New Nissan LEAF Expected To Get NISMO Performance Treatment


Sources are suggesting that the newly unveiled Nissan LEAF will get some performance upgrades in the near future courtesy of Nissan’s performance division NISMO.

We don’t expect this version to be offered in the U.S., but maybe, just maybe, Nissan will surprise us.

The last-generation Nissan LEAF had a short-lived NISMO version offered in Japan. It was never offered stateside, but fingers crossed that changes this time around.

Word of the new LEAF getting the NISMO treatment comes to us via LEAF design chief Alfonso Albaisa. He told Autocar that a “racier version” with NISMO bits is perhaps part of the future plan.

Quoting Albaisa:

“The previous Leaf’s design wasn’t popular with the majority of people, so its look couldn’t contribute to sales. The new car is lower, wider and sportier, with the point of this design being to get greater accessibility of the market.”

Nissan currently offers lots of NISMO vehicles for public sale, so this isn’t anything new. It’s not new to the LEAF either (see image below). But, if offered in the U.S., this would mark a first for the LEAF and NISMO, as we’ve not seen that combo here.

Nissan LEAF Nismo Spec (in Japan of course)

Autocar adds that it’s likely the NISMO variant won’t be offered until the longer range (60-kWh) LEAF E-Plus launches in 2019.

Full 2018 Nissan LEAF details here

Source: Autocar

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Next year’s EV will always be just a bit better.

If they announced a 60kwh would have bought one as soon as it hit the dealers floor…now what will I buy?

The longer you can hold out, your choices will grow significantly. By 2020, you may have more choices than you can shake a stick at!

$10K more over base probably gets you different wheels, stickier tires, firmer/lowered suspension ground effects and a shorter reduction gear to decrease the 0-60 by a half second all while taking a 25% range hit…

That’s my prediction as well. Unless there is a significant performance gain, it’s just lipstick on a pig.

Look at the performance model Zoe. I think that is a more likely example. It would be a briliant marketing move by Nissan.

Hopefully they can make the charging “racier.” Like… faster than 6.6kW disaster that the “new” Leaf has now.

Why? Most public L2 is only 6.6-7.2kW and you really don’t need any faster for overnight home charging.

They need to keep the packs from fading.

This just in… Base Tesla model 3 will still blow the doors off of any NISMO Leaf.

Is anyone else reminded of this?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either. That’s because the predictable result was “uh, sure, whatever” because they didn’t actually, you know, *improve* the drivetrain in the process. It had a faster 0-60 time thanks to a lighter body, and the exact same milquetoast top speed of 90MPH. Just a bunch of race-inspired cosmetic enhancements, really.

The Nismo Juke is almost the same way. They only changed the transmission. Same power, etc. as the other models.

And there’s no transmission on the Leaf to change. So I’d expect a cosmetic change only. That is if the car is offered at all. Sometimes Nismo versions are only shown or offered for race use, no sales at all.

In short, don’t get your hopes up from this tiny teaser.

The old Nissan leaf looks like a shrimp