New Images Of Fisker eMotion Surface Ahead Of CES Debut

Fisker EMotion


Get ready for the Fisker to spread its wings in Vegas!

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off on the 9th of January in Las Vegas, Nevada. Uncoincidentally, this is also the time and place that Fisker has chosen to officially launch its first electric vehicle, the EMotion.

Now, we’ve seen the brand’s luxury EV before, even out in the wild. Even with its dragonfly-wing doors spread wide open, as if to catch a morning breeze. Still, that hasn’t stopped Henrik Fisker, the company’s eponymous founder, from sharing even more images on Twitter. Now red, the prototype looks as lovely as ever, and we appreciate the small flood of photos.

Along with the photos were a few tidbits about what we can expect from the company at CES as well as later this year. For instance, Fisker famously has a flexible solid state battery technology it is working on, and it will be bringing a sample of that to the show. It also reminds us that sometime in 2018, the outfit will announce more models, which we expect will include a slightly smaller, slightly more affordable sedan, perhaps with “normal” doors.

Interestingly, Fisker also tweeted out that the company will offer a leather alternative, as it did during its first incarnation. It doesn’t appear to be going all-in on the vegan approach, though, as its next photo shows leather being applied to the inside of a door of the 400-mile EV.

Finally, Fisker also let slip the name of one of its autonomy technology partners. Apparently, the EMotion will be equipped with LIDAR from Quanergy Systems, which bills itself as the “leading provider of solid-state LiDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions.”

Enjoy the photos and be sure to check back on tomorrow when we should get even more details about this automotive work of art, as well as the solid-state battery that may power, and possibly many of our devices one day.

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They made an effort. What will come of it is anyone’s guess. Mine is not too much, and certainly not soon.


Nevermind the front end that looks like a snake but have fun finding a parking spot wide enough so that you can actually open your door 😀

Snake Face …Just like the designer of this Vaporware contraption…However…, He will personally come out ahead either way, Pass Or Fail….lmao…

Model X; I see your falcon wing doors and raise you 2 scissor doors.

Yea, A Cheap, Phony, and poor imitation of the Real Falcon wing doors..

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

WTF is up with the doors?!?!?!?!?

Looks like Fisker decided Tesla’s falcon-wing doors were insufficiently over-complicated, so decided to “improve” on that. 😉

Actually these doors are less “improved”, they don’t have the over engineered double hinge, and they allow you to have a luggage rack on top. That said…normal doors are fine.

I’ll hold off final judgement until pictures/video from additional angles are available, but based on the images on their website, the butterfly doors are going to make it impossible to park either in parallel to any other vehicle, or in low-height parking garages, at least outside of the US.
As for being simpler than the falcon-wing doors, maybe, but the entire weight has to be borne by a single hinge. not just for side motion, but against gravity. That makes that hinge a single point of failure, and an extra vulnerable one.

If Fisker is gonna wait until they get practical and affordable solid state battery tech before they put the car into production, then I think it’s safe to conclude that it won’t be produced for a at least a few years, and likely at least several.

As has been said by many, we will almost certainly see mass produced solid state batteries in consumer devices before we see them in EVs. I would guess we’ll see them in such devices at least a couple of years before we see them in cars, and maybe longer than that, as the initial price is likely to be much too high for use in EVs.

With any Luck , I’m hoping they surprise us. I’m hearing that they’re closer than we may think. Once automation gets developed & fine tuned on the solid state battery technology, they can put them out quite quickly..

Aircraft would probably be a better market for 1st Solid State Batteries, if they can put out Higher Mass Energy Density, and Higher Volumetric Energy Density!

As they will likely be expensive initially, and Aircraft Production is usually far slower than Automobiles, it gives a market used to more expensive items, and a likely lower demand: just right to take the first Production Step!

To bad somebody forgot to photoshop out the umbilicals supplying power to the car (see underneath near front wheel and the far rear wheel).

No surprise! Suck in more Shareholders & raise money with a Big Facade..That’s Normal, BS Baffles Brains..

Fisker just lost his mind.
That car company won’t go anywhere it will just FLOUNDER at best.

He is an excellent designer though.

He’s Giving Us or some body The “Middle Finger Salute” Beneath the Big Fake Lithium battery…..rotf lmao

So he will be bringing a sample of that solid state tech to the show will he? He definitely needs to make a pretty convincing demonstration of it to gain much needed credibility.

Of course if it actually worked, that would be the business, not this car.

“and it will be bringing a sample of that to the show”

We all know there are years between the lab and mass production. So I’m skeptical this will be a game changer.

But, really curious how this turns out.

Wow, so much negativity! Hopefully he has learned his lessons from the Karma problems and will not bring to market without working out all assembly bugs possible. Karma’s lack of quality control was its downfall.

I think it is a beautiful car, and he deserves a second chance.

Boy, I can see why Fisker was fired by Tesla as a designer.

If some people like it, and buy some of them, good for them.

Looking back at the original Fisker, the REAL mass market car was always the Atlantic, not the Karma. So let them build this car. Whatever. But what really matters is what will be Fisker’s new Atlantic?