New Mini E Electric Car Spy Shots Surface

FEB 1 2019 BY MARK KANE 12

MINI E is on the last straight to production

As the MINI approaches launch date for its first series-produced all-electric model, another test mule was spotted by spy photographers during winter tests.

This new pre-production prototype is slightly different from previous ones, as you can see headlights and rear lights are the same as in the latest facelifted MINIs.

It seems that electric MINI will be very similar to the conventional version (three-door hatchback) with only small changes, details, a few aerodynamics features from the concept, new wheels (from concept). For example, the grille will basically be closed – in line with the modern EV trend.

According to a note from photographers, also inside there will not be many changes, except for a new digital display in front of the driver.

What we know and what is expected:

  • expected name Cooper S E
  • unveiling scheduled for 2019
  • production in Oxford, South England probably from November 2019
  • based on the Mini three-door hatchback and UKL1 platform adapted to accommodate batteries and electric drivetrain
  • range is expected to be up to around 200 miles (320 km)
  • electric motor probably 135 kW (from BMW i3S)
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Image Credit: CarPix

A new version of the Mini-E

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They should make that brand completely electric

Agreed ‼️

I think BMW will sell more electic than gasolin version of this car. Than they bring more electric Minis, because the technik is in every BMW i3. They only electric car (excluded Tesla) you dont have to wait for.

Looks super fun, hope it comes Stateside.

Hopefully Trump won’t allow it and we can keep them all here in the U.K. Anyway you guys won’t send us any Bolts.

That’s not correct, it’s being sold as the Opel Ampera E.

Not available as a R/H in the U.K we drive on the correct side of the road. Chevrolet didn’t want to sell too many and make a profit now did they?

Andy, If only a few do what you do in the world and nearly all others do the opposite, does that make you correct or just very late to adopt the “right” standard.
This situation is obviously similar for us in the states with regards to the metric system. Some decade this century we will actually grow up n adopt the better, more logical measuring standards.

I had a big argument with someone about this. The demand was so strong for the Bolt two years ago but GM strangely decided they don’t need to rush. Now nobody wants them anywhere.

When Britain re-applies for membership in the EU, the only condition should be to switch to the right side of the road.

Dang.. that’s fair.