New (March 2017) Tesla Gigafactory Images Emerge

MAR 25 2017 BY MARK KANE 17

Teslarati published aerial photos of Tesla Gigafactory 1, obtained from the NM Group (an international company providing asset management services to the utilities industry), which was in the area on March 17.

The battery factory was compared to a small city.

Tesla Gigafactory (source: NM Group via Teslarati)

New sections seems to be completed, but there is no official description of the particular purposes of each section. Few more are under preparation but not yet at the construction stage.

“The newly completed sections represent a significant portion of the $1 billion in construction costs taking place at Gigafactory 1. We reported last month that building permits issued by Storey County Community Development revealed that Tesla was issued 23 new permits between November, 2016 and February of this year. One particular permit called for a $404 million addendum to Section D and Section E, making it the largest single permit issued to date.”

The Gigafactory produces lithium-ion cells and complete energy storage systems (Powerwalls and Powerpacks).

Check out more photos and further on the story at Teslarati

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The completed pattern sort of looks like a giant battery.

I can see now how Telsa will penetrate the battery market… with this factory… in its actual shape… 😀

Lots of cars in the parking lot!!

That’s the problem, I doubt any if at all, any Tesla employees can afford a Tesla S or X, at $80k+ or S & $100k for X, can’t wait for 3, so us mere mortals can afford it

I noticed that too. First sign of true activity (other than building the place)

This positive change and progress is what most concerns the fossil fools of the world and their shills.

I’d give Tesla until Christmas before they’re bankrupt and gone..

Probably the Christmas after you’re gone…and fossil fuels part of the History Channel.

I see you left out the year. How quaint.

Leaves him wiggle room.

Imagine if no one replied to John. Just ignore her.

Best idea yet! Don’t feed under any circumbsances or bridges!

Actually I was just playin’ with everyone here. I jest at those who actually throw out comments like that based on nothing. I toured the Gigafactory a year ago, when folks use the cliche about “the smartest guy in the room” it’s actually really Elon. I hope things go well for the Model 3 release, I’m biding my time patiently for a lightly used Model S in the next couple years…

I see it didn’t take long for an anti-Tesla/pro fossil fool shill to come along did it?

I have noticed that the closer and closer Tesla gets to full scale production/distribution of the Model 3 and its energy storage products made possible by the Gigafactory#1 on all the clean tech and transportation websites the more and more such zombie trolls there are coming out from under their bridges or their parents’ basements.

I also notice they virtually all spout pretty much the same nonsensical story that Tesla is going bankrupt and electric cars are coal powered, etc, etc etc and on sites that use Discus their profiles are almost always private for some reason?

Makes me think that some powerful individuals and their industries are getting very nervous and are funding much of the right-wing blather they keep regurgitating.

Its going to be fun watching them circling the bowl as they go down the toilet of history.

Impressive. Also the number of cars there is indeed impressive as well…..I’m sure Nevada is happy they believed in Tesla several years ago…..

We have a 90 X. Ain’t never going back. Bump up your 401k, Roth, and normal IRAs.

ALL ELECTRIC ALL ELECTRIC…coming to your town soon