New Nissan LEAF Heading To Middle East Countries In 2019

JUN 28 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

Nissan LEAF to be introduced in the land of oil Middle East next year, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which apparently improved its charging infrastructure.

There is no hopes for big sales, but the Japanese manufacturer would like to make sure the LEAF is perceived as truly a global electric car.

Nissan Middle East General Manager Jurgen Schmitz hinted 2019 as the date when the new LEAF will hit showrooms.

“Speaking to Arabian Business on Tuesday, Schmitz said that Nissan’s regional plans call for the Leaf to be introduced “at least to a few selected markets in our region” over the course of the year.

“We know there are different maturities [in the region] in terms of acceptance of electric vehicles, and this is what we are currently analysing,” he said.”

In the case of the UAE, the small size of the country doesn’t apply big requirements on range, but we are wondering about how the LEAF will survive the hot climate as the battery doesn’t have liquid cooling. Maybe the UAE will jump straight to the upcoming 60 kWh version that potentially will be equipped with a thermal management system with A/C for the battery?


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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Will it be the Leaf with an active TMS?????

The author of this article doesn’t seem to understand the battery temperature issue of the Leaf. Ambient temperature is not directly a cause high battery temperature, fast charging is. If the owner of a Leaf in the UAE that only L2 charges or only DCFC charges once a day, they should never see high battery temperatures.

Yes, Nissan had battery issues in the past. But the controversy surrounding the current Leaf and the lack of TMS seems to me like a spin to discourage their sales.

Texas Leaf – I agree with you that it’s DCFC that are the main cause of excessive heat. Long sustained speeds over 110-120kph, or repeated bursts of strong acceleration can also cause added heat, but these are avoidable with some care. And it’s quite possible that UAE folks don’t make long journeys by car, so 1 DCFC a day may be all that 99.9% of Leafs ever experience.
Abu Dhabi and Dubai, being coastal cities, have summers only marginally hotter than San Antonio and Houston. Depending on the use case, even a non-TMS Leaf can work fine in the UAE climate. Do you happen to use LeafSpy in your vehicle? I’m doing some aggregate data analysis and would be glad of any logs.

A lot of first generation Leafs are apparently getting exported to countries like Jordan, so I think they’ll be fine as far as the battery goes, especially if it’s coming with a warranty from the showroom floor.