don’t.) Now that we know price on a base T3 with a 220-mile range, the base L2 better be comfortably cheaper. If it’s $33k, for example, that will feel like not enough of a discount for giving up 55 miles/charge. I’m guessing they will do everything possible to squeeze it under $30k.

The Leaf-II spotted in France charging was a 60kWh version. The assumption that it was less was based on faulty logic.

DCFC >100kW
ProPilot – option $2,000
MSRP $31,000.-

Not a chance.

60KWH for $31,000? No way. I don’t think anyone can do that yet. And I don’t see Nissan as the cheap battery pioneer.

Whether they can do it or not for that price is not how pricing works. You charge what you think customers are willing to pay.

If the car is larger/better equipped than the Model 3 and/or Bolt, it will cost more, even if they could sell it for less.

I don’t think any of those will be true.

Wait, I take that back. I think the price one will be true, but not for one with a 60kW battery (or even 40kWh).

I think the base model will be $25K. But 30kWh at most.

30 will be a terrible disappointment, I hope they don’t do that and they go for at least 40.

The other electric of the Renault-Nissan alliance, the ZOE, is smaller and has a 41 kWh battery. Everyone is expecting the base Leaf to have a similar pack. But it would be bigger than the biggest current option, which is 30 kWh.

Everyone who follows Nissan is expecting a 60kWh battery pack like the one they showed nearly two years ago and like the one in the car that was charging in France.

I really don’t understand were all the rumors about those small battery packs are coming from. They are not coming from Nissan, they have been hinting about 60kWh for years.

The ZOE has an optional 40kWh pack. The base pack is 22kWh.

I think the LEAF will follow similarly.

I don’t see how a shorter-range base model would be a disappointment. If you want more, pay more. As long as a longer (40kWh) pack is available it’s all good.

“But we can be a little… obsessed.”

I resemble that remark. 😉

But I still think there are football and baseball and soccer fans more fanatical than we are. At least we’re not showing up a Tesla “Reveal” events with bare chests and faces painted with the “T” logo! 😀

Looking good, although it does look like it’ll have a tiny trunk like virtually every other EV out there 🙁

It should be very similar to the current Leaf, which is pretty generous.

Cheezlooks like InsideEVs took down my post. ***mod edit (Jay Cole)*** Hey DJ, We did take down your post (and the 8 re-posted the link just now), but I am happy to explain why. The link you pointed to has knowingly stolen those pictures without authorization. The source article where the pictures originated from (that we have linked to) have them specifically tagged as private, with a legal disclaimer to not pouch their content without contacting them and asking for permission. We contacted the original source of the pictures of the new Nissan LEAF and asked for consent to use them – as we always do (to which we were given permission to publish one shot, provided we linked back to the original source – so they rightly, could gain the traffic for their hard work when people want to see more shots). At the same time that source thanked us for have the courtesy to reach out and ask for permission, and specifically mentioned the source you linked, saying they had taken the pictures without permission, and that they had already contacted them to voice their displease (despite this, we note they are still using them). So we’d prefer… Read more »

Understood. Ty for the explanation.

J Cole didn’t know the photos were poached. Hard for an Internet user to now. It’s the Wild West in cyberspace.

No problem, happy to explain, (=

You can delete if you wish.

I am really liking the new leaf. Of course I also like the Bolt. I will actually be able to shop around for my next EV. Exciting times!

Personally, I think it looks fantastic from this angle. I’m quite looking forward to seeing the reveal of this vehicle ?

An awfully weak response to the Model 3 and Chevy Bolt. Doomed.

Success will be tied to pricing. 25k$ for a 200 mile Leaf would be a killer.
Is it possible?

It will most likely be ~185 miles for $35k

I hope it gets better safety rating.

Yeah, front passenger safety rating on the Leaf 2011-17 is NOT five star. I am hoping Nissan can get the 2018 Leaf up to five star, for both driver and passenger. We shall see pretty soon.

Safety ratings seem like a shortcoming of Nissan cars in general. They do especially terribly in the small offset IIHS test. I also hope they’ve seen some improvement there.

like the rear shot but not the front

You always been a tush man! 🙂

It looks better than I expected, but it’s no Model 3. It also won’t be priced like one, either.

But no national charging network, and clueless dealers will still keep me away from Leaf 2.0, even if its MSRP was $30k for 150 miles range.

Sorry Nissan, you lost me for Round 2 – too many bugs in Round 1.

This pic looks closer to the IDS concept.
Already the Leaf is crossover / crossoverish as you like since its height is 1.5 m + and it has 5 doors.
If you want to use AWD trim as a criterion, then we have to wait and see whether such trim will be available.

Still Leaf is the leader of the pack.

The pics aren’t good enough. If it was spot on like the concept it would be sweet imo. They should have just made the concept the L2. That thing looks really good. I honestly think the volt looks like a rental car/lower Cruze trim model.. the ionic is so so looking & the Prius is ugly. Tesla isn’t a superstar either for me. I’m a guy who leases. I don’t want a payment above 300 per month ever! Zero down is also the best if possible. I will lease another in 19. The plan is to go from a 16 gas powered accord to my first ev. My commute is only 15 minutes to work each day but I do take trips often all while staying under 12k miles per year. Not sure what I’ll go with but cargo space is a big factor for me along with comfort, & tech. I’m not a fan of the punk wanna be black roofs they’re going with these days. I’m 34 & want modern, clean, innovative design. But not ceramic white plastic like Prius mid century modern.. I’ll wait & see.

Eyes are everywhere. Funny how nobody can hide their future cars anymore.

Reminds me of the Bolt that got caught by a drone during a photo shoot, even with miles of black material over chain link fences to hide it. Second generation Cruze got nabbed by the lens when shooting early promo shots in an abandoned parking lot and I can think of others too.

The camo has to come off sometime, and there are eyes who know what to look for everywhere.

I think that’s why Tesla made sense by just exposing the car to everyone, and letting people snap away at uncamouflaged Model Xs and 3s just tooling around testing.

I don’t really understand the point of hiding these vehicles? If they’re so far along they’re actually testing, then they’re obviously coming out (too late to go back to the drawing board). What does it matter if the car is seen a couple months early? If anything it helps build hype.

Still looks ugly. whats with the “Floating Roof” thing now… so dumb.

My first thought was “WOOOAH! these self drive sensors on cars have got way out of control” then I noticed the ugly little hatch back and I thought “good, I can’t afford sexy.”

485 miles will be good

Another Euro point of view

It seems that Nissan is willing to address a very different market than Tesla Model 3. I would not be surprised for new Nissan Leaf to sell in average $15K cheaper than Model 3 which , with many very desirable options, will likely sell in average way above the announced base price of $35K (my guess: average price: $45K).

Look forward to seeing better pictures or in person. So far I’m not liking the exterior. Bolt exterior a bit better than Leaf, and then 3 better than Bolt. But, the exterior looks is pretty low on the list of importance for me. Its more important Nissan addresses battery temps and range loss.