New Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales Surge In Japan To New High In July

AUG 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 30

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Despite the fact that the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV entered the Japanese market on July 9, two thirds of the month was enough to set an all-time sales record.

 2,383 Outlander PHEV were sold in July

Previous record was 2,079 in February 2013, the second month of availability.

July’s result ends a slow three-month period of sales below 300 units with few last generation models available.  After moving just 2,927 Outlander PHEV in the first half of the year, July’s surge bring us to 5,310 and nearly 25,000 cumulatively in Japan.

The refreshed Outlander PHEV achieved one more success by breaking into the top selling models in Japan for first time (at least for this year). With 2,780 sales, Outlander stands at 25th in July.

More than 85.7% of Outlanders were PHEV, so the PHEV could be 30th best selling model even without adding sales of the conventional version.

Hopes for good sales in the coming months are huge, but more rational is probably 1,000-1,500 units a month in the longer term.

In the not-so distant future, the Okazaki plant must also feed new Outlander PHEVs to PHEV-hungry Europe, with the US market finally to follow in May of 2016.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sales in Japan - July 2015

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sales in Japan – July 2015

Mitsubishi delivered around 114 i-MiEVs in July, while the Nissan LEAF crisis deepens to 694 (-51% year-over-year). By introducing the new 2016 LEAF, Nissan could reverse the trend like Mitsubishi did.

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“In the not-so distant future, the Okazaki plant must also feed new Outlander PHEVs to PHEV-hungry Europe, with the US market finally to follow in May of 2016.”

Yeah, I don’t see one plant supplying “PHEV-hungry Europe” AND, the rather large US market. Not unless they plan on constraining US supplies to iMIEV levels.

Yes, we’re never getting this car( U.S.A. )

Makes sense for Japan to preserve all the economic advantage of Plug-in’s, it make their balance of trade picture better, along with less pollution.

Same reason why China should not export 1 single solar panel anywhere in the world.

You can be as sarcastic in your retort to my comment all you want. The simple math is that one manufacturing plant from a medium sized carmaker like Mitsu cannot produce enough Outlander PHEVs for Europe AND North America. The only way this could work is if they a) had not closed down their one North American plant, and 2) (or b)) had a manufacturing plant in Europe that could supplement production of the Outlander. Unless Mark neglected to mention that there is a plant in Europe and going off his statement that the Okazaki plant would have to supply Europe and North America, logistically, it just ain’t gonna happen! Not unless they expect 4 digit annual sales.

Why are they not planning on building the outlander PHEV in the U.S. To support the Huge US market?

They already build the Outlander sport in the U.S.

5kW PV

It boggles my mind. Mitsubishi is content on selling a dozen iMIEVs a month while it could be selling THOUSANDS of Outlander PHEVs in the US. They have had plenty of time to expand factory capability for production.

Yeah, I can’t figure it out. Keep trying to selling the underbatteried Kei car . . . not the SUV that you know Americans want. Insane.

Yes, … AND 4WD ,.. I almost forgot.

The Outlander really ought to sell very well here in the U.S. … I’ll be quite surprised if it doesn’t.

If you’re trying to justify the purchase on payback, .. the fuel savings (vs same type conventional) add up much faster than something like a Volt or Plug in Prius.

/it’s on my short list of “4 wheeled things with a plug” to buy in the next year or two.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV | Fully Charged

….. and another vid:

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Thank you for posting this link to the video, it’s a great review on a fabulous PHEV car.

EV AZ — Last month Mitsubishi announced they were going to sell their US automobile manufacturing plant. They aren’t going to build any cars here in the US anymore.

Mitsubishi is closing down their one and only plant in North America. The Normal Illinois plant.

First it was April, now it’s May, Here we go again. Just made my decision, getting a Volt.

Yes, I was thinking March/April also. But I could not find the post in it.

As long as you don’t need:

7.5 Inches ground clearance
Comfortable seating for 5
3300 lbs towing capacity

You should be fine

lol +1

or if you just need Honda CRX capacity/storage.

Same here. I only need something bigger a few times a year. That’s what car rental is for.

Perfect return mitsu 🙂

Give it a few months, then it will be Fall 2016, and then Spring 2017. Moving the goal posts seems to be about the only thing Mitsu is good at in the US.

The article is about sales in Japan. I don’t understand your comment. Can you explain?

Sorry, I thought your “perfect return” comment was specifically referring to the alleged eventual entry into the North American market. It is covered at the end of the article and is about all we’ve been talking about in the comments. Didn’t know you were referring to the Japan specific launch of the redesigned Outlander PHEV.

You are welcome. No my comment realy was only about the headline. I think it is good for Mitsubishi (and the EV group in general) that the sales of the new model in Japan are strong especially after the three slow months they had before.

Sure mitsubishi took their time to get to the US market, this is sad. But better late and big than early and divide little planned production all over the world (hear me Kia?).

Too much teasing about the Outlander PHEV.

I can’t take it anymore……lol

It is crazy that this is not available in the US yet. The only rational excuse is that perhaps they don’t have the manufacturing capacity?

The plants capacity is about 55,000 per year. what they need to do is give the US say 1,000 units per month but they need to start supply NOW not next year.

Sorry to say – this is just Classic Mitsu, I’ve Never understood them as a car manufacturer, since days of yore (3000GT).

They just never seem to get it right, like this is a red-headed stepchild, an ignored section of a much larger business, i.e., the goofy, unloved brother-in-law shows up and runs it occasionally between outfitting and crewing the yacht his wife’s father bought him.

Wiki says Mitsu Revenue in 2014 was 248.6 Billion. NA Revenue sales volume in 2014 was 77,643. If that was 25,000 ea. , .. then we’re talking 1.9 billion === ish.

1.9/248.6 = less than 1%. …..

So, … certainly not inconceivable that they’d just squash the who North American thing.,

It would be interesting to find out from Mitsu what proportion of miles done by Outlanders, worldwide, are driven with the engine running as opposed to not…. or, in other words, how many miles are ‘electric’ rather than ‘fossil fuel-ed’. I ask as it seems that Outlander drivers are basically being allowed to have their cake and eat it, too. They get all the advantages of a real EV driver (advantageous tax situations, parking, road lanes, ‘green halo’, etc) without the hair shirt.

Unfortunately, the number of stories about Outlanders blocking rapid chargers from waiting, real EV drivers (here in the UK at least) is getting worse. I appreciate that everyone has the right to use an RC on a first-come-first-serve basis but it seems a bit morally wrong for a hybrid driver to block an EV because they have the option of just putting in some fuel instead. Maybe it’s just me. MW

If you are wanting worldwide percentages you would need to work in km’s not miles as that is what most of the world use.

If i where to own a Outlander my electric km would be between 35-60% of my yearly driving. I average around 15k km a year.

I guess the european average should be around the same.

It just may be the US / North America is mostly irrelevant to Mitsubishi as their are better places for them n the world for them to do business and generate profit.

Besides Japan & Europe as a huge potential, China /Asia is the main game now & long term.
No longer North America – as some who still live on old times & outdated beliefs think it is. One can only print so much paper money until it fundamentally holds little value or sway.