New Legislation, Tesla Fleets Will Make London An EV Hub




A Tesla Model S in the EV Hire fleet (Source: EV Hire)


It looks as if drivers in London may soon be giving up the gas pump. Recently, it was announced that the UK intends to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040, when all vehicles must be fully electric. Furthermore, researchers at Imperial College London are forecasting that, “battery-powered vehicles could rival traditional internal combustion engines as soon as three years from now.”


A Tesla Model X in the EV Hire fleet (Source: EV Hire)

It’s no wonder the city is transitioning to electric vehicles. London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, recently explained that “cleaning up London’s toxic air is now an issue of life and death.”

Already, London’s iconic black cabs are turning green as the “London Taxi Company, which manufactures London’s world famous black cab, has re-launched as the London EV (Electric Vehicle) Company.” Companies like Ubitricity are even converting London’s street lamps into electric car charging points.

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Left: London’s new all-electric taxi; Right: Ubitricity’s street lamp in London converted into a electric vehicle charging point (Source: CNBCInternational Business Times)

According to Ivan Fallon at The National, Tesla is gaining a lot of traction in London.

Fallon reports:

“A Tesla electric car appeared on my street in London the other day, causing passers-by to stop and stare at its elegant shape and peer in the window at its revolutionary dashboard and controls. A few minutes later another drove by causing heads to turn, and in the space of an hour I saw four… [later] a friend took me for a ride in his gleaming Model S, which he reckons is the best car he has ever owned – including, he remarked modestly, his Ferrari, which now sits idle in his garage.”


A look inside one of EV Hire’s Tesla vehicles (Source: EV Hire)

One company, based in Croydon, is taking advantage of this — EV Hire just started booking a fleet of “ludicrous” P100D Teslas to locals. I spoke with Daryl Pearce, EV Hire’s founder, about his aim with the company.

Pearce explained, “The Tesla vehicles that I stock are the fastest production cars ever produced to date. I mean, the Model S P100D is proven to be faster than a Bugatti Veyron going from 0-60mph. I never thought I would see the day that an EV could achieve that.”


A Tesla Model S in the EV Hire fleet (Source: EV Hire)

EV Hire wants to help spread the Tesla message throughout the UK. Pearce explains, “These Teslas prove that an EV cannot just compete with combustion driven vehicles, they can outperform them on every level. We’re passionate about helping people to see and experience these feats of engineering… discovering for themselves how these cars will shape the future of vehicle design for years to come.”


Another Tesla Model X in the EV Hire fleet (Source: EV Hire)

Looking ahead, Pearce forecasts a bright future for EV Hire.

He explains, “I can only see us having to expand the fleet, especially with the imminent release of the Tesla Model 3… [but] the models I have selected for the fleet retail for up to £150,000+.”

So how’s it going so far? Pearce admits, “We only opened this July in Croydon and already the order book has filled up exceptionally fast.”

Source: EV Hire

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Does anyone really think that a prediction of a ban for 2040 is going to go into effect that year?

It’s not realistic for politicians to plan to ban something 23 years in advance, especially when it’s partly dependent on technological improvement. We EV advocates can certainly hope it will happen sooner than that!

It would be interesting to have a betting pool for what year this will happen, but I rather doubt anyone would be interested in running a betting pool that won’t pay off for 23 years! 😛

Nope, it won’t go into effect that year… and that’s because it won’t be necessary. EVs will have most of the market before 2040 not due to legislation, but due to economics.


It is 44 deg Celsius(111 deg F) today in Rome and in most parts of Europe such temperatures this summer have become common, Co2 will only keep on accumulating and so the temps also could get higher in the coming years

Recently, it was announced that the UK intends to ban the sale of all Non Hybrid diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040,
Note the words Non Hybrid have been left out from what was stated.
By 2040 all ICE cars will have some sort of hybrid system.

Well they want zero emissions so I don’t think they want anything where you put petrol or diesel into the tank.

Gas and diesel cars will be uneconomic long before that time. It’s not really a very aggressive goal, and almost certainly will be surpassed.

“…when all vehicles must be fully electric…” No. It actually said ‘all *new* *cars and vans*’ and it didn’t ‘ban non-hybrids’ either it just ‘banned’ ICE’d cars and vans – to my mind that would include hybrids but no-one else appears to understand the difference so I don’t expect Mr Gove (UK Environment Minister) does either. However, the same government plan calls for a ‘T-tax’ (toxic tax) on older, more polluting ICEVs entering central London at £10/day (to add to the £11/day Congestion Charge). About flippin’ time!