New Mexico to Soon Get Two Tesla Superchargers


Supercharger Map Shows None in New Mexico Right NOw

Supercharger Map Shows None in New Mexico Right NOw

If you look upon Tesla’s Supercharger map today, you’ll see no sites in New Mexico.  The neighboring states of Colorado (2), Texas (5) and Arizona (1) all have at least one Supercharger, but New Mexico has none.

Two Sites Similar to This Will Soon Be Operational in New Mexico

Two Sites Similar to This Will Soon Be Operational in New Mexico

That’ll change soon as cities of Gallup and Farmington, New Mexico are both slated to have Supercharger stations open up any day now.

The site in Gallup is expected to open first (perhaps within a day or two), whereas the Supercharger site in Farmington isn’t expected to be operational until sometime in January.

Farmington Mayor Tommy Roberts says the Supercharger site will drive up tourism in the Four Corners area, so that’s an added bonus for the city.

Tesla spokesman Patrick Jones says this of Supercharger installs:

“While people are plugged in and getting a charge, they’re actually in town and eating at restaurants, shopping at local places.”

Perhaps that’s why so many cities across the US are eager to get Superchargers.

Source: ABQ Journal

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If cities are so eager to get supercharging stations, maybe they should offer to pay for some of it and help cut some of the red tape.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

It’s a shame Tesla doesn’t try harder to aggressively partner with companies for siting SC installations, particularly mall/shopping center management companies, maybe some big boxes, or restaurants with larger RE portfolios.

SolarCity should also be leasing parking lot solutions, especially in the SW/W where shaded parking would be particularly welcome.

I think you’re assuming that they aren’t working all those angles?

They will build solar canopies after they have built out the current planned Supercharger network.

It will be interesting to see where the one between Gallup and Phx goes. It looks like from the SC map it might be in Heber which is a somewhat small hick town up on the rim in AZ.

As that one’s not scheduled before 2015 I suspect the location isn’t set in stone. They could just as easily opt for Payson, Show Low, Globe or some combination.

First one in South Carolina just opened, in Santee.
6 stalls.

It’s the 49th in US.