New Images Of Rivian R1T Electric Truck Show Fancy Roof Rack


Spied sporting a new roof rack.

The Rivian R1T electric truck has been spotted outside of the Rivian facility in Plymouth, Michigan.

This wouldn’t normally be a big deal since we’ve seen the R1T pickup in the flesh several times now. However, what’s new here is that roof rack.

We’ve yet to see an R1T with a rack and this one looks pretty slick.

We’re digging these new shots with the rack. This is surely one slick electric truck. It seems quite obvious to us that Rivian is becoming more and more the real deal and these shots may well indicate that there’s more than one R1T out there. If you recall, just the other day Rivian posted this image from the backcountry. Can the R1T be in two places at once? Perhaps that backcountry image was a few days old.

If we zoom in a bit on one of the images, you can see the rack more clearly.

It’s clear to us that the R1T is all about utility. From its massive frunk, to that full pass-thru (see below) and now onto this roof rack. It surely can carry a lot of gear and goodies. Never before have we seen a truck so well thought out on the storage front.

Source: Rivian Forums

Images: Rivian Forums

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18 Comments on "New Images Of Rivian R1T Electric Truck Show Fancy Roof Rack"

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I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a video of the Rivian truck at an auto show and behind the interview, we saw people moving the truck bed rack DIRECTLY to the roof (perhaps the review video too talked about it). Meaning they designed it to be movable and fit to work in multiple locations.

Look like it expands from the middle so that seems very likely.

Yes! I too have seen this video. It was shown on Fully Charged:

Yup, and shows how its designed to move from bed to roof, very neat.

Thanks, Neromanceres, I was pretty sure I wasn’t seeing things. Here is a still image of them moving it:

O yay…another truck that will never see it used as a truck… don’t the 1%er DBs out there have enough options already?

1%er DBs can always find a use for one more vehicle.

Hey, every move to an EV is at least one less ICE vehicle on the used market so it could still be considered a win?

Not really. Environmentally speaking, A BEV is only 10% better than an ICE vehicle. The real goal is to eliminate a large number of vehicles on the road, particularly in the US, where you need to eliminate at least half. One vehicle per household max.
Conspicuous environmentalism can actually cause more silly trucks-as-personal-transport to be built than would be an equivalent number of cheaper ICE trucks. They actually make things worse.

“We need some more free PR. What should we do?”

“Put a roof rack on the truck in public…?”

“Seriously? You think that’s all it would take? A freakin’ roof rack???”

“Give it a shot. Can’t hurt.”

Wait til you see the tent mounted on top.

Yes, they’ve got one!

Hope they have as many people working on production as they do on acccessories…

They do have a factory

I sheepishly admit that it got me to take a second look at the truck.

Stick a plow and clear my neighborhood; then i’ll be impressed. Until then it’s just another toy.

Now we’re getting down to the important stuff!!

The folks at the LA Auto show demonstrated what is likely seen here, noted by scottf200 too. The bed rack is meant to be transferred to the roof. Pretty cool feature.

No falcon wing doors? I’m soooo disappointed.