New Hampshire Bill Guarantees Future Direct Sales for Tesla


Let’s call this one a win for Tesla.

A bill in New Hampshire just passed that guarantees Tesla will be able to sell its vehicles directly throughout the state.

Model S

Model S

The bill, though not specifically linked to Tesla, says that manufacturers can sell vehicles directly if no other dealer is selling the same brand within the state.

That means that Tesla won’t have any issues selling in New Hampshire.  Though, it’s worth noting that Tesla hadn’t faced any challenges in the state in the past.

Tesla spokeswoman, Shanna Hendriks,wrote this in an email to Automotive News:

“New Hampshire will be a great market for us as we expand on the East Coast, however we do not have any dates set for opening there at this time.”

As we mentioned, this bill wasn’t really about Tesla. The bill actually focused on ways in which dealers in the state operate. There was wording in there related mostly to “factory controls,” says Automotive News. These include dealership renovations and warranty work payments.

But there was that mention of direct sales in there, too. So, it’s a win for Tesla in a battle the automaker didn’t even have to participate in this time.

Source: Automotive News

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Just an FYI

“if no other dealer is sells the same brand within the state.”

should be “selling”

(feel free to delete this comment)

Fixed…We’ll leave your comment in place though to give credit where it’s due. Good catch!!!

Tesla should open up a manufacturing plant there to say thanks. 🙂

Their employees would enjoy the tax-free structure of the state (no sales tax, no income tax)

More progress means each court battle with a non-co-operative state, will be easier…

> the tax-free structure of the state (no sales tax, no income tax) [CC]

Sorry, NH taxes dividend & interest income.