New Honda Sports EV & Riding Assist-e Motorcycle To Arrive In Tokyo

SEP 29 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

Honda has announced it will unveil an all-new, electric Sports EV Concept, accompanied by the just debuted Urban EV Concept and also NeuV Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.

Honda Urban EV Concept

There are no details yet about the car, but the teaser reveals an external design that it is likely to be popular – given the reception to the similarly style Urban EV.

“Catching the eye with a striking silhouette, friendly face and supple body surfaces, all designed to ensure the car blends into any lifestyle, the Sports EV Concept will have its world premiere in Tokyo.

The development team designed the sporty electric car to deliver a feeling of joy and emotional unity to the drive, achieved by efficiently combining the EV powerunit and AI technology in a compact bodyshape.”

The two other concepts noted were presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show (Urban EV) and CES (NeuV).

Urban EV Concept

Honda NeuV

Following a rapturous reception to its global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the Urban EV Concept will make its first appearance in Japan.

Based on a newly-developed electric vehicle platform, its simple design and compact proportions are ideal for modern city driving. A communicative front grille displays battery charge status, driving advice and greetings in multiple languages, while the wrap-around interior display conveys a friendliness with the driver designed to inspire an emotive attachment. The production version will arrive in Europe in 2019.


The NeuV was first revealed in January at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, showcasing an electric mobility concept for the commuter. Equipped with the brand’s artificial intelligence engine – Honda Automated Network Assistant– its autonomous driving capability incorporates driver monitoring to determine driver stress from facial expressions and tone of voice, in order to support safer driving. NeuV learns about the driver’s lifestyle and preferences over time, so that it can suggest new routes and activities, realising a natural relationship between driver and machine.

The Japanese manufacturer has also developed an electric motorcycle – the Riding Assist-e, which seems to not only be electric, but also self-balanced.

Honda Riding Assist-e (World premiere)

The Honda Riding Assist-e features Honda’s unique balance control technology, developed through its humanoid robot research. The motorcycle automatically balances itself at very low speeds, reducing rider load. This model makes riding easier, and more fun. The Riding Assist-e is powered by electric motor, and marks a step towards realizing Honda’s vision of “enjoying the freedom of mobility” and “a carbon-free society.”

Our feeling overall is, although we like the styling and design of many of Honda’s concepts, we would be a lot happier at this point to see a viable plug-in model hit the stage that is production-intent.  C’mon Honda, make with the EVs already, it isn’t 2011 anymore.

Honda Riding Assist-e

Honda Riding Assist-e

Honda Riding Assist-e

Honda Riding Assist-e

Honda Riding Assist-e

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14 Comments on "New Honda Sports EV & Riding Assist-e Motorcycle To Arrive In Tokyo"

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Instead of these fancy concepts like a self balancing motorcycle, could you just slap some batteries and an electric motor on one and put it out there for the public?

Action, not concepts. Motorcycle looks great. Build it and they will buy.
Volt in 2011
Nissan Leaf
Tesla soon after
Cadillac ELR in late 2013
BMW i3 & i8
Zero Motorcycles
Brammo electric motorcycles

Japanese are great in taking an existing idea and making it better. Not so great on innovation.

So we can expect a Honda electric motorcycle in say 2023 or so?

And what is up with the touch screen behind the seat only visible when sitting on the rear wheel?

What is Brammo electric motorcycles

Brammo Electric Motorcycle is Similar, but better, than Honda’s concept motorcycle.

You must not be keeping up… Brammo closed up shop and were sold to Polaris 2.5 years ago, after they couldn’t sell enough bikes.

Initially Polaris promised they’d invest more in the electric bikes & use the Brammo team’s expertise to design electric drivetrains for additional Polaris powersports products.

What actually happened is they closed the motorcycle division completely, and Brammo is 100% D-E-A-D.

I decided to create a new term. Perpetual EV Concept Syndrome. Motivation: to stay in the conversation even though you have become irrelevant.

Sounds about right.

self-balancing is a solution for a problem nobody has with motorcycles — Honda is just doing PR instead of coming out with real production BEV motorcycles/scooters.

“we would be a lot happier at this point to see a viable plug-in model”

What’s that I see in the 4th picture down?
Can’t possibly be a plug, can it?

Hopefull LIMOTORS will hit the Target soon with it´s C1 🙂

While I truly love my S2000, I would trade it in a second for an electric version.

I like the style of the old Super Cub. If they still sold it in the US, I would buy one. I like the e-Cub also. If they came out with it and it had at least 45 mph top speed and 30 mile range, I would be first in line for one. Sadly, I don’the think they will ever market it.