New Land Rover Defender Expected To Get All-Electric Version


The Defender should be on sale in the first half of 2019.

Anonymous Land Rover insiders once again insinuate that a fully electrified version of the next-gen Defender would be part of the new model’s lineup. The unnamed sources tell Motoring that the current plan is for the EV to have at least one motor and a high-capacity battery, but these folks wouldn’t provide any further info.

Current rumors indicate that the new Defender would debut in production form at Land Rover’s 70th anniversary celebration in the second half of 2018. Actual sales would commence in the first half of 2019, and the revived off-roader would eventually be available globally, including in the United States.

Land Rover has reportedly abandoned plans to use the DC100 concept (below) as the styling inspiration for the new Defender because of a poor reception to the retro-inspired show car. Instead, the company has decided on what Land Rover creative director Gerry McGovern called a “polarizing” look, and he promised that it wasn’t “a facsimile of the old one.”

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Will have „at least one motor“.

Who would have thunk it.

Just curious, the comment header says 3 responses yet I only see one. This happens a lot. Are there three responses or only one? If there are three where are the other two? If there is only one then why can’t the software count to 1 reliably? 🙂

This happens if comments were removed as spam, moderated, etc. If a comment is removed, generally all replies to it disappear as well. Many times it can also be an edit request for a comment or an article that was fixed, so we don’t leave the request or it causes confusion.

Thank you, That makes perfect sense. I will quit being concerned about it.

Of course it will.
It’s Jaguar Landrover, owned by Tata.
They need electric to sell to meet tightening emissions standards.

There are some benefits to using just one motor, it is far simpeler and can easily be integrated into the existing locking center and axle diffs. If you want off road chops, that’s where to go. No silly ABS braking to get traction to the ground.

How does 2 motors hinder you to put diff-locks on the axle? I only see how it can give you more control over traction – not less!

It ought to have been a clean slate where electric motors make a transfer case and gear box redundant and the lack of a motor taking up space allow for super massively long travel front suspension. If it needed a REX then that could be unplugged and removed from the car as a portable generator.

Theres your concept.

“at least one motor” — that surely has to be a typo for “at least two”?
I doubt anything by Land Rover called Defender would not have 4WD, and I doubt any 4WD BEV would make do with one motor, adding a driveshaft…

Interesting question re range… This obviously won’t be a lightweight vehicle, even if made of aluminum. Defenders are commonly used as long-range vehicles, and the 110 version (common as dirt track utility & Safari vehicles) get 700km on their 80-liter tank.
Off paved roads, there’s not going to be lots of places to plug-in… If the BEV version isn’t to be a toy, while it may not need 700km of range, it definitely needs 500 (with spare for A/C).

If range is the concern then sell a version with a small battery and a range extender. A 20% improvement in range over the pure ICE version would be expected. Quite possibly more.

I was expecting a Defender not a Mini Cooper looking car. So dissapointed 🙁

My dad has a land rover because he wants our family to go on hiking trips. It was discussed here that land rovers usually have a polarizing look. Furthermore, when it needs repair, it will be best to visit a professional land rover technician.