New Nissan LEAF Already Threatens Old LEAF Sales Record In Norway

FEB 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

It’s going to be hot in Norway this year, at least in regards to plug-in electric car sales with the new Nissan LEAF now entering the delivery stage.

Nissan LEAF sales in Norway – 2017

Sales of the new LEAF just started in Norway and already in the first half of February we see 264 registrations appear.

At such a pace, the LEAF should be on track for more than 500 for the month, which would mark one of its best months ever in Norway.

The record for monthly sales for the LEAF in Norway stands at 716 units a few years ago.

We expect new records to be posted by the 2018 LEAF in several countries, but just in Norway alone there are more than 4,000 people waiting for delivery of their new LEAFS.

These are exciting times for LEAF fans and soon we’ll see what level of impact the new LEAF has on the global plug-in market.


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Good gosh put the new leaf picture on that graphic. Ugh. 🙂 — Besides your article is ON the new LEAF.

But this graph is regarding the sales figures for the old LEAF. So it’s correct 🙂

Very well designed and I hope they ramp up the production. Hope the 60 KWh version joins sooner. Please consider 80 KWh and AWD version in the coming years.

Why can’t we get more information about U.S. sales of the new Leaf? It’s interesting for us in the U.S. to see what is happening worldwide, but We really want to know how well the Leaf is selling here.

Click the upper right hand corner of the page.

Hint: Nissan has hardly sold any yet because the haven’t delivered many to dealers.

My dealer here in ohio sold 6 new leafs so far

I commute daily in dense urban traffic in Norway and I see a LOT of EVs these days. And plenty of last generation Leafs among them. Nissan has made a real impact and they really deserve strong sales for the new model! Congrats!

7300 waiting to get it.

I leased a 2018 Leaf,SV ,is awesome, good leg space, e-pedal is good, learning Pro pilot, pick up is very good, was having 2015 leaf too, San Antonio,Tx.All 2018 new 18models received here at all dealers have been sold,

I am really looking forward to 80kw awd SUV.
Or at least 60kw Suv.