New, More Powerful Renault ZOE Priced Just £250 Over Predecessor

MAR 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

Renault ZOE, with the slightly higher-power R110 electric motor (80 kW instead 68 kW), is going on sale as early as next week, according to the latest reports.

Renault Zoe R110

The price increase over the previous R90 version is only expected to be around £250 (or €283).

Autocar notes that in the UK, pricing will start from £18,995 (instead £18,745 in case of R90) before the £4,500 grant.

That’s not a big increase at all for stronger performance, so hopefully sales will increase. Remember that the lesser R90 will still be available, too.

More details on the ZOE R110 can be found in our earlier post here.

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Source: Autocar

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7 Comments on "New, More Powerful Renault ZOE Priced Just £250 Over Predecessor"

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Hmmmm. I feel they should have gone £250 lower then the previous price if they don’t want to start loosing sales to the Nissan Leaf.

The cars aren’t competing. The Zoe is one size class smaller.

And Renault owns Nissan.

EVs getting better for no price increase, love it! If the car has a big battery, power increases only involve engineering more powerful components, which should happen as parts manufacturers improve with volume.

It doesn’t work for wimpy plug-in hybrids. In five years Nissan and Renault will be able to sell budget BEV performance cars against dead-end V6 turbos with anemic e-motor assists in the transmission.

80kW is, by coincidence the power of the old Leaf motor, right?

I like seeing these increases. It suggests that they’re getting real with the appeal. Also, if it’s the same as the old Leaf, maybe Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi will rebate the Zoe…


Tweaking more power out of an electric motor could also just be exchanging the power inverter with a more powerful one – keeping the motor exactly as it was before….