New Interior Image Of Tesla Model 3 Surfaces


A lone interior image of a Tesla Model 3 has emerged via Richard Hennessey on Instagram over the weekend.

The image appears to show the same interior setup for a Model 3 that we’ve seen a few times now, so we assume this is still an early prototype version of the Model 3.

From the caption it appears as though this Model 3 being driven near the grounds of the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.

Editor’s Note: Richard’s Instagram page has apparently now been removed, but here is a cache of the shot.

Tesla Model 3 Interior (via Instagram/Richard Hennessey)

Tesla Model 3 Interior (via Instagram/Richard Hennessey)

Below is one of the few existing interior images from one of the early Model 3 prototypes revealed by Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 Interior Dash (from the live reveal)

Tesla Model 3 Interior Dash (from the live reveal)

And here’s an interior shot captured more recently:

Tesla Model 3 Interior - Image Via Larry Wu

Tesla Model 3 Interior – Image Via Larry Wu

Source: Instagram, via Electrek

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I like the interior in the last pic. Very clean.

True, but the screen, not being fully integrated is just begging to be ripped out.

Thankfully, I live in a safe city.

…And do what with it?

When does thieves and good sense go hand in hand?

Tesla, I hope you’re taking notes.
If I’d have any say in it, I’d keep that interior mostly as is. I’d switch from the 16:9 to a 21:9 screen, I’d make sure to still have buttons on a slightly redesigned steering wheel and, last but not least, I’d add a really nice HUD just like Citroen did in their concept.

A couple more pics of that same design

Right… a *square* steering wheel. Never seen a better example of the folly of ‘form over function’.

If you’d look at the last picture I posted, you would realize that a curved upper part of the steering wheel could impede vision of the HUD. While I get what you’re trying to say, this really isn’t an example of “design for design’s sake”.

I’m not happy with having to read the car’s speed off the upper left corner of the center screen. If it isn’t done on the Model S, then why do it on the Model 3? Put the damn HUD in the car!! I don’t mind a modern look inside, but I want a car, not a spaceship??

I don’t like that center display.. Give me a real instrument panel! I’m glad I went ahead and bought a 2017 Volt.

Control panel is part of the past, in fact the model S shows music, a clock and nice cars in front of you, nothing to call a dash in the old fashion way.

The 2004 Nissan Quest had the display to the right. I liked it there especially during night driving. 2006 model I be it was they moved it back to behind the steering because of complaints. More people than not are idiots and don’t except change even when it’s practical and well thought out.

I don’t get it either, David. If Tesla wants to ruin driving, I’m sure they’ll manage. It has nothing to do with “old”, and everything with what you want to do in a car.

I like keeping my eyes on the road. If that won’t help Tesla prove automation is safer, than I expect Musk will keep moving the display to the right.

“I don’t like that center display.. Give me a real instrument panel!”

“I like keeping my eyes on the road.”

I think you guys are exaggerating things quite a bit. That center console is just to the right of the person’s right hand. The difference between looking straight down from the windshield and looking down and to the right from the windshield is pretty tiny.

And I suspect you’ll be able to configure the center display GUI however you would like so you can put your most favored things in the upper-right corner. It is just a hair difference from a center console. And it has the advantages of being fully upgradeable, customizable, and available to the person in the front passenger seat.

I understand your are not 100% familiar with it but I suspect that you’ll adapt to it in about an hour.

And if they really add-in a HUD that displays the most important driving metrics like speed, there will be no issue at all.

I have a Mini Clubman with a center dash speedometer and for two years now, I’m still looking between the spokes of the steering wheel for speed info. Luckily, I can customize the digital display to show speed.

“looking between the spokes” is an apt description of the limitations of having driver information behind your hands, arms, and steering wheel.

I happen to like an offset display better. Especially since I’m right-handed.

Volts are for children

A Volt. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Congratulations.

“cutting edge”, “groundbreaking”, “innovative”… words to describe Tesla as a whole. One word to describe this interior: Boring

Yes its boring and I looove it 🙂 Even if it won’t come with a HUD.

Out with the 0LD In with the NEW ! Nice and Clean ! Although I fail to see much difference from the original dash at the introduction..But I like it !……………LOL………………WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG !!!

I wish they would create the HVAC controls with real knobs/buttons. I don’t want to deal w/screens for that. Maybe that will be part of the advanced controls on the steering wheel.

Voice control. Just tell the car that you’re warm and it’ll do the rest.

I’ve never had good luck w/voice control. And it’s much faster/easier to just tap a button or turn a knob.

I tend to agree on the knobs. However the Model S screen/center display is large enough so the target button is bigger also. Not at all like the touch buttons on the Volt which I did not like.

Also you must remember that real buttons and knobs add cost.

most people didn’t complain about the size of the touch areas on the Volt, after all, there were bumps in the center stack to guide you. the complaint that i read most was the risk of accidentally engaging a function as a result of glancing contact with the center stack. it would seem that the same thing would happen with the tesla model s, but people rave about the model s touch screen.


@no comment
“most people didn’t complain about the size of the touch areas on the Volt”

That’s news to me. All I remember is all the complaining and then GM fixing the issue in gen 2.

That said the Model S touch screen works just ok, not wonderful. Even with the large screen it’s sometimes hard to hit the right spot on the touch screen when the car is moving.

Is the screen in the model 3 smaller than the S?

I’m not sure I’m that thrilled with the Model 3 after owning the S. One gets spoiled. Seems like Model 3 is a bit of a step down.

I agree that cost is probably the issue here. Control everything through the touch screen and you eliminated a LOT of knobs & switches.

And they idea of voice control is interesting. Personally, I’m not a fan of voice control things since they make me feel weird. But in a car, I can see the advantage of not taking your eyes off the road and with a small number of things you can command, you can probably make the accuracy of the system pretty good.

I hardly ever touch HVAC in my ELR.

It’s set pretty much permanently on 74F-auto-comfort. Even the seat heaters are automatic. The steering wheel has a heater button and I can imagine activating it could cause a temporary increase in cabin temp as well.

Tactile controls are easier to use while not looking or in rougher terrain.

But the advantage and cleanliness are certainly important.

So they’re starting with the police addition? Interesting strategy.

PS. That post brought to you by the pre-coffee Sublime “addition”. *SMH*

Am I the only one who would rather they ditch the oversized LCD and put a wide ribbon LCD across the dash? That would look way cleaner. That screen is totally out of scale.

I’m not sure what a wide ribbon LCD running across the dash would look like, but it seems to me it would be better to have an actual instrument panel in front of the driver. If Tesla is concerned about the additional cost of right-hand-drive cars, well they could easily put two mounting points on the dash, with a centrally located data cable, and allow the auto assemblers to install the panel in either the left or right position, as needed.

I understand that some cars, such as the Prius, do have centrally located instrument panels, and I’ve seen various claims that a driver can get used to that pretty quickly. But it certainly is off-putting, and I’m sure Tesla will lose some sales because of that.

I drive a Toyota previa and yaris, both with centered cluster.

I was suspicious of that in the beginning but after 100miles it’s as i never had any thing else.

Surprisingly easy to relearn.

Eduardo Pelegri-LLopart

This one, right?

It seems mostly centered but the key display is not 100% centered. Still, I believe we will get used to it.

From my POV, the simpler the design, the fewer things can go wrong and the more likely is that Tesla will deliver the Model 3 in time.

the interior looks hideous but a “ribbon lcd” would be an ergonomic nightmare.

assuming that tesla follows bmw 3-series pricing, a top-end model 3 will cost a good $60,000. this interior looks cheap for a $35,000 car – it is hard to imagine anyone other than an extreme ev enthusiast being willing to pay $60,000 for a car like this.

it is hard to see how tesla convinced itself that this looks like a car that will have mainstream appeal.

It was pretty obvious troll when 400,000 people out down $1000.00 apiece to reserve one or two!

Well, to be reasonable, a startling number of people are under the delusion that this design will dramatically change for the production models.

Wait until the production-intent models come out. There will be a significant outpouring of disappointment; however, that won’t be enough to make most of those future disgruntled people drop their reservations.

I am really hoping that’s what they do, with HUD too.

I like clean and minimalistic design … but damn, this looks bare and bleak.

I could not agree more. I love minimalist design (as my wife will tell you after we’ve gone furniture shopping), but what we’re seeing here isn’t minimalist, but simplistic.

There is no way I would buy a car that forced me to live with that interior. I would much rather get a Leaf 2.0 or even a Bolt, both of which will surely be out well before the 3 is on sale.

I’d put my money on Leaf 2.0

Carlos is going to deliver.

Rick (no, not that Rick)

That Gen 2 Volt is looking better and better.

Looks clean, but I’m concerned about protecting the screen, particularly if you’re hauling items in the car.

I bet there is a trunk pass-through that lines up perfectly with that screen. So you can haul some 6′ or 8′ 2x4s. Stop short and put them right into that gorgeous screen. Waiting on the inevitable pictures.

This is not how the finished Model 3 will look.
Musk said the interior will be futuristic, like a spaceship.

supposedly, tesla has passed the “pencils down” date, so i don’t know how tesla is going to make the revisions that you suggest will be in the “final product”.

This is not the ‘pencils down’ version, it’s the prototype that was shown in March.

i tend to believe that you’re correct – that can’t be the final form of the dash. i’ve got to suspect that the final version will ditch the continuous vent and sink the screen into the dash. even still, that dash is going to need a lot more work to be anywhere near mainstream.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the interior will not appreciably change, particularly the dash. Listen to the test rides from the reveal! All of the various design advantages touted by the drivers would be compromised if that dash began to look like a “normal” dash – driver’s view of the space directly in front of the car, air circulation in the cabin, improved legroom, etc. It is clear that a lot of thought from different departments went into this design. It is not reasonable to expect any substantial changes, other than maybe color. I fully expect this dash to appear essentially exactly as you see it in these pictures.

Screens work great when you’re stopped, but trying to use them when you’re moving is a PITA. Seems like they’re trying to do the Apple design philosophy — less is more — but a car isn’t an iPhone.

I tend to agree, but I also remember agreeing with the popular opinion that a phone with no tactile buttons would never be more than a huge PITA. Before the iPhone, the idea that people would type on a tiny virtual keyboard was absurd. Then they sold umpteen-million and we all looked stupid.

The problem is when they type on those little keyboards while they are driving.

What’s the problem? The car drives itself, right? 🙂

Notice how many accidents are caused by people texting and driving? It’s because you have to look at the keyboard to do so.

I would like as few distractions as possible, that big screen showing album art and graphics is just begging you to look away from the road.
What does a driver need to see, and how much space is needed for that? Speed, SOC, Warnings?

Tell that to all of the satisfied Model S owners. People love it, find it to be safe and convenient – critical things/common things, like climate control, are located across the bottom of the screen and cannot be moved.

Although I could be wrong, I imagine that the 3 will be similar. They did say at the test drives that the GUI was a long way from being production-ready.

It does not go with Tesla’s theme of sexy

I really hope that isn’t anywhere close to the final design because that is just plain ugly! No thanks!

I fully expect no changes except maybe color options, for reasons I stated above in response to a similar comment.

If other carmakers would have done this, everybody would say fail. But Tesla everything is just ludicrous.
Honest it looks like Tesla had no money for a dashboard, it looks just ugly cheap chinese mini car without love in doing this shit. Here is your ipad, be satisfied…

If you go back and pay attention to the test rides posted by riders from the reveal, you will have your answer. I’m sure cost is a consideration, but it is far from the only consideration when designing the dash as you see it here.

The dash is supposed to be an innovative improvement of vehicle design, like the Falcon Wing doors were for the X.

The guy in the Instagram picture looks cramped. It seems like the large center console-thingy doesn’t allow enough room for “man-sprawling”.

He is most likely leaning forward to hide the lower part of the steering wheel.

Doesn’t look that way to me, and why anyway? We already have pics of the little bottom piece of the concept steering wheel.

We also know that is not the steering wheel going into the production car.

It’s mainly the big, wide, white center console that’s bothering me. I like how the original model S had that room all open. A bench seat up front would be nice.

i agree that the driver looks cramped. either the guy has really long arms, or that is a really tall center console. the center console in my chevrolet volt is nowhere near that high. a tall center console can interfere when you are trying to steer the vehicle.

Huh…he doesn’t look cramped to me. What I do see is that his arms are significantly bent, at least compared to mine when I’m holding the steering wheel in my car at the same positions. That may have to do with the talk they had at the reveal about moving the “firewall” forward in order to increase passenger volume for a given cabin footprint. If I remember correclty, it allowed more legroom in the front of the vehicle so that the front row could be moved forward more than it is in a regular car, giving the back seats more legroom than is typical of this size of vehicle. It is possible that this arrangement makes the steering wheel closer to the driver than is typical. One reason why my arms are outstretched is because I’m 6’4″, and I have the driver’s seat back as far as it will go in order to give my legs the room they need to operate the pedals. It is possible that this design might allow for long legs but more comfortable steering wheel control…of course, a telescoping steering column would also do the job, except that you’re still farther away from the instrument… Read more »

I agree, the driver appears oddly cramped somehow.

I was thinking the same. The dude looks like a sardine in a can.
If room is really that limited, they need to narrow the center console by 1/2.

And those white seats and center console are horrid.

Looks sweet. Simple and elegant. No cluttered buttons everywhere, and it looks like that center console has plenty of storage. I’m guessing alot of humdrum stuff you do, like mess with an AC dial is now hands free and more automated. Can’t wait to get mine.

that’s funny, gm designed the gen1 Volt with a tactile center stack and people complained. yet, when tesla does the same, people rave.

MB connected guy no comment is now carpet-bombing his anti-Tesla FUD in this new thread.

I’ll take that as a sign that MB is getting very worried!

I like Tesla, but that interior is not only boring but also ugly and look how big the center consul is. No Thanks

“content unavailable”

Caching is our friend…re-upped the pic, (=

The center screen oddly looks out of place tacked on to the sweeping dash panel. I’d prefer a mix of tactile controls that can be operated without taking one’s eyes off the road, and operational info (speed, charge level, etc.) projected onto the bottom of the windshield in front of the driver.

There’s minimalist…and then there is prison cell bare. Model 3 interior as pictured more like the latter.

Everyone seems to have forgotten the original Model X interior / dashboard was also tragically minimalistic, and then completely different for the production version.

I have faith that Félix Godard will have some sweet sweet influence on Model 3’s final interior. 🙂

Can anyone provide a photo comparison of the original and production?

Model X Concept dash:

Model X production dash:

You can Google it…

So this is a new photo of the same dashboard.

Sporty car. I don’t like the 2 spoke steering wheel they grabbed off an Oldsmobile in a junkyard though.

The whole design, exterior and interior is stolen from the 1500$ car from Tata from India?

Nice try, but we’re not the ones who need rehab…


I would like a small LCD showing speed and charge in front if the driver other than that the dash is awsome…
The dash in traditional cars is nothing more than a huge amount if bloat and weight that provides no functionality to the end user…
I for one love the old VW bug dash… a spedo radio climate cotrols and a glove box without 100 pounds of overflowing plastic crap everywhere…

Where’s the AC air vents?

In a ventilation slot that runs the entire length of the dashboard…

I’m not a fan of the interior. Hopefully, it will change for the better.
One interesting note, the center screen looks like it’s panned toward the driver (in the second photo). This is a nice change from the unfriendly angle they had it at in the part 1 reveal.

I assume the touch screen will communicate with a phone or tablet so just mount a tablet in the area in front of the steering wheel and display whatever data you want.. Build your own custom dash.