New Kia Soul EV To Ride On Kona Platform, Go 186 Miles Per Charge

FEB 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 66

South Korean media reports that the third generation Kia Soul is coming this year and that includes an electric version that goes at least 186 miles per charge.

Kia Soul EV

The new Kia Soul EV will be based on the common platform that was developed for the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV Concept.

That means some 186 miles (300 km) of range will be offered! Will it get the Kona’s base 39.2 kWh battery? Seems likely, but will the even bigger 64 kWh pack from the range-topping Kona be made available too? We can hope.

Even the 39.2 kWh battery would be major upgrade compared to the 111 miles after the most recent update to a 30 kWh battery for the current Soul EV. reports that the third generation Soul will be launched in the second half of 2018. Whether it means that the electric version will go on sale soon after is unclear right now.

We expect that together with moving to a new platform, Kia will also abandon CHAdeMO and offer CCS Combo fast charging inlet.

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Since late 2014, Kia sold some 5,400 Soul EV in the U.S. (through the end of January 2018) with a peak of 300 units a month in 2017.


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According to the scorecard, they only sold about 2100 total in the USA last year.

Although I haven’t checked into an owners forum, I’ve yet to meet an owner on other online sites like this one.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

I’ve met one in real life and seen a few scooting around. But I agree, they are pretty rare in comparison to other options on the market.

2017 Soul EV owner checking in. Seattle area.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

There are 2 that parks in our employee garage.

Most were sold in Norway?
I see these all the time. Not a favourite of mine, but owners are happy with them – as far as I know.

And Canada. Ours is a 2018. Wonder if the new battery is a drop in replacement…

There are a few owners and former owners on the Inside EVs forums.

I’ve seen at least one driving around my area.

With nearly 200 miles of range, this update would make the Soul EV a more appealing car! But more range can’t help if inventory continues to be as sparse as it is today.

I tried sitting in the front passenger seat and was surprised how good and wide the seat was, and also the room for those in the back seat. There isn’t much room for luggage, but I guess that’s not the point with this car.

It is deceptive, since the trunk floor is removable and there is lots of room for luggage if you remove it. It is a really good car, I like it a lot. Drives way better than the ICE version. Would be a lot better with better tires.

I sat in the driver seat of a Soul EV at an auto show and was pleasantly surprised at how roomy and comfortable it was for my large body. And unlike with some Korean cars (Sonata Hybrid, Ioniq), I had no head bump issues when entering/exiting the Soul EV.

Also a good choice for elderly/disabled passengers.

It is fantastic as a city car. Nice and compact with seating for five.

There’s one driving around my neighborhood. If you attend one of this year’s Drive Electric Week, you may see a few of them if you live in a state where they are sold or leased.

I’m pretty sure that the Soul EV is available for order at dealers nationwide, even though it’s only stocked in CARB states.

My Mississippi dealer says no.

i have a leased 2017 kia soul ev, intense car even though its not a mileage leader. i luv this car ! i feel safe in it.

You aren’t looking hard enough. I saw 3 Kia Soul EVs today around town. Though it could be because of confirmation bias as well!

I see at least two every day. Oh yeah, they are both mine. 🙂

Does that give you any hint about whether I like them not?

If the longer range one actually comes out it will replace the the leased Soul EV I have. I am concerned, however, about the prospect of not having CHAdeMO. The best value around here for charging have only CHAdeMO plugs, no CCS. Maybe someone will come up with a CHAdeMO to CCS adapter.

Most new quick chargers have combo chademo n ccs

And not one of them was sold in Pennsylvania.

It’s not a matter of “no demand”, it’s more of a “we’re not interested in selling them”.

Yeah, Kia dealers loathe selling EVs. I am trying to talk to a dealer in NY about a lease and it’s like pulling teeth. They do their best to ignore me.

low soul ev sales is due primarily to limited range. my 2017 has only 93 miles. however, all bets are off once they go with the 40kWh battery pack. and i’m sure with the kona ev and niro ev, people will start thinking seriously about going ev

I am currently leasing a 2016 Kia Soul EV+

Kia Soul EV owner here. Southern California checking in.

This could be good and depending on the price, I think we’ll see a real coalescing of vehicles around this range moving forward.

Please InsideEVs check the current fuel economy rating for 2018 KIA Soul EV with 30 kWh usable battery capacity.

2018 with 30 kWh: 111 miles range;

So with 39.2 kWh: 154 miles range can be expected … just slightly better than 2018 Nissan LEAF. If Soul EV does come with 60 kWh option (like LEAF in 2020), perhaps 222 miles range?

Not sure where the 186 mile range came from … BUT hard to believe based on an US drive test cycle.

Ref: 2018 Soul EV

Not sure where the 186 mile range came from … BUT hard to believe based on an US drive test cycle.

It could be that 154EPA ~= 186 WLTP

It must b based upon the Korean driving cycle. The Epa equivalent should be 150-160 miles.

Doesn’t Korea use JC08? Regardless I read another article on greencarcongress and they confirmed that is WLTP.

Yeah, that does not add up correctly.

Here is where the range was reported. Someone assumed that the Soul EV would get the same range with the 39 kWh battery as the Kona:

“The entry-level Kona Electric features an electric motor good for 133 horsepower (99 kilowatts) and an instant torque of 291 pound-feet (395 Newton-meters). It comes with a 39.2-kWh battery pack with enough juice for a maximum range of 300 kilometers (186 miles)”

Not a valid assumption, as the Soul EV has a much higher CdA than the Kona.

Oh, and here is the rest of the IEVs article sentence about the Kona range – not based on EPA, but WLTP range test procedure:

“…. in the new Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), which is widely considered as being significantly more relevant than the outgoing New European Driving Cycle (NEDC)”

Thanks. The info on HP is great info.

99 kW would be nice bump up from current 81 kW in 2016-2018 Soul EVs.

I leased a 2015 KIA,SOUL EV and found 14 others with one in the Phoenix , AZ area. 100% of them have had battery failures of 30% or more capacity loss.
Ours also had the controller shut down twice from the HEAT. Many all over the country have teporated their OBC On Board Chargers have failed. It takes 1 to 2 months to get them teplaced.
I hope the new ones do better !

the reason i leased our 2017 soul ev was because the next few years will see big strides in EV’s. 40kWh battery pack minimum, along with some more modern features like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control etc.

Kia Soul EV owner in Portland Or. Love the car – can’t wait to see what the new version brings. My lease is up in Sept ‘18, so hopefully perfect timing for me to consider another one.

Love the interior size and features. Really works for my needs. Kia needs to step up their app and app access, hopefully that is coming with all the new EV models launching.

Does Kia not share the Hyundai app? From what I’ve heard, the Hyundai app is pretty good.

Nice. It’s finally starting to happen.

If it remains a compliance car, then more years will go by in which I never see one.

Just bring the Niro EV ASAP.

Why do you reckon they’re going to CCS? LEAF 2.0 is still on Chademo. There’s a huge problem of installed base.

Because Kia’s parent company, Hyundai has committed to CCS. Plus, South Korea recently announced that they are adopting CCS as the official standard to be used in the country.

It really doesn’t matter: CCS Combo, or CHAdeMO.

Many current public stations have both connector types; and any new stations will have both. This is valid for and.N.America Europe and S.Korea.

If need more details look at PlugShare majority of stations in each country already have both! Really no different then wheels with for lugnuts or five lug nuts.

CCS is the South Korean, European and North American standard. Everyone is going CCS.

I would love to have a side by side comparison of the Hunday Kona and the Kia SoulEv.

I’ve been driving a leased 27kWh Soul for a number of months now and I have to say it’s the comfiest car I’ve driven. I had one last year whilst waiting for my Ioniq to be delivered … the lease for which I cancelled 2 weeks later as the seat was causing me back ache – the first car I’ve ever driven to do so!

I’ve since been back in a flexi-lease Soul and I just love the ride quality and seats. Just a shame it’s so hideous, particularly from the front!

The satnav is great too – very clean and logically designed.

Now waiting to receive my 40kWh … which unfortunately doesn’t seem to have such comfy seats, based on the demonstrators I’ve sat in / driven. Car manufacturers take note – make seats that are like the Soul’s please!! The new Leaf’s satnav is also a mess compared to the Soul’s …

M3 - Configured - Niro/Soul/Leaf - TBD

This would be interesting to compare against the Niro EV with those miles. Really, isn’t just siphoning from each other?

Soul EV owners love their car. Can see this longer range and more power version do fairly well.

0 – 60 in 9.7 sec is pathetic!
Maybe improve that and stop giving EVs a bad name.

i read that the US will only get the larger 64kWh kona ev,, which gets to 60 in 7,6 seconds

The only place that matters is the track. Being an EV, it should have pretty decent 0-30 times and that’s the range where acceleration is far more important.

I leased a 2016 in NJ. I really like it,more range and it’s perfect.

I’m really surprised Kia is continuing to develop the Soul EV.
Being a conversion from ICE, I always figured it for a temporary compliance / large-scale pilot play, which they’d abandon once they had from-scratch BEV designs. As noted above, aerodynamics are a problem with the boxy shape.

However, they updated the battery slightly for 2018, and now a further, significant, drivetrain update for next year?
I’d have expected it to compete too much with Niro/Kona and maybe Ioniq. It’s not a brand issue either: I don’t know of anyone who would be willing to consider a Hyundai but wouldn’t be willing to consider a Kia, or vice-versa.
Incidentally, Hyundai & Kia are the two best-selling ICE brands locally, with 26% of the market between them.

The boxy shape is what interests me. My wife has trouble getting in and out of cars that are closer to the ground. Also to the elderly driver, range and acceleration limits are less of a disadvantage. We just don’t go far at a time. Long trips are taken in my F-250, which is easy to enter and exit for her. Our only problem is Kia doesn’t sell their Soul EV in Mississippi.

Likely niro bev won’t be in USA till MY 2020. A 40kwh Soul EV would be a good holdover till Niro bev gets here. Kona bev should be here by Xmas

People absolutely LOVE their Soul EVs.

It’s a wonderful car… one of the best performers speaking overal (albeit with a slightly shorter range due to a small battery).

Here’s a good article with 6 interviews of the Soul EV owners:

It’s a shame it’s not widely sold outside a few compliance states.

I’ve not seen one in Alabama, but it’s not like we’re on the compliance makers radar screen.

It likely won’t be stocked anytime soon, but it should be possible to order from a Kia dealer there.

This is great news, especially for people like me who are actively shopping for an EV replacement. Between the 2019 Leaf (60 kWh), the 2019 Focus EV, (hopefully) a Bolt with fixed seats and dash coloring, and (hopefully) this longer range Kia, my wife and I might actually (gasp!) have some options locally.

Beyond that, it’s increasingly clear that Hyundai/Kia is one of the second-tier companies, at least in the US, that will try to use the disruptive technology of EVs to leapfrog some of the bigger competitors. Take note, Ford, Honda, Toyota: You snooze, you lose.

No evidence Ford will offer a new gen focus bev.
While the Hyundai/Kia BEVs are getting better n more numerous, there is ample evidence that their bevs are only compliance vehicles for them. So numbers will be limited as well as availability outside of carb states.

If they’re going to increase range to 150+ miles, doesn’t it make sense to offer the car nationwide?
Does anyone know for certain?

Slowly we are inching towards “top 10 selling” vehicles having PHEV or EV equivalents. The Clarity PHEV is a huge step forward for the former since it seems to not compromise anything relative to the top 10 selling Accord. Kona/Soul are a bit shy of the top 10 selling CUVs interior space wise but getting closer.

Anyone hear if this new platform will have liquid cooling for the battery? I have a Leaf, and have already replaced the air cooled battery due heat degradation.

I think the leaf is the only bev offered in the states with air cooling

Love My SOul, and prefer the size over the Kona or Niro. Hoping for a 200 mile plus version with 7 sec 0-60.

Here another 27 kW Soul EV owner, in France. In this country it really is a plus to have CHAdeMO, since that standard has much more plugs around. Many charge points, especially the free ones, sponsored by Nissan (at Auchan supermarkets and at IKEA for instance), only have CHAdeMO and AC, not CCS.

I’m happy with the car, it’s roomy, comfortable and very silent, and can do everything I need, even travel. Just. But 39 kW would be better.

Don’t forget however, contrary what many people think: EVs age well. Yes, with time you loose a bit of range, but with time the number of fast chargers grow as well. In 2015 there were still routes through France I couldn’t take since fast chargers were missing at the right spots. Now I can take any route.

Just like a good French wine, my car gets better over time…

They could fit both Chademo and CCS adapters behind that door if they really wanted….