New Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Ad “Ready when you are.” – Video

OCT 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Mitsubishi just reached the milestone of 25,000 sales of Outlander PHEV in UK, which is about half of all plug-in hybrids on the road for the nation.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

So far this year sales already touched 7,800.

The Japanese company recently introduced a free Chargemaster Homecharger unit promotion with new purchases in the country, and has also released interesting new ad at the same time.

The spot is entitled “Ready when you are.”

… which is more than a little ironic if you are viewing it from a U.S. consumer perspective (where the Mitsu has been delayed ~6 times and still wont arrive for at least another year), but overall the concept of promoting the Outlander PHEV everywhere else is worth a watch.

NEW OUTLANDER PHEV Video “Ready when you are.”

There comes a time in your life when you’re more aware of yourself and what you stand for. It’s when you choose a certain level of quality.
The OUTLANDER PHEV is for that time.
OUTLANDER PHEV is a car that’s always there for you; it’s made for your (new) life.

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Mitsubishi we’re “ready when you are” … some of US waiting for Outlnder PHEV arrival.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait beyond for a RougeOne?

The Outlander is now in its 5th model year, so this generation, probably, won’t make it to the US. The next generation might, but introducing a car that will stay for two years, at best, just doesn’t make sense.

I keep hearing that. Next generation, next, then next. It never happens. We finally waited long enough that we decided to pulled the trigger on a Model X when they had the 60kWh option. No regrets. Keep your empty promises Mitsubishi.

Collusion in the Auto Industry. CEO doesn’t want to give up that Exxon cash bribe.

ROFL at the tinfoil hat.
You do know that the reason it’s not in the US is because they’re selling every one they can make in Europe?
It doesn’t make sense for them to divert sales to the US, until they have much larger battery-production capacity.

The Outlander is not only the most popular EV in Europe — well over half of Outlander sales overall were of the PHEV (vs. ICE-only).

Nice feel good commercial.

How about, Range, and Price.

Well, we’ve been ready here in the USA for years… but it’s still not here.

I also thought the commercially was unnecessarily long. it could have been 1/4 this long and gotten the point across.

I’m going to grab the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrd. Has much more room.
Same EV miles.
Waiting 2 years just gave another option.

Bah bye!

It even has more EV miles. The Outlander is not getting 30 miles on a charge.
It would probably be rated somewhere between 22-26 miles EPA.

That Volvo XC90 T8 looks nice… Eeekspensive but nice, you know, for old people 😉


By the time it reaches us there will be 5 better options, once again leaving Mitsubishi USA a flop.

Now that Napoleon, I mean Carlos Ghosn and his General Trevor Mann are in charge of Mitsubishi Motors we may see some action in the US…

Oh, who am I kidding. The US plugin market is terrible. 🙁

25,000 sales of Outlander PHEV in the UK.
Just imagine how many sales the GM Bolt would make as they love their small hatchbacks in the UK.

“No soup for you!”, says GM on the RHD markets. Chicken soup.

Ha that was long and unnecessary. But they mean what they say about “ready when you are”. They expect you to “grow into it”, which means another 15 to 20 years time like that old man in the video. Go get married first and have a child. “Don’t wait for us” is what they’re saying. In the mean time the Tesla Model Y would be selling like hotcakes before that eyesore is ready. lol

I have one. Saves on fuel but the dash and MMCS are really bad I mean really bad

I am betting on Nissan launching a Plug in Pathfinder by then. They already sell the hybrid with Li batteries.

Perhaps Carlos will show up at the CES with a 200mi LEAF and a PHEV Pathfinder. Everyone is expecting EV but the real game changer would be plug in SUV. They is still no competition except for the overpriced luxury segment.

Mitsu … I suppose you know you have left a lot of money on the North American table. Who needs profits these days, right?

Neat video!