New Nissan LEAF Named Best Small Family Car

DEC 21 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

The new Nissan LEAF, which soon will hit the British market, won the 2017 Next Green Car Awards in the Small Family Car category.

2018 Nissan LEAF

It seems that the 2018 LEAF caught and beat out the Volkswagen e-Golf (with newly extended range) at the last minute.

In the UK, there is no other BEV with a bigger battery (40 kWh) or more range (expected 150 miles/ 240 km EPA) at a price of £26,490 ($35,500) including OLEV grant.

NGC verdict states:

“A new Nissan LEAF is a big deal, and the Japanese firm has delivered on every attribute required to take its best-selling model back to the top of its class. The long range available is going to make the LEAF an attractive proposition for many, as is the new premium styling. Add in the extensive equipment on offer and the new LEAF looks set to fly off the forecourts.”

Here is the list of other Next Green Car Awards 2017 winners:

  • Citycar WINNER – smart fortwo electric drive
  • Supermini WINNER – BMW i3
  • Small Family Car – Nissan LEAF
  • Large Family Car WINNER – Toyota Prius Plug-In
  • Crossover / SUV WINNER – Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid
  • Executive WINNER – BMW 530e
  • Estate WINNER – Kia Optima Sportswagon PHEV
  • Next Generation WINNER – Jaguar I-Pace
  • Innovation WINNER – LEVC TX (plug-in taxi)

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12 Comments on "New Nissan LEAF Named Best Small Family Car"

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I’d say it’s more like the ultimate commuter car, between the 150 mile range, ProPilot option, and low price.

WHAT..??? The Prius Plug-in gets the Large Family Car Award?? I’m fairly certain that the LEAF is larger than the Prius, not to mention only having two rear seats instead of three like the LEAF!!

The PiP should get the Raspberry Plug In car award.

Yes, the Leaf can carry more people and cargo.

The PiP screws over BEVs by the attitude of their owners. They love to hog EV charging stations for the sake of convenient parking and refuse to move when full. Really annoying.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They piss me off all the time.
Hate that ****.

Yeah, I don’t know what criteria they are using. The LEAF is a mid-size car even by American standards.

Did they forget about Renault Zoe? :-O

It’s great as long as you don’t drive in the HEAT or own it long enough to see how fast the battery capacity goes down 10-20% each summer and never recovers. After 3 years your range is about half. Resale value is very low.

I just rolled over 140,000 km yesterday in my Leaf. Car is two months shy of 4 years old. I’ve lost about 16% capacity so far; pretty good for a car that has its pack cycled almost twice each weekday. (Climate is hot summers, cool winters).

My 2016 30kwh battery pack still has all capacity bars at 26,000KM. I think if you want to drive 75mph when it’s stinking hot and you run the air conditioning and then want to fast charge, the Leaf is not your car.

Recently fast chargers have come on line within my service territory. Although I don’t normally drive this way I will test my Leaf this way when the dog days of summer arrive in 2018 and I will be sure to post the results to this forum.

>>”In the UK, there is no other BEV with a bigger battery (40 kWh) or more range (expected 150 miles/ 240 km EPA) at a price of £26,490 ($35,500) including OLEV grant.”<<

"…no other BEV…"

I'm just wondering if there's some exclusionary subtext that I've not picked up on here, or did the person that wrote this forget about the Renault Zoe?
41kWh battery/186 miles realistic range (250 NEDC) and available – **BATTERY OWNED**, not rental (that's a cheaper model) – from £23770, including OLEV grant.
So that's a bigger battery (just), more range, and cheaper.
To re-iterate, that is the BATTERY OWNED model, NOT the battery rented, which is £5600 cheaper, at £18170 including OLEV grant.

BMW has two winners on the list. I’m surprised Tesla didn’t make the list?

PiPs should just be banned to unclog the highways.