New Nissan LEAF Expected To Launch In China Later This Month

NOV 3 2017 BY MARK KANE 11

Must control fist of death!  The new Nissan LEAF went on sale in Japan on October 1st, and according to latest report, on November 17th should enter also Chinese market – despite the fact the original left is almost completely out of stock (and losing sales fast) in the US and Europe.

2018 Nissan LEAF

The previous LEAF was available in China, but known as the Venucia e30, under the Dongfeng Nissan joint venture.

It’s not clear yet whether the new LEAF still will be offered under Venucia brand, and where the final assembly will take place (we imagine early copies will be via Nissan’s Oppama, Japan plant as a costlier import). The original e30 was assembled at the Huada Plant in Guangzhou, China, not in Oppama, Japan.

It would be smart to eventually launch the 2018 LEAF’s production also in China and avoid all the import taxes; the factory is there operating now, so we don’t see why this won’t be the case, whether that be right out of the gate, or at some point in the near future.  As a sidenote to this development, Nissan sold its battery business to Chinese company GSR Capital, which in theory could enable it to more easily catch on to local incentives for New Energy Vehicles.

Only time will tell whether the new LEAF will begin to sell at higher rate in the country.

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If the new Leaf is and probably so will be assembled in China. Then the sales numbers will be massive.

It will be nice if its sold under Leaf brand as its a global name. China is the market to sell.

Oil prices have crossed $60 / barrel for Brent benchmark and the gas prices are increasing as well. This will prompt more customers to buy electric vehicles.

No. What will prompt more people to buy EVs is cheaper EVs. In this, I’m actually quite a lot disappointed in Nissan for not offering *any* under $25k – preferrably under $20k. Instead, they’ve opted to declare an EV a luxury car and have attempted to pack the maximum number of features into them.

Once they can be profitably built for a base price under $20k, then it’s game over for gas. Any car that cheap, with such insanely low operating costs is a complete no-brainer. Nobody would have to do the math based on gas prices at X amount, etc, etc.

Trust me, I live in a place where gas just reached the stratosphere of $5.50 USD/gallon, and has been consistently over $4 a gallon for the past two years (and only briefly dipped below that mark twice in 3 years). While EVs are visible, even prominent in our streets, they’re definitely not outselling gas vehicles.

I once asked a friend why he bought a Kia Soul over the electric version, and he said “because as much as I hate buying gas, $10,000 sure buys a lot of it.”

Tax incentive be damned!

The LEAF is little EV that could.

Great to be built in so many locations.

I see a big winner in our midst.

The longer the delay of the Model 3 — the more sales of Leaf 2.0 you will see in the US….

150 miles is not ideal – but WAY better than what is available today from Nissan and many other EV pretenders.

Plus ProPilot.

So let’s see. They are going to launch the leaf at 4 (or maybe 3) factories on 3 different continents at meaningful volume in a 60 day time span. Hmm…how did they ever get past all those man years of coding robot control software? They must not use any. I mean the only people who are capable of figuring it out are the engineers at Tesla.

End snark.

mhm cant comment on the video where the 720s beats the tesla, I wonder why

Because sparks and insults will be filled up the server and crash it. =)

Yep can’t comment on that tread to protect precious Telsa. They got beat but it’s still a great sports cars and more functional then these Supercars but insideevs needs to stop being on tesla

Yes, we put up a video where a Tesla gotten beaten, but then we turned off comments…because it was beaten – as opposed to just not running it at all if we were too Tesla sensitive. (Which I think if you look at the mountain of bad press on the Model 3 we have put out, we are no sensitive)

The ‘actual’ reason is we were cleaning out some older posts of lower/generic priority (ie-not breaking news) that had gotten pushed back because of larger stories.

At the same time, our system auto-shuts down threads once they get to a certain age or inactivity level (as only spammers and bot tend to find old threads…and pollute them to death).

As that article was penned over a month ago (check the video time stamp – Sept 26th), and had received no comments over 30 days (as it wasn’t published to do so), the system ‘protected’ it from spam.

/conspiracy over