New Nissan LEAF Lease Deal Of $229 Per Month, Lots Down


Just days ago, we learned the official EPA rating for the 2018 Nissan LEAF. With that figure now known, perhaps it’s time to consider signing a lease deal for the new-generation of the hatchback EV.

Leasing is by far the most popular purchasing option when it comes to EVs, so consider this $229 a month offer on the new 2018 LEAF S. The details are as follows:

  • $229 per month
  • 36 months
  • $3,979 due at signing
  • 12,000 miles per year
  • Tax, title, license extra

The Nissan LEAF S, the one listed in the deal above, starts at $29,990. However, fast charging is not standard on this base version. It’s optional at $1,590 as part of the Charge Package. We think all builds should include this capability, so in doing so the lease rate would increase slightly.

2018 LEAF Pricing

The fine print on the 2018 LEAF S lease reads:

2018 LEAF S Lease Offer

For comparative purposes, we’ve posted the current lease deal offered on the 2017 (old) Nissan LEAF S. The monthly payment is the same as the new 2018 LEAF, but the money due at signing $1,180 less. Much of this difference comes due to the manufacturer’s rebate, which on the 2017 is $11,550, but just $9,275 on the new 2018 LEAF.

2017 LEAF Lease Fine Print

2018 Nissan LEAF specs:

  • 151 miles of range
  • 147 HP
  • 40-kWh battery
  • 112 combined MPGe

You’ll find additional LEAF lease details at this Nissan Offers link.

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Still better then tesla financing of 3k nonrefundable down plus 1k reservation

Anyone who can’t afford a Tesla, and can’t quite swing a Bolt, should consider this lease, but be warned that before it’s up better / cheaper will be available I think. Some competition on the cheap end but the numbers are so sad.

You can get a Bolt at a lower rate than this. Maybe a good deal for those who can’t stand the seats in the Bolt?

Nissan wants people to it rather than lease, but their batteries are mile losing nightmares. Why oh why didn’t Nissan cool them, guaranteed obsolescence?

Because their battery chemistry doesn’t produce heat when charging.

I think they mostly fixed their degradation problem, but can’t say how complete their fix was.

I use their modules in my scooter conversion, and they work very well for mild climates

Huh? Charge once with a DCFC in summer and the battery temp goes to nearly red.

You can forget about long trips that need more than 1 charging stop.

I’d stick with leasing.

665 QCs here and 85% SOH on my 2015.


I plan on keeping the 2015 as my in-town car and adding a 60kWh EV later this year or next year.

Completely agree our 13 leaf only lost one bar in 25k miles… driven in eco, QC’d infrequently, always stored in a garage, still going strong 4 years later…sold to another local commuter… it will continue to serve well. Our 15 is still going with all bars at 30k same basic treatment. Feels like it has lost maybe 10 percent… in terms of miles available but still showing all bars… Even Teslas with all their temp management have some needs (setting daily charge to 70 to 80 percent) to ensure maximum life from the cells… Been driving 100% electric since 2013… learned to live with the limits then… in 2017 bought our Model X100D and now are living without limits. Marvelous cars… the LEAF and the Model X100D… why anyone buys gas anymore is beyond me.

Losing one bar, roughly 15%, in 25k miles is terrible.

Blimey! That’s a good deal, I’ve just been comparing the same deal on Nissan UK site, the new leaf ‘Visia’ with £2750 / $3893 down 36 months at £410/$580.45 10k/year

Excellent deal. How much payments for SV version and $2k or $0 down?

Not so good a deal for SV version at $356/mth with same $4k down. Pay $4572 more for a $2500 upgrade!

It’s a crap deal. Worse than plenty of regularly available Bolt deals in CA. The close to $4000 down increases the average monthly cost by over $100. You’d have to try hard to get a Bolt lease that costs more.

It’s amazing how many people focus only on the monthly payment and gloss over the up front monies due.

People would probably be more willing to sign a 36 month lease for a car advertised at $1/month***** versus a car at $250/month, $0 money due at signing car just because of the lower monthly payment.

“OMG! This car is almost free!! WOOHOO!!”
****$15,000 due at signing

So it’s the same monthly payment for just a bit more down for the 2018.

Notice that it’s also monthly cheaper to lease a SL 2018 vs a SL 2017, down payment aside.

Gladly the S come with DCFC port in Canada.

This is an interesting offer.

I personnaly would prefer an upgrade battery offer for my 2012, but it won’t come from Nissan, for sure.

$1600 for fast charging? And people complained about the Bolt EV charging $750 for it.

Personally, I think it’s fine not to include it as standard, as not everyone needs DCFC, which is mostly only for road trips, or if you don’t have charging access at home.

Nissan sucks for not making quick charge standard and I’m dissapointed in them for this poor product decision
Down the road when the first owner sells, the second owner will most certainly wish they had quick charge and wish they knew you couldn’t add it on to a used car when they bought the used leaf that was crippled to slow charging. Nissan and others should get zero carb credits for selling a car without quick charging. It’s a bad product.

As a second-hand owner of a Leaf without DCFC, I couldn’t agree more.

My wife and I drove a 2018 yesterday in a test drive. It was an SV. Nice car. Better in many respects than my 2015. The E brake was really nice. It allows vastly stronger regen with regen all the way to 0 MPH. It also holds the car still at a stop sign or until you start moving again. Looks far better than the 1st gen Leaf.

We test drive the Model 3 today. I am really looking forward to that.

Where and how are you Test driving a Model 3? I’m considering making a reservation but am hesitant to do so without a test drive. And yes, I know, it’s only $1k and it’s fully refundable. Guess I’m just old, don’t want to give up a single dime without at least a test drive.

That’s an incredibly good deal. Wish we had some good deals in the UK.

Impossible with 20% VAT plus other hidden charges!

229×35+3979+7500=$19494 for 3 year lease on a $30k car…wow that is expensive…NEXT!

+7500?? No, you don’t have to pay an extra $7500. But I think your point is that you don’t get the tax reduction. Any car after a 3 year lease is worth half new value or less. So 229×35+3979=$11994 and if you want to take the $7500 off the retail price then the car was worth $22490 so at end of lease the value is 46.7% i.e normal.

So in your world the fed credit just disappears? Nissan loves you. The credit is part of the total because they GET IT, it doesn’t just disappear…it’s a lease not a purchase. We were pretty rough on GM for eating half of it on the Bolt credit, Nissan is the same. I hope people don’t take on his deal until Nissan shows some decency in their pricing.

I guess you don’t read too well. the car was worth $2249″, I suppose I should have added “after the credit”. I didn’t ignore the credit, I applied it properly by reducing purchase price instead of adding it to payments made.

Dropped a 0 at the end of the price should have been $22490.

So u are a Nissan employee…otherwise why would you use the credit as a point of sale when it’s definitely not.
And that super low residual is normal to you only because the constant stealing of the credit by ev manufacturers on leases. Because it happens, it doesn’t make it right. I got my lease to fully discount the credit as it should and would never go for something like this.

I apologize, I was unreasonably harsh. I just feel that the true value is after the tax credit because this is what the purchaser pays. The tax credit is there to make the car cost competitive with ICEs as low production new technology is inherently more expensive to build. No I am not an employee and furthermore a strong Tesla fan..

The $20k cited at the beginning is not the price you pay, but the amount Nissan will get for that lease, your payments plus the tax credit.

No need to apologize, your point may be as valid as mine is…classy on your part.
My beef is that this credit is for the consumer not the manufacturer. This credit that Nissan eats up is not something you loose directly but we the tax payers are paying for it. This is not a lease that is competitive with the likes of ICE. Many ICE models out there for under $200 with 0 down.

Residual is a function of predicted market forces. Nobody will pay $15k for a 3-year old Leaf if a new one comes with a $7500 (or even $10000) tax credit. He’s being logical, not shilling for Nissan.

These numbers show no evidence of “stealing”. The car is expected to be worth around $11k in 3 years, so the manufacturer should get $20k+ in payments to cover that depreciation and interest.

What you are missing is that we are talking msrp here. Nissan gets $20k for a $25k car (probably less). When i got my eGolf i had a dispute with the dealer and at on point they had showed me their accounting papers. The negotiated price was $23600 and they lost $1k on the car so one would assume the real price of that car was under $25k on a $29k msrp.
When you enter into a contact with someone, knowing what the other party gets out of it will tell you if you are getting deal or being duped.

My 2012 Leaf that I leased was more expensive and $2500 down and $199 month. Nissan can do much better but this is a new model so they will initially change more as long as they can.

BMW’s i3 REX offer is just a little bit more.

WTF is with non standard DCFC ports? Sure, not everyone will it often, but you can bet you’ll need it one day. There is basically nothing to a DCFC PORT but a couple of high current cables to the battery. The AC charging is inherently more complicated.

What a about the 2nd owner of the car?

Completely agree, since the diminishing capacity over time of any EV battery make quick charging more useful as the vehicle ages. Keeps it on the road longer… Better for our Mother Earth.

How about $1000 down $300 per month 36 month lease 15000 miles per year for 2018 leaf SV? Take it or leave it

Those prices are just for starters, for the people who will dive in and lease one in the first few months. It won’t be long before their offers get way better than that, especially in CARB states.

You are absolutely correct in CARB states, we should see some good deals later this year. The 2018 Leaf SV should be available from Sunnyvale Nissan, and some of its surrounding competitors, for around $1,500.oo down and $199.oo/mo. on a 3 year/ 36k mi. Lease. This will be interesting, when the Nissan Fall
clearance sale incentives are introduced, the 2019 Leaf (60kWh) will be only about 3 or 4 months from hitting dealer showrooms, and the Tesla Model 3 will be well out of “production hell”.

That is exactly what happen when the car is on the market for nearly a year. Deals keep getting better. So the best thing to do is watch the market and wait for the end of the year or maybe blackfriday. Unless, of course, you desperate need another car because your lease is ending.

M3 - reserved -- Niro/Leaf 2.0/Outlander - TBD

Good starting spot. wait 6months for Bolt/ Niro/Leaf competition along with Tesla 3 fully ramped. GOing to be an interesting Summer/Fall time.

Wow. We got our leaf lease for practically free. Was $205/mo w $205 down on an SV. This lease deal doesn’t sound good.

My model 3 SR expected mid year.

The Ghetto Bolt at….not so ghetto prices. Lol

I guess this is one of the few areas where the new Leaf beats the Bolt: price. 😀

*lease pricing, I should say.

Can’t you stop being a troll?, you like the Bolt, fine. Now are you smart enought to write real coments?, where you the guy writing “japanese crap” or “vanilla camry” some years ago?. “Ghetto Bolt” is your inteligence limit?. Most of the comments here are interesting to read and very educated…yours are just plain crap..grow old or quite drinking

After reading your comment, I will change nothing. Thanks for the input though. I suggest spell check next time as you have horrible grammar.

I have to agree with bro1999 on this one. Leaf is inferior to Bolt in almost every way, yet lease price shown here is more than some Bolt deals. Paying more for getting less makes no sense, kind of reminds me of FCEV. Hopefully, some dealers will make it more competitive.